3 Ways to Play Alone

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3 Ways to Play Alone
3 Ways to Play Alone

If you're bored and have no one to play with, read the simple steps below to learn how to spend time having fun alone.


Method 1 of 3: At Home

Play With Yourself Step 1

Step 1. Draw

Everyone has an imagination, but not everyone knows how to use it. One of the easiest ways to have fun alone using your imagination is to sit down with pens, pencils or markers and start drawing. Remember to separate lots of sheets of paper and don't be afraid: draw and draw until you get something you like. Detail the design and paint until satisfied.

You don't have to show your drawing to anyone if you don't want to. If you prefer, throw it away when you're done

Play With Yourself Step 2

Step 2. Play with dolls

Playing with dolls or dolls is very common in childhood for good reason: it's a great way to pass the time when there's nothing to do. If you don't have toys, you can make some or buy new ones. Name each one and make up stories for them. Make different voices for each one, and create a personality for them.

Use a blanket or pile of books to create a backdrop for your characters. One of them might be a soldier going down a river of books, about to catch a bandit; or a witch on a broom trying to rescue someone who is about to jump off a bridge. The possibilities are endless

Play With Yourself Step 3

Step 3. Dance

You're home alone, what's the problem? Choose a song, turn up the volume and start dancing. You might be surprised how much fun you will have. Make things a little harder by choosing a song you think you can't dance to, such as classical music, and try dancing. Let your body express the sounds and emotions of music. This is a great way to improve your mood and exercise too.

  • Make sure you confirm the door is locked, unless you don't mind if someone walks in and finds you dancing wildly. The time it takes to unlock the door will be enough for you to stop dancing and try to look serious.

    Trying to look serious after dancing can make you feel even more like laughing, but isn't the idea of ​​having fun?

  • Free up plenty of space before dancing. Once you start, you might lose track of space.
Play With Yourself Step 4

Step 4. Think of some single player games

One of the best known is Solitaire, a card game. There are also variations of the same game, Pyramid and Spider. In addition to card games, you can play marbles, checkers or even chess. Of course the challenge will be limited, but you will have chances to learn and practice strategies. You can also play darts or play in the pool.

  • To play marbles on your own, you can place the marbles in an X inside a circle and try to hit them with a larger ball from the outside. You can play indoors as long as you have enough space and a smooth surface.
  • You will find many solitaire games on the internet. Every game variable usually comes with an explanation.
  • There are many other games you will be able to play on your own. You will be able to train many strategies.
  • Putting on some music to play is a great way to make time go by faster while you're playing something. Also, it will be possible to get an idea of ​​how much time has passed. Note the length of the CD and you'll know what time it will be when it runs out.
Play With Yourself Step 5

Step 5. Play video game

Today, more than ever, video games are everywhere. Even if you don't have a device, there are many games available for your computer and mobile. Most games are designed for a single player. You can play against other players who are online in some cases, other games are only possible if you are with some friends (like racing and fighting). Avoid these if you want to play alone, look for adventure games.

  • There are many online games available.

    In some cases, the games are free and if you pay an amount, you'll be able to unlock new levels. Don't pay anything unless you're sure what you want. Remember, it's just a game

  • Don't discard old video games. Many games were made for the Super Nintendo and the original PlayStation. These games can be found for great prices.
Play With Yourself Step 6

Step 6. Think of a hobby

If you have free time and nothing to do, why not do something fun? Think about making a miniature car or plane, or even a rocket. Some craft stores sell kits to assemble these miniatures and you can even assemble robots. Most of these kits are not too expensive and will be a good way to fill your afternoon.

  • There are kits for making art with sand, jewelry, among other things. Search!
  • You can also make your own kit by buying the basic items and putting them in a box. You can make soap or bath salts, candles, T-shirt designs and even wine (if you're old enough).

Method 2 of 3: Outdoor

Play With Yourself Step 7

Step 1. Play individual sports

With a ball and a rubber band, you can play handball. You can also play basket making in a park if no one is using the court. Practice soccer running across the field while kicking the ball. Also, run, marking your round trip time.

  • You can play less traditional sports on your own too. Play a disc as far as you can, for example.
  • You can practice archery too. Buying gear can be very expensive, but you can spend less on snowboarding, golfing or a surfboard.
Play With Yourself Step 8

Step 2. Explore

Whether by car, bicycle or on foot, exploration can be a good way to spend time in your neighborhood. Choose a direction and go for it. For a more different experience, go to a park and throw a ball as far as you can. Follow it until you find it. In the meantime, you'll explore the site.

  • Read all signs carefully. Some parks do not allow people to pass a certain point. Respect the rules.
  • If you want to explore other places, remember to bring a compass and a map, as well as know how to use them. It's easy to learn and you could save your life.
Play With Yourself Step 9

Step 3. Sliding down a mountain

This is another common way to spend time with children. By letting gravity work for you, you'll be able to enjoy moments of speed without much effort. (See beforehand that there is no dog litter in the place).

You can use a bike to get off faster, but be careful with people around, as it's not easy to stop a bike all of a sudden

Play With Yourself Step 10

Step 4. Visit tourist sites

Use a bicycle, car or public transport to visit popular places. Take a camera (or your cell phone) with you and take pictures of all the beautiful places you can find. Even passing through some roads, you can find beautiful houses and gardens to photograph. Try to keep a record of the places you visit so you can go back to the best ones and see what they look like at another season.

To turn this activity into a game, look at a different feature you find (like a rare flower or a four-leaf clover) and try taking a photo of the same feature elsewhere in town. If you're a detail oriented person, you can spend months looking for and finding this sort of thing

Play With Yourself Step 11

Step 5. Look at people

One of the best ways to spend time outdoors is to sit on a bench on a busy street and watch people go by. Look at their clothes, their faces and body language, as well as what accessories they wear and where they're going. Try looking for details, such as noticing if they wear different socks to work or if they're listening to music. Make them into characters. It can be more fun than you think.

  • You can turn this into a game using the same method as known city locations.
  • Don't face people. The goal is not to be noticed so that you can continue with the game. If anyone notices, smile politely and disguise it. Think about bringing a cup of coffee or tea to cover it up.

Method 3 of 3: Stuck in Shopping

Play With Yourself Step 12

Step 1. Explore

If you're stuck while someone is shopping and it doesn't interest you, make an excuse by saying you're going for a walk and make a point to meet later. Go out and get distracted in any way you can. Even when nothing looks interesting, you can find things to look at. Try reading product labels or looking at brand logos, for example.

  • Don't forget, you can also go outside to see what it looks like on the outside.
  • Make sure the person understands where and when to meet. Ask her to repeat it so you don't get lost.
  • If you are a child, you can sit in a corner and play with some toys inside the store. Don't expect to be distracted like this if you're a teenager or older.
Play With Yourself Step 13

Step 2. Play with a game

With headphones and handheld consoles like the Nintendo 3DS, you'll get a lot of interesting games. Get ready and take another game or two if you get tired of the first one. If you can't find a good place to sit and play, see if there are any benches outside the building or chairs near the restroom.

As with any other game, keep in mind that there are many cheaper games of this type. You don't need the latest game to have fun


  • Your imagination is your best friend when trying to play alone. Read books and/or watch movies regularly to help work with her.
  • In addition to playing, you can develop a talent or hobby, such as playing an instrument, singing, or sculpting to pass the time. This is not “playing”, but it can be interesting.


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