3 Ways to Diet to Lose Weight (For Teen Girls)

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3 Ways to Diet to Lose Weight (For Teen Girls)
3 Ways to Diet to Lose Weight (For Teen Girls)

Everyone gets a jolt of self-confidence when they think they're overweight - which is even worse with teenage girls. If it happens to you, remember that there is no such thing as a perfect body and that you change and grow every day. On the other hand, if you're ready to lose weight, start with eating. Plan healthy meals, include nutritious foods in your daily life and start exercising to take care of your health. In the end, the most important thing is not to charge yourself so much and remember that you are beautiful and powerful!


Method 1 of 3: Planning Nutritious Meals

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Step 1. Have a breakfast rich in protein and fiber

Everyone is in a hurry in the morning, and sometimes we miss breakfast to finish school or college work or brush our hair. Still, if you take a few minutes to eat, you can kick-start your metabolism and stave off hunger throughout the day - even more so if you include protein and fiber. Set the alarm clock to five minutes earlier than normal and try one of these options:

  • Scrambled eggs with tomato and some cheese (American style).
  • Wholegrain toast with light butter and a piece of fruit.
  • Whole grain cereal with some strawberries and skim milk. If possible, buy something with at least 5g of fiber and less than 5g of sugar.
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Step 2. Prepare a healthy lunch to take to class.

It's easier to take care of your health when we prepare lunch the day before, as we avoid the temptation to resort to less healthy and instant options. If you have to go to the diner a few times a week, at least order something healthy, like salads or natural sandwiches. On the other hand, if you can take it from home, try these alternatives:

  • A wrap with turkey breast, cheese, carrots and celery.
  • A grilled chicken and vegetable salad with broccoli, cucumber, lettuce and tomato.
  • A taco with lettuce, grilled chicken, peppers and black beans.
  • A lentil soup or some stew. Store in a thermos container to have something hot for lunch!
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Step 3. Eat lean meats, vegetables, vegetables and salads for dinner

Talk to your parents or guardians and offer help with making dinner a few times a week (or at least choosing healthy recipes with them). They will appreciate your interest in cooking! Browse books or websites and choose recipe options for the week. Some examples:

  • Lean roast beef with mushrooms and a side salad with broccoli.
  • Rice with chicken with lemon.
  • Salmon with herbs and brown rice.
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Step 4. Eat healthy snacks between meals to control hunger

Try to combine proteins and complex carbohydrates that are tasty and satisfy your hunger. Bring some snacks to school or college for emergencies. Some options:

  • Boiled eggs.
  • Apple with peanut butter.
  • Cheese slices with almonds.
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Step 5. Drink water while eating

Soda, juices and sports drinks contain lots of sugars and "empty calories" - which don't feel full. Stop taking soda and sugary drinks slowly. Start by decreasing the amount by one cup a day or 3-4 a week. If you get sick of drinking water all the time, drink sparkling or flavored water without calories.

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Step 6. Decrease portion sizes at meals

Use smaller dishes with a little less food. After you finish, have a glass of water and stop for a moment. If you still feel hungry after that, repeat once.

For example, eat two spoonfuls of noodles the first time instead of three or four

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Step 7. Eat slowly and focus on your meal

Take it easy and enjoy the taste and texture of food. So you'll enjoy the experience more and know more when it's full and when you can stop eating.

Don't fiddle with the phone while you eat. Instead, talk to your friends about the class or ask the family how the day went

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Step 8. Ingest at least 1,600-2,000 calories a day

Teenage bodies are still growing and changing; thus, you need to eat enough to take care of your metabolism. Skipping meals or going without food is not good for your health or helps you lose weight. It's better to switch from harmful foods to healthy options to shed pounds effectively and lightly.

  • If you're 9-13 years old, eat 1,600-2,000 calories a day.
  • If you're 14-18 years old, eat about 2,000 calories.
  • If you exercise more than 30 minutes a day, take in more calories to make up for the amount you burn and stay energized! If in doubt, consult a doctor.
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Step 9. Don't go on fad diets

Many of the diets found on the internet reduce food to very specific types of foods. No matter what results they claim to have, they are neither healthy nor effective. You won't get the essential nutrients, and on top of that, you'll regain all the weight you lose. Be wary of eating plans that involve the following:

  • Cut calories far beyond recommended levels for your age.
  • Take pills, supplements or other special type products.
  • Consume only certain types of products (single or mixed).
  • Absolutely cut out all sugar, fat or carbohydrate consumption.
  • Swap meals for granola bars or certain liquids - or even stop eating.

Method 2 of 3: Choosing Healthy Food

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Step 1. Eat lots of berries and berries

All fruits contain many antioxidants and vitamins. So, you have to try to incorporate high varieties of these options into your everyday life. Try to eat 1½ cup (350 ml) of fruit a day (for reference, one cup equals a small apple, a large banana, or about 30 grapes). Also, opt for fresh and frozen products, as canned or dried ones have more sugar. To optimize weight loss, eat:

  • Cherry.
  • Berries (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry).
  • Apple.
  • Watermelon.
  • Grapefruit.
  • Peach, nectarine and plum.
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Step 2. Consume a variety of vegetables

It is well known that vegetables and legumes contain lots of minerals and vitamins - and they are also great sources of fiber, which makes the feeling of fullness last longer. Try to consume 2 cups (470 ml) a day if you are 9-13 years old or 2½ cups (590 ml) if you are 14-18. For reference, a cup of vegetables is the same size as a tennis ball. Try eating about 12 baby carrots or a large sweet potato. Here are some examples that can help you lose weight:

  • Aji pepper.
  • Broccoli.
  • Spinach.
  • Pickles.
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Step 3. Incorporate whole grains into your diet for healthy carbohydrates

Since whole grains are not processed, they still contain many essential nutrients, while refined grains are processed and lose nutrients and fiber. Therefore, if you make the change, it will be easier for you to lose weight. Eat 140 g if you are 9-13 years old or 170 g if you are 14-18. For reference, 28 g of cereal equals ½ a muffin, a slice of bread and a packet of oatmeal. See other options:

  • Wholemeal bread, pasta and biscuits.
  • Popcorn.
  • Oat.
  • Brown rice.
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Step 4. Consume low-fat or non-fat dairy products

During adolescence, bones need calcium to support the body. For this, you can consume tasty and affordable dairy products. Choose low-fat or no-fat options to get the nutrients you need and lose weight - or switch from regular products to soy products with calcium and vitamin D if you're lactose intolerant. Try to consume 3 cups (170 ml) of dairy products a day (for reference, one cup is equivalent to a pot of yogurt with about 230 ml or two slices of hard cheese). Some good options:

  • Regular or Greek yogurt with berries.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Hard cheeses like Parmesan.
  • Grated cheeses.
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Step 5. Eat fish, chicken and eggs for protein

Proteins are essential in any healthy diet as they generate energy and help the body recover. Try mixing a few different options, based on meat and plants, for a balanced and interesting diet. Consume about 140 g per day. For reference, 28 g equals about 3 thin slices of ham, 6 nuts, 3 prawns or ¼ cup of beans. A small chicken breast is about 85 grams. To optimize weight loss, eat:

  • Fish like salmon.
  • Skinless chicken.
  • Beans and peas.
  • Eggs.
  • Nuts and seeds without salt.
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Step 6. Reduce your intake of artificial sugars, saturated fats and refined cereals

In the food industry, many companies add extra sugar (and therefore calories) to products to improve the taste, but without increasing the nutritional value. The same goes for refined cereals and trans and saturated fats: they contain a lot of calories but no nutrients. You can still consume products like this, as long as you don't overdo it.

  • Limit sugars to about 10% of your daily calories - about 160-200. For reference, a regular soda can contains about 150 calories of extra sugar.
  • Limit saturated fats such as butter to less than 10% of your daily calories.
  • Trans fats are present in margarine, microwave popcorn, fried products and packaged cakes and cookies. Minimize the consumption of these options.

Method 3 of 3: Changing Your Lifestyle

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Step 1. Convince your family to adopt the same habits

Ask them for a walk after dinner; be willing to cook with your parents once or twice a week, etc. They will likely enjoy your efforts to improve their health - and may even want to participate too! Even if they don't approve of your new plan, you don't have to give up. Learn how to prepare some simple dishes, like scrambled eggs or a wholemeal panino, for when the rest of the staff want to eat something less healthy (like fast food).

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Step 2. Sleep eight hours a night.

The body needs several hours of sleep to maintain a healthy weight. Also, if you go to bed early, you won't feel like having snacks at night. Try to go to bed 10-15 minutes earlier every night.

  • Put your phone away and turn off your TV and computer a few minutes before turning off the lights to disconnect.
  • Put your phone in "do not disturb" mode so you're not tempted to read messages or emails at bedtime.
  • Do not drink caffeinated beverages such as soda or coffee after 4 pm.
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Step 3. Do at least one hour of physical activity a day

You don't need to go for a run or play sports. Just do 15 minutes of light exercise and then increase it to 30 minutes a day. Then try to double this time as your body gets used to the movement. The practice of activities and healthy eating are the best ways to lose weight at any age.

  • Go hiking with friends or family.
  • Go swimming when the weather is open.
  • Ride a bike around the area where you live.
  • Jump rope at home when you need to relax.
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Step 4. Find ways to de-stress

When the body is stressed - whether because of an important test you're about to take, or because of a tense situation you lived with a friend, for example - it releases a hormone that disrupts the metabolism and causes weight retention. Try these relaxation techniques when this happens:

  • Go for a walk, run or ride a bike.
  • Take a mental break: close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes or practice yoga or meditation.
  • If you eat when you're stressed, opt for healthy foods like whole grain crackers or cheese.
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Step 5. Limit the time you spend on social media

This is even more important if you tend to compare your body to other girls. Just spend 15-30 minutes on the hammocks a day. Remember that people only post photos from good angles and that no one is as perfect as they seem to be in magazines or on the internet.

Follow profiles and accounts on networks that encourage self-love and self-acceptance

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Step 6. Improve your body image, whatever your weight.

Speaking is easier than doing, but this is essential for anyone who wants to change their body. Look at the world around you and appreciate all the shapes people take. Whenever necessary, remember that there is no perfect "mold" and that you are beautiful no matter what your weight.

Counter every negative idea you have about your body with two or three positive ideas. For example, if you think your arms are getting fat, say, "My smile is beautiful. I have strong legs."


  • Never starve yourself to lose weight. If you don't get enough calories, you'll be weak and tired - unlike the strong, vibrant girl you are! Lose weight in a healthy way, through the right diet and exercise. You will be happier. Finally, if necessary, talk to a parent or guardian or a doctor.
  • Consult a physician before making drastic dietary changes.

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