4 Ways to Clean Your Room

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4 Ways to Clean Your Room
4 Ways to Clean Your Room

Are you overloaded with room cleaning? The task can be faster and simpler than you think! Play a song, make a playlist, choose a reward, and turn it into a kind of game to get motivated. Complete the most laborious tasks first and then move on to heavy cleaning, dusting and vacuuming all surfaces. When you least expect it, the room will be clean and habitable again!


Method 1 of 4: Keeping Motivated

Clean Your Room Step 1

Step 1. Put on some upbeat music to motivate yourself

Before starting, choose an album or playlist for more energy. Fast and upbeat songs give that necessary gas for cleaning. Skip slow, sad music to ward off tiredness and boredom.

No idea what to play? Search the internet for optimistic playlists. On Spotify and Apple Music, there are plenty of motivational playlists, perfect for cleanup time

Clean Your Room Step 2

Step 2. Invent some reward for completing the job

That extra motivation can help you get the job done faster. Pick something nice to do after you're done cleaning, like hanging out with friends, watching a movie with the family, eating a big bowl of ice cream, or reading your favorite book.

Don't rush the room cleaning just to get the reward! That's not worth it

Clean Your Room Step 3

Step 3. Turn cleaning into a game if you need more motivation

Is it hard to find the strength to clean the room? Make the process more interesting with a game. See how many objects you can put in place in ten minutes and try to beat your own record. Another option is to pretend to be a robot while cleaning, making only robot movements and sounds. One last idea is to set a timer to see how much time you spend to complete the task.

Get creative and invent your own game

Clean Your Room Step 4

Step 4. Make a list of all the tasks so you don't get lost

The list is a great trick to get that sense of accomplishment and see the progress of work if the room is in chaos. Decide what you want to organize and clean and start with the highest priorities. Try to be as detailed as you can so you don't leave anything out.

Cross off all completed tasks to more easily see what still needs to be done

Clean Your Room Step 5

Step 5. Schedule tasks during the week to divide up the work

This is a great option for very messy and dirty places. Schedule each task for one day on a sort of cleaning schedule. Try to be well disciplined and stick to your schedule.

For example, put clothes away on Monday, organize and dispose of things off furniture on Tuesday, dust and vacuum the room on Wednesday, and so on

Method 2 of 4: Getting the Boring Things Out of the Way

Clean Your Room Step 6

Step 1. Take off all the bedding and tidy it up

A bed made is already giving a different face to the room, which can motivate you to start cleaning. Make a pile of bedding in one place in the bedroom, then tuck the sheets into the mattress, straighten the blankets, stretch out the comforter, and place the pillows at the headboard.

Is it time to change the bed linen? Put the dirty sheets in the laundry basket and exchange them for clean items. This way, the bed is soft and has a clean smell

Clean Your Room Step 7

Step 2. Organize all the clothes that are left on the floor

Take each piece and see if it is dirty or not. When in doubt, consider it dirty! If the laundry is clean, fold it and place it in a dresser drawer or on a hanger in the closet. Throw it in the basket if it's dirty.

Don't start the washing machine until you've finished cleaning the room, as you never know where another pair of dirty socks might come from

Clean Your Room Step 8

Step 3. Take the dirty dishes to the kitchen

Remove the dirty dishes with food scraps from the room to avoid the bad odor and prevent an invasion of ants and other insects. Take all glasses, plates, cutlery and mugs to the kitchen. Also, throw away any food wrappers that are still in the room.

Take a look under the bed, on the dresser, on the desk, in the nightstand drawers, and everywhere these items might be hidden

Clean Your Room Step 9

Step 4. Put all the garbage in a bag

This is an excellent trick to free up space in the bedroom and get rid of clutter. Assess the objects on top of furniture and on the floor and decide if anything should be thrown away. Look for candy wrappers, fruit scraps, crumpled leaves, and broken things.

  • Donate everything that's in perfect working order to charity or a thrift store.
  • Place leftover papers in a separate recycling bag.

Method 3 of 4: Arranging Room Objects

Clean Your Room Step 10

Step 1. Put the objects back in their places

First, collect and store the things that are on the floor. That way you can walk around the room without tripping. Start with larger objects like books and pillows and move on to smaller ones like pencils and stationery. Find a place on the dresser, desk, and nightstand for each item.

Don't be distracted by anything you're going to save, as this way the task is endless

Clean Your Room Step 11

Step 2. Store similar items that do not have a destination set in boxes

This is a simple way to organize the room and make it easier to find things. Put all the stationery in one box, the photos in another, the beauty products in a third, the crafts in another, and so on. Don't forget to label them and store them in an easily accessible location.

Arrange the boxes on the shelves, under the bed, inside the wardrobe or on the desk

Clean Your Room Step 12

Step 3. Leave some special objects in sight

In this way, it is possible to leave the room with you. If you find a nice ornament or a nice toy while cleaning, how about placing it on the table, on the nightstand, or hanging it on the wall to decorate? Leave only some of the items on display on top of furniture so the space doesn't get cluttered.

For example, put the trophy you won in the high school football championship on your desk and your favorite photo on your dresser

Clean Your Room Step 13

Step 4. Donate books, clothes or toys that you no longer want

This way, you organize the room and gain more space for the items you like the most. Take a look at all the objects. Have you used them in the last year? If not (and if the item has no sentimental value), donate it to charity or a thrift store.

Be sure to check with your parents first

Method 4 of 4: Cleaning Surfaces

Clean Your Room Step 14

Step 1. Dust all surfaces in the room

Use a duster to dust your desk, wardrobe, bookcase, shade, fan, light fixture, lamps, and all other surfaces. Do this before vacuuming or sweeping or vacuuming as dust falls and settles on the floor.

  • If you don't have a duster, use a microfiber cloth.
  • Dust off objects on the table, dresser, etc. Frames, travel souvenirs and trophies look much better without dust.
  • Before cleaning the fan and light, unplug them.
Clean Your Room Step 15

Step 2. Clean surfaces to remove marks, dust and grease

This sticky dirt can attract ants and damage furniture. Sprinkle some furniture polish on the surface and wipe it with a cloth. Microfiber cloths are a great choice as they easily remove many types of marks. Clean the table, dresser, nightstand, window sill, baseboards and any other surface at least once a week.

Another cool and easy-to-use option is disinfectant wipes, as they help to eliminate any bacteria that may have proliferated in the room

Clean Your Room Step 16

Step 3. Vacuum the rug or carpet, especially under the bed and furniture

These hard-to-reach places are often forgotten in quick cleanings, so be sure to vacuum them very well. If necessary, drag the furniture to be able to use the equipment more easily. Do a sweeping motion across the floor until it's clean.

  • If there is a rug with a strange odor, spray some carpet freshener before vacuuming to give the room a more pleasant smell.
  • The vacuum cleaner is not sucking right? Make sure the dust bag is full and replace it if necessary.
  • Vacuum the floor at least once a week. If you wear shoes indoors, increase this frequency.
Clean Your Room Step 17

Step 4. Sweep and mop the floor if possible

Collect the dust in a small mound with a broom and use a shovel to collect everything. Then dip a cloth into a bucket of water and a cleaning product and squeegee it on the floor to remove all marks and other dirt. Wash the cloth from time to time to ensure it does not spread dust on the floor. If you like, use a mop instead.

  • This way, the floor is always clean and shiny.
  • Sweep and wipe at least once a week.
Clean Your Room Step 18

Step 5. Use a window cleaner to clean mirrors and windows

Spray a generous amount of product on mirrors and windows, then wipe with a cloth. Continue rubbing until no marks or scratches remain. Windows and mirrors must be clean and shiny.

  • Clean the window and mirrors whenever they are marked to make the job easier.
  • Microfiber cloths are great for this function.
Clean Your Room Step 19

Step 6. Clean switches and knobs with a disinfectant

These are the places you get the most out of your hand, meaning they collect a lot of bacteria over time. Spray a disinfectant spray and wipe them with a cloth or paper towel.

Repeat this cleaning once a week to keep surfaces disinfected


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