4 Ways to Get Rid of Dry Skin

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4 Ways to Get Rid of Dry Skin
4 Ways to Get Rid of Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common condition, especially in regions with drier climates or during winter. The problem is often caused by environmental or genetic conditions and can affect any part of the body. If you suffer from dry skin, don't worry - there are several ways to hydrate your skin and keep it silky smooth.


Method 1 of 4: Changing Your Skin Care Routine

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 1

Step 1. Take shorter showers so as not to dry out your skin

A long bath is a delight, but depending on the time in the water, it can end up drying out the body. It is best not to spend more than ten minutes in the shower or bath. That's more than enough time to get in, wash, rinse and get out!

  • Avoid showering more than once a day unless you've been exercising or doing another activity that caused excessive sweating.
  • You also don't need to shower every single day. It's okay to skip a day here, a day there.
  • Shave your legs and put a mask on your hair before you even get in the shower to minimize your exposure to water.
  • You can also brush dry skin to encourage cell renewal and improve circulation. When you finish the bath, moisturize your clean body with coconut oil, jojoba or olive oil.
Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 2

Step 2. Use warm water, not hot

Hot water robs the skin of all moisture, so avoid cooking in the bath. Make the water temperature warm and pleasant, never scalding hot.

The same goes for bathtub baths

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 3

Step 3. Avoid using fragranced products

Scents, dyes, and other chemicals added to soaps, scrubs, and creams don't do the skin any good. The products can even smell good and such, but they end up drying out the skin. Go for a soft, fragrance-free option to keep your complexion fresh.


also use unscented laundry detergent to prevent residue left on clothing from drying out or further irritating your skin.

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 4

Step 4. Gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells

Exfoliation is great for smoothing the skin, but many products can also draw moisture from the skin and cause irritation. Therefore, choose a mild exfoliant and avoid rubbing your body hard or using pads.

  • Look for a chemical scrub with 2% salicylic acid and 10% glycolic acid.
  • If you have sensitive skin, only do one or two exfoliations a week.
Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 5

Step 5. Moisturize your skin when it is still wet to seal in moisture

After washing your face or getting out of the shower, wipe away excess moisture by patting it with a towel and apply a moisturizer. If the skin is still dry, apply another layer after the first one is absorbed.

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 6

Step 6. Use creams or ointments in place of lotion

The lotion is not very effective at moisturizing, despite all the positive marketing. Choose a cream or ointment with ingredients like shea butter, olive oil or jojoba oil to replenish the skin's moisture.

Look for a product that contains mineral oil, lanolin, glycerin, petrolatum, urea or lactic acid


you can also use vegetable oils like olive oil, almond or coconut oil in place of the moisturizer. Just apply a thin layer of the chosen oil to the skin, morning and night, to make it softer and silkier.

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 7

Step 7. Spray thermal water on dry skin

Thermal water contains minerals that help improve skin health. An occasional spray, let's say once or twice a day, also helps to keep the skin moisturized. You can buy thermal water sprays online or at a pharmacy or beauty supply store.

Avoid using thermal water too often. It sounds weird, but getting your skin wet can always cause dryness

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 8

Step 8. Groom the driest areas and apply collagen patches

Collagen moisturizing patches can help hydrate dry spots, improving the overall appearance of the skin. Place them in the eye area or other places that need an extra dose of hydration, such as on your forehead or around your mouth.

  • Buy the stickers online at cosmetic stores.
  • Follow the directions on the package to find out the frequency of use and time of action.
Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 9

Step 9. Apply sunscreen every day

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it is essential to apply a sunscreen with an SPF 30 minimum daily. It protects the skin from damage caused by the sun's rays, which can cause burns, sun spots and wrinkles. Remember the sun burns all year round, so sunscreen isn't just for summer and sunny days!

Method 2 of 4: Adapting the Environment

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 10

Step 1. Use a humidifier to prevent dry air indoors

A very dry environment can also contribute to the dryness of the skin, leaving its coarse texture and flaking. To combat this effect, turn on a humidifier in the living room and another in the bedroom.

  • Use a humidifier with cool air even in winter.
  • Use filtered or distilled water to fill the equipment reservoir, avoiding the accumulation of minerals.
Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 11

Step 2. Avoid using an air conditioner or heater indoors

The air that comes out of appliances can leave your home very dry, which reflects on your skin. Even if it is very cold in winter, avoid putting the heater above 20 ºC, for example. You can always wear a blanket or warmer clothes.

The same goes for summer. Do not leave the air conditioning on full


the advantage is that, in addition, you save energy and the bill is lower!

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 12

Step 3. Protect your skin from weather conditions

In winter, protect yourself from the wind by wearing hats, scarves and gloves. Apply lip balm to create a mouth barrier. In summer, wear a cap or hat to protect your face from the intense sunlight and wear light, loose, and long clothing, such as blouses and pants, to avoid getting burned.

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 13

Step 4. Decrease exposure to chlorinated water

Chlorine and other chemicals in the pool can remove all moisture from the skin. Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools too often, and when swimming, take a shower as soon as you get out of the water. Don't forget to apply moisturizer!

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 14

Step 5. Treat the itch with moisturizers and other creams

Dry skin can be itchy, but it gets worse if you scratch. Sometimes, simple hydration already helps to alleviate the itchiness related to dryness. If you need something more potent, try a hydrocortisone cream or buy a soothing lotion at the pharmacy.

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 15

Step 6. If necessary, see a dermatologist

If you've done everything you can to treat dry skin and haven't seen any results after a few months, it's a good idea to make an appointment with a dermatologist. The same tip goes if you have problems like eczema, rosacea, or other skin conditions.

Your doctor may also recommend products that are suitable for your skin

Method 3 of 4: Nurturing the Body from the Inside Out

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 16

Step 1. Consume more fruits and vegetables

A healthy, balanced diet helps provide all the vitamins and nutrients your body and skin need to stay hydrated. Eat at least two servings of vegetables and two servings of seasonal fruit each day.

Fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water, such as watermelon, broccoli, and tomatoes, are even better

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 17

Step 2. Eat good fats to nourish your skin

The consumption of foods that contain good fats contributes to the health of the body, increasing blood circulation and the supply of nutrients to all body cells, including the epithelial ones. Try to eat more foods with monounsaturated fats like avocados, olives and peanut butter, and with polyunsaturated fats like salmon, walnuts and tofu.

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 18

Step 3. Reduce your consumption of salt and frying, which dehydrate the skin

Keep salt and frying as light as possible to prevent dryness and benefit your health in other ways. You don't need to stop eating salty and fried foods forever, but it's better to exchange that naughty snack for a healthier snack in your day-to-day.

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 19

Step 4. If you can, stop smoking

The negative effects of smoking are known to God and the world, but you may not know that, on top of everything else, it is also bad for your skin. Tar clogs pores, causing blackheads and pimples. Cigarettes also impair breathing and circulation, reducing oxygen reaching cells.

On top of that, it also robs the tissues of vitamin C, essential for lush skin

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 20

Step 5. Perform a liver detox

When the liver is overworked, the skin can experience various problems, such as itching and dryness. To make her look better, it's essential to give her liver a break, drinking plenty of water and other beneficial drinks such as green tea and natural juices. You can also give your body a boost by consuming a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as greens, garlic, avocados, walnuts, and oranges.

  • Also talk to a doctor about supplements that help the liver, such as silymarin or S-Adenosyl L-Methionine (SAMe).
  • Go to the doctor if you think you have a liver problem.
Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 21

Step 6. Drink fewer alcoholic beverages as alcohol dehydrates your body and skin

Alcohol reduces the body's ability to absorb fluids, which leads to the loss of water, electrolytes and minerals. The effects on the skin are dryness, redness and irritation. Drink in moderation and have a glass of water between doses.

Method 4 of 4: Trying out homemade solutions

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 22

Step 1. Apply Vaseline at night

Vaseline is very emollient and forms a barrier that prevents the evaporation of water from the skin surface, in addition to being a cheap option for treating dry skin on a tight budget.

  • As Vaseline can be sticky and thick, it is best to apply it at night. Moisten the skin a little, apply the usual moisturizer and finish with a thin layer of Vaseline to seal in the moisture.
  • To get rid of dry hands and feet, apply a generous coat of petroleum jelly before going to sleep. Wear gloves and socks to promote absorption and prevent product from sticking to sheets. You will wake up with renewed and super smooth skin.


you can even apply petroleum jelly to sensitive areas such as the eyelids and lips.

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 23

Step 2. Try an avocado mask to rejuvenate your skin

You can buy a ready-made mask or make a homemade option to take advantage of the oils and vitamins that help hydrate and invigorate the skin. Mash a ripe avocado and add 1 tablespoon organic honey, 1 tablespoon olive oil and 2 teaspoons plain yogurt. Smear the face and neck with the creamy recipe.

After ten minutes, wash your face with cold water to remove the mask and feel nourished skin

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 24

Step 3. Mash a banana and spread the paste on the skin

Bananas can restore health to dry skin, leaving it full and supple. Mash ½ banana in a bowl and rub face and neck. After five or ten minutes, rinse your skin with cool water. To enhance the face mask, turbo it with 1 teaspoon of honey.

Get Rid of Dry Skin Step 25

Step 4. Use Aloe vera to replenish skin moisture, reduce redness and inflammation

Break an aloe leaf in half and massage the clear, sticky gel into the skin. Let it act for about 15 minutes and then rinse. For best results, repeat once or twice a week.

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