How to Find Your Finger Size: 6 Steps

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How to Find Your Finger Size: 6 Steps
How to Find Your Finger Size: 6 Steps

Buying a ring can be difficult if you don't know your size. Although the jeweler can provide an exact measurement, it is not always convenient to have to make an appointment to do so. Fortunately, you can get an accurate value in your own home. Measure your finger with a flexible measuring tape and convert the measurement using a primer or ring ruler. If, however, you already have a perfectly fitting ring, the process is even easier! To get the right size, just compare it to a circular sizing primer.


Method 1 of 2: Measuring Your Finger

Find Your Ring Size Step 2
Find Your Ring Size Step 2

Step 1. Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your finger

Wrap it close to the knuckle, which is the widest portion where the ring should fit comfortably. After all, putting it on and taking it off doesn't have to be a painful process! Choose a plastic or fabric measuring tape for greater accuracy. You can even use a metal measuring tape, but everything will be much more difficult and you could even get hurt in the process.

  • To make it easier, check out pages from different jewelry stores for printable ring booklets. You can use them like a measuring tape, with the difference that only the ring sizes will be visible - which avoids the need for a conversion.
  • Avoid squeezing it too much. Make it snug but comfortable.
  • A fun fact is to think that even the same fingers on different hands can differ in their sizes. Take care to measure the exact finger where the ring will be. For an engagement ring, you should measure your left finger, not your right.
  • Finger size tends to change throughout the day. Strange, isn't it? For best results, measure at the end of the day.
Find Your Ring Size Step 4
Find Your Ring Size Step 4

Step 2. Record the measurement where the measuring tape meets

Do this on a separate piece of paper with a pencil or pen. You can write down the measurement in millimeters or centimeters, depending on the seller. There are many that will have different units, but the vast majority will prefer the measurement in centimeters.

If using a printed ring guide, mark the point where it meets directly

Find Your Ring Size Step 5
Find Your Ring Size Step 5

Step 3. Compare the measurement to a size chart

Now that you have the numbers, it's time to find your size. You can find these booklets on various pages of jewelry stores and sellers. You can print it out if you like for easier reference, but that's not a necessity. The booklets convert the measurements to ring sizes - 6.0 centimeters, for example, will equate to a size 20.

  • If the measurement is between two sizes, choose the larger one.
  • If you are using a printed primer, note where the marking matches the measurement to determine size.

Method 2 of 2: Using a Circular Primer

Find Your Ring Size Step 6
Find Your Ring Size Step 6

Step 1. Find and print the primer

A large number of jewelry stores and sellers offer printable booklets that display different circles in different sizes. For greater accuracy, see the size booklet from a local vendor. That way, you will know that the size is compatible with the expectation of the products.

A distorted primer could result in an inappropriate size, indicating that the ring might not fit. Confirm that any scaling options on the printer are disabled

Find Your Ring Size Step 7
Find Your Ring Size Step 7

Step 2. Find a ring that fits the finger being measured

Choose a ring that fits well - snugly but not tight. Once again, confirm that it fits the correct finger well (even two ring fingers can be different sizes).

If you don't have a ring, wrap a piece of string or paper around your finger and use that measurement

Find Your Ring Size Step 8
Find Your Ring Size Step 8

Step 3. Place the ring over the circles in the booklet

The circle must fit snugly into the circle for a proper fit. If you are in doubt between two measures, choose the larger one.

  • The reason for preferring the larger size is that the finger ends up swelling throughout the day. If the ring is too small, it will end up tight.
  • The circle must not be on the outer edge of the ring, or it will be too small.


  • Most jewelry stores can charge only once for the measurement even if the ring needs to go through several resizes. A good store will not charge separate charges for each attempt.
  • Certain metallic rings cannot be resized, while others have certain limitations. Consult the jeweler if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Your fingers will also become swollen if you are pregnant or taking certain medications. Take it into account when measuring the ring size.
  • When shopping for a wedding ring, find out if it has a comfort-oriented ratio. This type of measurement, although more comfortable, can sometimes affect the final size of the ring. Let the seller know if you are looking for a model like this.

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