How to Use a Penile Pump: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Use a Penile Pump: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Use a Penile Pump: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Thousands of men find it difficult to maintain an erection, but this should not be an embarrassment. If it happens to you, don't worry: maybe a penile pump can help (a lot). Many doctors recommend it for cases of erectile dysfunction! It works by creating a vacuum seal around the penis, which draws in more blood - and thus prepares the organ for sexual activity. Read the tips in this article and learn how to use the equipment in just a few minutes.


Method 1 of 2: Inflating the Pump

Use the Penis Pump Step 1

Step 1. Read the pump instruction manual before starting

There are different models of penile pump. Although most work more or less the same, you'd better read the instruction manual anyway.

  • If you don't know which pump to choose, ask your urologist for a referral.
  • Many penile pumps cost less than R$100.00 while others cost R$400.00. Think about the investment you are willing to make.
Use Penis Pump Step 2

Step 2. Pass the O-ring to the base of the tube

The penile pump has a sealing ring, which creates the seal on the penis and helps with the erection. Take the piece, pass it through the thin end of the tube and take it to the base - where you will insert the penis.

  • If the gasket is tight or does not pass, apply a water-based lubricant to it and try again.
  • The penis pump will likely have a series of rings of different sizes. To find out which one is right, try on the flaccid penis parts. Use the one that fits best, but not enough to cut off circulation.
Use the Penis Pump Step 3

Step 3. Lubricate your penis so it doesn't stick to the pump tube

Take the water-based lubricant and spread it on the penis. With the product, it will be much easier and more comfortable to put on and take off the pump.

You can also lubricate the base of the tube, which makes inserting your penis even easier

Use the Penis Pump Step 4

Step 4. Insert the tube into your penis

Hold the pump tube in front of your penis. Gradually snap it from the glans to the base. It should touch the ring, which actually creates the seal.

  • It is generally more comfortable to insert the pump when standing - but you can also sit on the edge of a chair or bed.
  • If you are with your partner (or your partner), maybe she can help in some way.
Use the Penis Pump Step 5

Step 5. Operate the pump until your penis is erect

After inserting the tube to the base of your penis, start squeezing the pump little by little. It is usually at the opposite end of the equipment, connected by a wire (similar to a medical sphygmomanometer). You will feel the erection gradually, but it should stop when it reaches an adequate level.

  • Activate the pump slowly, without overdoing it, and be careful not to hurt your penis.
  • Some pumps are manual, while others are battery operated. In this second case, you only need to turn on the equipment after fitting the tube.
Use the Penis Pump Step 6

Step 6. Fit the O-ring to the base of your penis

Continue with the pump tube around your penis even after it becomes erect. Then, loosen the sealing ring from the equipment and secure it to the base of the penis itself. It will help maintain your erection during sex.

  • Don't worry if the ring gets a little tight. This is normal as you put it on when your penis was still flaccid.
  • The ring shouldn't cause any pain. If that happens, it's because it's too small.
Use the Penis Pump Step 7

Step 7. Remove the tube from the penis pump

After fitting the O-ring to the base of your penis, you can remove the tube. Depress the pressure valve and remove the equipment. Ready: enjoy the effect!

  • Again, each pump works differently. Follow the instructions in your equipment manual.
  • Many quality pumps have mechanisms that reduce pressure when the user goes past the point. This prevents him from getting hurt.
Use the Penis Pump Step 8

Step 8. Put a condom on the penis after removing the pump

If you are going to use a condom (which is highly recommended), put it on after removing the tube from the pump. It's no use putting on a condom first, like when your penis is flaccid.

Use the Penis Pump Step 9

Step 9. Remove the O-ring after 30 minutes

While it helps to maintain an erection, the gasket can cause damage if left on the penis for too long - after all, it reduces circulation. Therefore, remove the accessory after 30 minutes.

If your erectile dysfunction is not that severe, you will be able to maintain an erection even without the sealing ring

Method 2 of 2: Using the Pump Safely

Use the Penis Pump Step 10

Step 1. Consult a physician before using the penile pump

The penile pump does not usually present risks, but it is not recommended for people who have certain health problems. Therefore, if this is your case, consult a urologist before purchasing the equipment.

If possible, ask your doctor to even recommend a specific model of penile pump for you. Maybe he has some nice tips

Use the Penis Pump Step 11

Step 2. Do not use the pump if you have any blood clotting problems

The pressure generated by the penile pump can increase the risk of accidents for those who have blood clotting problems, even leading to hemorrhage. If you have sickle cell anemia or take anticoagulants, for example, your urologist will probably not recommend using the equipment.

You are also more at risk of bleeding or bleeding if you take blood thinning supplements. Always talk to your doctor before using the pump

Use the Penis Pump Step 12

Step 3. Stop operating the pump and decrease the pressure if you feel pain

Even if your doctor doesn't point out any contraindications for a penile pump, you can still have problems. Therefore, stop immediately at the slightest sign of pain - which should not happen. If the inconvenience does not go away, go to the emergency room.

  • Take it easy, as the risk of injury and injury is greater if you start the pump too quickly. And once again, don't overdo it.
  • If possible, buy a pump that has a control valve. It serves to release some of the pressure when the situation starts to get out of hand.
Use the Penis Pump Step 13

Step 4. Wash the pump and gasket after each use

Remember to sanitize the penile pump and sealing ring with warm water and neutral detergent each time you use the equipment. Then dry everything with a lint-free cloth. Don't fool around, or the material can contribute to the proliferation of bacteria.

It is not difficult to clean the pump itself: you only need to wipe it with a cloth dampened with warm water and detergent, taking care not to saturate the material

Use the Penis Pump Step 14

Step 5. Don't try to use the pump to enlarge your penis

Never believe those internet advertisements that say that the penile pump can increase the size of the organ! There is no scientific evidence to support this "theory", but it is very unlikely that they have any foothold in reality. The pump is only meant to combat erectile dysfunction.

If you are embarrassed about the size of your penis, talk to your doctor and ask him what he recommends as ways to deal with reality


  • Talk openly with your partner (or your partner) about the fact that you use a penis pump. This can be a little embarrassing at first, but it won't be a problem if there is trust and understanding in the relationship.
  • Remember that each bomb operates in a different way! Strictly follow your instruction manual.
  • The penile pump can lead to some side effects such as small lesions, red spots, numbness and bruises on the penis. None of this is dangerous, but be aware that there are still some risks.

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