3 Ways to Gain Weight Fast for Women

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3 Ways to Gain Weight Fast for Women
3 Ways to Gain Weight Fast for Women

For some women, gaining weight can be as difficult as losing it. There are several ways, however, to get 500 g to 1 kg per week, such as adopting larger portions and eating more frequent meals, incorporating more calories in the day. It is necessary to eat foods with a lot of calories and nutrients to make up meals. Don't forget to engage in healthy physical activity and implement other lifestyle changes to keep the weight off over time.


Method 1 of 3: Changing Eating Habits

Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 1

Step 1. Consume 500 more calories per day

Overall, it's safe to gain 500g to 1kg per week, and to achieve this goal, incorporate 500 more calories into your daily diet; The healthiest way to do this is to eat foods with more nutrients.

  • To keep an eye on what you're eating, use an app that tracks your health habits, such as MyFitnessPal. Write down everything you consume and the exercise performed; once a week, record your weight.
  • Talk to a nutritionist to determine the healthiest weight for you. If you like, you can also use a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator. For most people, the ideal BMI will be between 18, 5 and 24, 9.
Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 2

Step 2. Increase portion sizes

Repeat the dish or increase the amount of food in the first portion; if you find it difficult to make a bigger meal, skip the snacks so you can be hungrier at lunch or dinner.

When two servings are too many, try to increase the amount over time. For example: start with an extra spoonful of rice, or a sweet potato to go with it. As you get used to it, keep increasing the portion size

Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 3

Step 3. If you prefer several smaller meals, try this option

Some people don't like very large portions; so try to eat six small meals a day. For example: breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks.

As a general rule, eat every three or four hours during your waking hours

Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 4

Step 4. Try not to drink 30 minutes before a meal

Liquids can make you very satisfied, making it difficult for you to finish your meal; wait until it's over to start drinking.

Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 5

Step 5. Before bed, have a snack

Eating something (even a small meal) before bedtime makes the body unable to burn the calories; in addition, the body tones the muscles during sleep. Eating something before bed gives you the nutrients you need to build more lean muscle while you sleep.

  • Do you like desserts? Leave them for bedtime. Eat two scoops of ice cream, a bowl of fruit, or a few squares of a chocolate bar.
  • If you prefer something tastier, get a plate of some dough, or cheese with a cream cracker.
Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 6

Step 6. Stimulate your appetite before eating meals

There are several things you can do to increase hunger before meals; such “tricks” can help you eat more at lunch or dinner. Here are some of the simpler ways:

  • Take a quick walk before meals; exercise can make you more hungry.
  • Prepare foods that please her. That way it's much easier to eat everything.
  • Try out new recipes. Doing something new is also an added incentive to eat.
  • Eat in a calm, comfortable environment. When you feel tense or distracted, you may not be able to consume much of your meal.

Method 2 of 3: Choosing the Right Food and Drinks

Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 7

Step 1. Consume foods rich in calories and nutrients

“Fast foods” and processed foods can be rich in “empty” calories, that is, without nutrients; foods high in vitamins, proteins, healthy fats and minerals are what you should eat.

  • Consume more grains by eating “heavier” breads such as whole wheat and pumpernickel (German) bread. Other good options are wheat germ breads and English cake.
  • In fruits, give preference to bananas, pineapples, dried fruits, raisins and avocados. In general, starchy fruits are better than those that are high in water, such as oranges or watermelons, as they have more calories and nutrients.
  • Try vegetables like corn, potatoes, peas and squash. As with fruits, vegetables with starch work better than vegetables with a lot of water.
  • In the dairy products group, cheeses, ice cream, yogurt ice cream (frozen yogurt) and whole milk are options.
Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 8

Step 2. At each meal, try to incorporate at least three food groups

It is useless to eat just one type of food at meals; vary the groups to increase the amount of calories, in addition to making it easier to eat.

  • For example: don't just eat dry toast. Spread peanut butter or put banana slices on top, or even some avocado.
  • If you like to eat eggs right at breakfast, make scrambled eggs with sausage and pepper.
  • Instead of just having a little cup of yogurt with nothing, add granola and blueberries to it.
Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 9

Step 3. Consume higher calorie beverages instead of solid foods

Sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself to get more snacks; try drinking high-calorie drinks between meals if you prefer.

  • Smoothies made with whole-grain fruits, vegetables and yogurt are recommended.
  • Natural juices have more vitamins and fiber.
  • Milk and milk and protein shakes are also good options.
Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 10

Step 4. Add more ingredients to meals

You can incorporate high-calorie (and nutritious) foods or some powdered food you like; that way, it's more calories without you feeling too “full”. Some great ways to do this are:

  • Mix powdered milk into drinks, soups, stews and sauces.
  • Add a dash of nuts to salad or cereal.
  • Put some ground flaxseed in salads, cereals and smoothies.
  • In soups, casserole, scrambled eggs, salads and sandwiches, pour some grated cheese.
  • Spread butter, peanut butter or cream cheese on toast, cream crackers, bread or bisnaguinhas.
Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 11

Step 5. Cook with oil and butter

Preparing foods with both increases the amount of calories in the dish without the portion actually increasing. Some good fats to use for cooking are:

  • Olive oil, which has 119 calories for every 15 ml.
  • Canola oil (120 calories every 15 ml).
  • In coconut oil, there are 117 calories for every 15 ml.
  • Butter (102 calories every 15 ml).
Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 12

Step 6. Consume more protein to build muscle, which weighs more than body fat

Thus, strengthening them is a great way to gain weight, but without gaining fat. Proteins are essential to help build muscle mass.

  • Lean meats and eggs are good sources of protein, while peas, nuts, humus and beans serve as alternatives for vegetarians.
  • Protein bars and shakes can be consumed as snacks. In addition to proteins, they are rich in other nutrients.

Method 3 of 3: Adjusting Your Lifestyle

Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 13

Step 1. Treat any hidden medical condition

There are medications and disorders that can make weight gain difficult; in that case, it is important to address the problem. Talk to your doctor to find the right options.

If you have lost a large amount of weight without any explanation, go to your doctor to make sure there are no hidden conditions, such as a thyroid or digestive system disorder

Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 14

Step 2. Consult a nutritionist

This professional can help you plan meals to reach your ideal weight in a healthy way, as well as provide advice on exercise or appetite stimulation.

Sometimes the doctor has a trusted nutritionist to recommend to you

Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 15

Step 3. Stop smoking

The habit suppresses your appetite and can affect your taste and smell; the doctor, again, will help to devise strategies to quit smoking, either through a change in lifestyle or some medication.

If you are unable to stop smoking, make an effort to avoid smoking an hour or two before a meal

Gain Weight Fast (for Women) Step 16

Step 4. Start weight training

It's not the quickest option, but bodybuilding is a good option for women who want to continue to be a little heavier in the long run, in addition to whetting their appetites. Weight also increases as you build muscle.

  • Weight training is a great way to start exercising. Another option is to do yoga or pilates, for example; however, avoid aerobic or cardiovascular exercise as they can prevent you from gaining weight.
  • Eating more protein is even more important when you want to build muscle through exercise.
  • All of the following exercises are great for muscle strengthening: squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses, curved rows, dips, bench press barbells, crunch crunches, bicep curls, leg presses, and flexor table.

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