How to Cure Nail Fungi: Does Vinegar Help?

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How to Cure Nail Fungi: Does Vinegar Help?
How to Cure Nail Fungi: Does Vinegar Help?

Onychomycosis, better known as fingernail ringworm, is a fungal infection that appears on the toes (in most cases) and can cause discoloration, thickening or even the weakening of the keratin. The problem is frustrating, but luckily there is a simple natural solution: dip your foot in vinegar! The product kills fungi and bacteria as it is highly acidic. On the other hand, it has no effect when ringworm happens under the nails. See a podiatrist if the situation is tense and you don't see results for up to two weeks.


Method 1 of 2: Preparing the Vinegar Solution

You can soak the foot with ringworm in a solution of water and vinegar. Start by diluting the vinegar so it doesn't irritate your skin and repeat the process every day until you notice results. If nothing happens, don't worry: try the more conventional methods listed in the next section.

Cure Toenail Fungus with Vinegar Step 1

Step 1. Trim your nails before dipping your foot

No topical treatment works when the ringworm is covered by the nails! Trim them before using vinegar.

  • Do not cut your nails beyond the white part. You can get hurt really bad.
  • Apply urea cream first if you have difficulty cutting your nails. It is sold at any drugstore and serves as a common cosmetic treatment for skin irritations.
  • Disinfect the nail clipper as soon as you finish using it to avoid passing on the infection. Soak accessory in isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes.
Cure Toenail Fungus with Vinegar Step 2

Step 2. Mix 1 cup (240 ml) of warm water and white vinegar in a bowl or bucket

Use a container that you can stick your foot into. Add the two ingredients and mix well.

If you prefer, change the white vinegar to apple cider vinegar. Both contain the same volume of acetic acid

Cure Toenail Fungus with Vinegar Step 3

Step 3. Soak your foot in the solution for ten to 20 minutes

Place your foot in the bowl (or bucket) until the ringworm part is submerged and wait between ten and 20 minutes.

Your foot may sting from contact with vinegar if there is a cut, but it's nothing dangerous

Cure Toenail Fungus with Vinegar Step 4

Step 4. Dry your foot thoroughly when finished

Ringworm and other fungi grow in moist conditions. Therefore, always pat dry your foot after treatment with a clean towel (especially if you intend to wear socks or shoes).

Put the towel to wash immediately, as there is a risk of it becoming contaminated by ringworm

Cure Toenail Fungus with Vinegar Step 5

Step 5. Repeat treatment twice a day until symptoms disappear

Don't give up: the process will be difficult and time-consuming. Soak your foot in the vinegar-water solution at least twice a day and hopefully the results will start to show after a few weeks. Consult a podiatrist if it doesn't.

  • Continue trimming the nail from time to time to expose the ringworm.
  • The treatment can take months to really take effect. Consult a podiatrist if you are unwilling to do everything at home or do not notice results.

Method 2 of 2: Using Conventional Treatments

Unfortunately, vinegar solution and other natural remedies are not always effective in fighting ringworm. At these times, the best alternative is to resort to conventional treatments with professionals. There are some effective creams, but oral medications work the most. Consult a podiatrist and strictly follow the instructions he gives.

Cure Toenail Fungus with Vinegar Step 6

Step 1. Apply an over-the-counter antifungal cream to your nails

Depending on the product, it may be more effective than a vinegar solution. Buy it at any drugstore, follow the application instructions in terms of quantity and frequency and see if there are any results over time.

  • Naftifine and miconazole are some interesting antifungal cream options.
  • Cut your nails well so that the cream comes into direct contact with the ringworm.
  • Creams are not as effective in treating ringworm because they do not penetrate the nails well. You can experiment, but be prepared for the possibility of having to consult a podiatrist.
Cure Toenail Fungus with Vinegar Step 7

Step 2. Take over-the-counter oral medications prescribed by the podiatrist

This is the most common type of treatment for ringworm in the nails, as it takes effect from within the body. Make an appointment with your podiatrist if the vinegar solution and cream do not work. He will examine your foot and recommend the ideal remedy. Follow the treatment for two or three months.

  • Terbinafine or itraconazole are two examples of oral medications for toenail ringworm.
  • Do not stop treatment too soon. The infection can come back.
  • The podiatrist can also cut your nails to remove some of the ringworm. This helps, but it doesn't solve the problem altogether.
  • You may need to have periodic blood tests while taking antifungal medications, as some of them are potent and affect the body (even causing liver damage).
Cure Toenail Fungus with Vinegar Step 8

Step 3. Use an antifungal nail polish

The podiatrist may recommend this treatment along with oral medications. The nail absorbs the enamel, which treats the ringworm underneath. In general, just pass the product and wait a week before removing with alcohol and applying another layer. Repeat this process for as long as the podiatrist recommends.

The application process can be difficult, depending on the enamel the podiatrist recommends. Follow the instructions exactly

Medical Advice

Despite being a common treatment for many fungal infections, vinegar is not as effective in fighting ringworm in the nails - it does not penetrate the region well. You can experiment, but don't expect great results. Consult a podiatrist as soon as possible if nothing else goes well and be patient: the treatment usually takes several weeks or even a few months to end the problem once and for all.


There are other natural remedies for ringworm in the nails. Even passing Vick Vaporub once a day helps


  • Ringworm is contagious. Wash anything that comes in contact with your foot and wear socks around the house to protect others.
  • You can also rub tea tree oil on your infected nail once a day and see if it improves.

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