3 Ways to Be the Ideal Girl

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3 Ways to Be the Ideal Girl
3 Ways to Be the Ideal Girl

Sometimes it seems like everyone likes certain girls because they are "ideal girls". However, each person has their concept of “ideal”, so it is impossible to please everyone. In other words, it makes no sense to change to satisfy other people. It's far better to be your best self and lead a life that satisfies you. In this way, it is possible to be your own “ideal girl”, which should attract nice people who know how to recognize your qualities.


Method 1 of 3: Feeling Great With Your Look

Cheerful Geek Smiling
Cheerful Geek Smiling

Step 1. Wear clothes that enhance your body

Everyone has their own beauty, so don't worry about height, weight or physical characteristics that deviate from the standard. You are unique – and that is your beauty. To bring out your best, choose pieces that match your body shape. Read some ideas below:

  • If you're curvy, reinforce your waist with a belt or a wrap dress. If you want to disguise larger regions, choose a draped piece. Also, use thicker fabrics that hold everything in place.
  • Want to create more curves? Wear chest ruffles or a full skirt to highlight your hips. It's also nice to put on tops with cutouts or cropped.
  • If you're short, wear clothes for your size. Bet on shorter shorts and skirts to make your legs look longer.
  • Are you tall? Balance your silhouette with flared pants or longer skirts.

Step 2. use parts that increase your confidence.

Nobody needs trendy or branded clothes to look great. When you feel good, you already radiate confidence, which is what people notice. Try everything in your closet and just stick with the clothes that arouse that feeling in you. When you go shopping, only take home what looks great on your body.

It's better to have a smaller wardrobe with amazing pieces than a bunch of clothes that make you uncomfortable. There's no problem repeating looks

Girl Pulling Hair Into Ponytail
Girl Pulling Hair Into Ponytail

Step 3. have good hygiene with daily baths and brushing your teeth properly.

Paying attention to hygiene shows others that you take care of yourself. Besides, no one will be avoiding you because of that unpleasant smell. Take baths every day and take care of the soap. After getting out of the shower and drying off, apply deodorant to keep it smelling good. Also brush your teeth in the morning, at night and after meals to avoid cavities and bad breath.

How about using a cream after a shower to make your skin soft as a peach? Some lotions have pleasant scents that last all day

Step 4. If you like, apply makeup to enhance your natural beauty

You don't need makeup to be the ideal girl – only if you like it and want to accentuate your best features! Try out different looks to find your favorite plaster.

  • Start with a more natural make up.
  • Do you love your eyes? Draw attention to them with a more tchan shade or a smoky one!
  • Is your mouth pretty? Put on a bold lipstick or shimmering lip gloss to catch people's eyes.

Step 5. choose a cut easy to maintain.

Hair is the frame of the face, so the cut should enhance your shape! If you choose a style that works well for the texture of your strands, it's easier to tidy up your everyday. Take a look in magazines or on the internet and look for cool inspiration. After going to the salon, straighten the mane every day to get it in order.

  • Ask the hairdresser who makes your cut for finishing tips.
  • Can't cut your hair now? You can manage with braids or an easy hairstyle like that. So, you look tidy and beautiful with any cut or type of yarn.
Watermelon on Table
Watermelon on Table

Step 6. Eat a healthy diet to leave your skin fresh and your hair super shiny

Healthy foods are full of vitamins and minerals that improve mood and even appearance. Fill half of your plate with fresh vegetables at every meal. Then place a lean protein source such as chicken, fish or tofu in ¼ of the plate. Finish the remaining ¼ with complex carbohydrates such as whole grains or sweet potatoes.

  • Make healthy snacks with fruits, vegetables, nuts and low-fat dairy products.
  • Don't starve yourself for wanting to be thin. Crazy diets are unhealthy and harm the body.
Two People Stroll in Quiet Forest
Two People Stroll in Quiet Forest

Step 7. Do exercises for 30 minutes every day if you want to boost your health.

First, choose a fun activity – that way it's much easier to add it to your routine. Afterwards, be sure to practice it at least five times a week. Physical exercise strengthens your mood and tones your muscles. Some examples to give it a try are:

  • Play a sport.
  • Go out for nature walks.
  • Take a dance class.
  • Crossfit.
  • Practice bodybuilding.
  • Do swimming.

Method 2 of 3: Building Self-Confidence

Step 1. Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparison is a very common habit that only serves to make us dissatisfied. It's no use comparing your life with ups and downs to the best moments in the lives of others. Each has a journey. If you're going to compare yourself, look at yourself and your past.

Did you find yourself making a comparison? Recognize what you are doing. Then create a list of all the good things that are happening in your life to focus on yourself

Loving Person with Hearts
Loving Person with Hearts

Step 2. Learn to love yourself

Sometimes it's really hard to love yourself – and that's okay. However, your life can change once you know how to recognize that you are a valuable person and that you deserve to be loved. Instead of criticizing and judging yourself, have more self-pity. Identify everything you love about yourself and immerse yourself in the characteristics that are your trademark.

Repeat: “I know I'm not perfect, but nobody is. I am proud to be a kind person, intelligent and to sing well. My crooked smile is my trademark and I like it that way.”

Step 3. Develop positivity to feel good

Positivity helps you enjoy life better and attracts more people. To be more positive, see obstacles as opportunities. Also, think of a five things you're grateful for every day to start recognizing and valuing the good and the bad.

Nobody is Poliana all the time. You're also entitled to bad days – don't think you've failed because you're negative. Take the opportunity to cultivate self-compassion and gently push yourself back into a more positive vibe


some obstacles in life hurt a lot and you don't need to be happy. For example, if you lose your pet, experience grief and don't worry about finding a “positive side” to the situation.

Autistic Girl Dances to Music
Autistic Girl Dances to Music

Step 4. Identify your strengths to boost self-esteem

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but by focusing on strengths you can further develop your self-esteem. Make a list of your best qualities, talents and facilities. Then strive to further develop these attributes. That's how you're going to be your best version.

For example, your strengths might include writing well, knowing how to play football, being a good listener, and being creative

Girl Raises Hand in Class
Girl Raises Hand in Class

Step 5. Achieve a goal to build self-confidence

Achieving a goal, however small it may be, can really boost self-esteem. Pick an important goal and break it down into smaller, doable steps. By crossing each step off the list, celebrate your achievement and gain more confidence.

Let's say your goal is to run 5 km. First, divide the goal into the following steps: run 1 km, run 2 km, run 2.5 km, and so on, until you reach 5

Smiling Thoughtful Autistic Girl
Smiling Thoughtful Autistic Girl

Step 6. Be independent instead of relying on others for everything

People admire those who know how to manage on their own and, thus, their self-esteem is strengthened. Don't expect anyone to bring you happiness on a platter. Find out what you want on your own and then find ways to fulfill your needs on your own.

Let's say you want to feel special. Instead of waiting for a partner to do this for you, find a way to feel special on your own. Leave cute messages on the bathroom mirror, buy yourself a present and think about what you like best about your way of being

Method 3 of 3: Showing Your Personality

Silly Girl Posing with Posters
Silly Girl Posing with Posters

Step 1. Have hobbies and interests

Cultivating hobbies and interests is a way to show that you are a fun person. Besides, you can enjoy life more with a hobby, which attracts more people. Make a list of everything you like to do and activities that make you happier. Then try to incorporate them into your routine.

For example, you can draw and paint if you like the arts, or you can join a football team if you're a fan of the sport

Hijabi Girl at Computer
Hijabi Girl at Computer

Step 2. Show your intelligence by sharing thoughts and opinions

Not everyone will agree with you, but don't be shy about speaking your mind. You'll earn people's respect for the wisdom you've accumulated and your willingness to discuss a variety of topics. Read, watch documentaries and stay connected to the news to be well informed. Share your views by chatting with others.

  • Deepen your knowledge of subjects that pique your interest, but don't be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. The ability to talk about various topics is an advantage when meeting new people.
  • Want to get a boyfriend? Intelligence can impress your crush.
Girl with Down Syndrome Smiling Outdoors
Girl with Down Syndrome Smiling Outdoors

Step 3. Smile and laugh to show you are fun

People want to be around fun people. Practice a smile in front of the mirror so you don't feel embarrassed to do the same in public. Always put a smile on your face when interacting with others and take the right opportunities to laugh during conversations.

  • For example, mention your favorite movies and comedy series.
  • Also laugh at bad jokes when people try to make a fool of themselves. So, there's no way not to like your company.
Person Listens to Happy Autistic Friend
Person Listens to Happy Autistic Friend

Step 4. Develop a sense of humor to get people to laugh

Everyone likes to be around funny people and a source of entertainment. Tell fun stories about your life or learn some puns and memes online. Include them here and there in conversations to make you laugh.

  • Watching comedy shows and funny movies can help sharpen your sense of humor.
  • Practice the stories and jokes to make things easier for you.
Girl with Down Syndrome Consoles Crying Girl 2
Girl with Down Syndrome Consoles Crying Girl 2

Step 5. Be nice to people

Treat everyone well so as not to alienate anyone. You don't need to do anything special. Just help others when you need to, choose kind words over harsh words, and apologize if you offend someone.

Give praise. The person can even win the day when you say, “I love your shirt” or “Congratulations on your performance. It was great!”

Step 6. be loyal to the people you love.

Loyalty is valued in friendships or between family members because people know they can count on you. When you decide to be friends with someone, don't talk about the other behind their back or goof up with wrong attitudes. Be there for people when they need you. That way you will have more friends and better relationships.

For example, if you're friends with another girl, don't participate in gossip circles about her. Prefer to change the subject and bring a more positive theme, like: "Did you guys see the last season of Riverdale?"

Step 7. Be open-minded and supportive of your friends and family

Each one goes through unique situations in life, so don't judge anyone based on their values. Keep an open mind when others make choices different from yours and know how to support them. That way you will be seen as a true friend and a good person.

Let's say a friend of yours doesn't have the same political outlook. Try to listen to what he thinks without judgment. You don't have to agree later, but make sure he has the right to think differently

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