How to Lose 2 Pounds in One Day: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Lose 2 Pounds in One Day: 11 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Lose 2 Pounds in One Day: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

If you want to lose a few pounds quickly (no matter what the purpose), you're going to need to do it effectively and safely. However, you can lose 2.5 kg or more in just one day and safely through water and other wastes retained in the body. Be aware, however, that this process cannot be safely repeated for more than one day (to lose 7.5 kg in three days, for example), and weight lost in one day is usually quickly regained in the others. While maintaining body weight is a smart choice, weight loss should be combined with long-term lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise.


Part 1 of 3: Losing water weight

Reduce a Fever without Medication Step 7
Reduce a Fever without Medication Step 7

Step 1. Drink lots of water.

The human body needs water to function, and if you don't drink enough water every day, it will retain excess fluid to make up for the lack of it. Make it your goal (if not already) to consume 1.8 liters of water a day.

  • You can consume up to 4 liters.
  • Consume 2 or 3 glasses of water more per day if you are already consuming 1, 8 liters.
  • Be aware that raising your water consumption to an unhealthy level can change your system defaults, disrupt your basic programming, or create discomfort.
  • You can add pure juices and teas to your stipulated consumption.
Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Step 17
Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Step 17

Step 2. Get more physical activity

It is possible to burn more calories and lose more water weight and other body waste through physical exercise.

  • Walk 30 minutes at lunch and after dinner.
  • Avoid snacking in the afternoon. This will create weight that your body won't have time to burn off in a day.
  • Practice strict household chores. Do not use the vacuum cleaner, use a broom; move all furniture and clean under it, clean wall baseboards, etc.
Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks Step 14
Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks Step 14

Step 3. Reduce your sodium intake

Sodium leads to water retention and can also cause swelling and discomfort. Try to consume less than 1500 mg of salt per day.

  • The easiest way to reduce your sodium intake is to avoid processed foods. This includes: cereals, baked goods, cheese, cold cuts, frozen vegetables, canned soup, canned vegetables or beans, and loaf bread. Salt is a preservative (and also a seasoning), and processed foods contain a lot of it.
  • Consume foods with little (or no) preservatives, such as zizania (popularly known as wild rice), quinoa, fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic, salad, freshly caught seafood, nuts and unsalted seeds.
Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Week without Any Pills Step 4
Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Week without Any Pills Step 4

Step 4. Reduce starch consumption

Like sodium, starch helps the body retain water. By cutting it out of your diet, you will retain less of the water you consume. To do so, avoid the following foods:

  • Noodles and potato chips;
  • breads, biscuits and cakes;
  • Rice and baked potatoes.

Part 2 of 3: Removing the weight of waste

Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Step 14
Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight Step 14

Step 1. Work out in the morning.

Your metabolism and digestive system will begin to function more efficiently, eliminating waste from your body more quickly. Give preference to cardiovascular exercises (other than strength training); activities like jogging or jogging raise your heart rate, helping you burn more calories.

  • Walk, jog, or do other cardiovascular activity for 20 to 30 minutes upon waking.
  • Go to the gym before and not after work.
  • Be careful not to wear yourself out from exercising in a single day. A light-to-moderate exercise is enough to get the digestive tract working.
Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Step 6
Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Step 6

Step 2. Eat a high fiber breakfast

Fiber helps the food pass through the digestive tract, eliminating waste through the colon. Choose from options such as: porridge, quinoa, low-fat Greek yogurt, unsalted nuts, omelet with vegetables or fruits.

  • Eat breakfast within the first 90 minutes of waking up.
  • Plan to eat between 300 and 600 calories for breakfast.
  • Recommended daily fiber intake is 25 to 30 g, so increase the amount consumed to reach these values.
  • For a healthy breakfast option, make a porridge smoothie with yogurt and fruit. Add leafy greens to the vitamin to increase nutrition levels.
Heal the Lungs Naturally Step 20
Heal the Lungs Naturally Step 20

Step 3. Drink a cup of coffee or tea in the morning

These natural diuretics (foods that increase the production of urine and excreta) can help you use the bathroom more.

Heal the Lungs Naturally Step 6
Heal the Lungs Naturally Step 6

Step 4. Eat fruits and vegetables that are natural diuretics

Plan the meal of the day based on foods that can help you lose water weight and droppings.

  • Some examples include: melon, cranberry, and tomato.
  • Eat vegetables like asparagus, celery, parsley, fennel, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, carrots and beets.
  • Drink a tea that contains dandelion leaves, green tea and nettle.

Part 3 of 3: Changing the Diet of the Day

Count Carbs on the Atkins Diet Step 3
Count Carbs on the Atkins Diet Step 3

Step 1. Consume foods that contain probiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts found naturally in the human body. Foods rich in probiotics help maintain gut health and move digested food through the stomach and intestines.

  • A small portion of Greek yogurt is ideal. Choose an option that is low in sodium and contains active cultures.
  • You can choose kefir instead of yogurt. Kefir is a probiotic drink available in most supermarkets.
Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Step 7
Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks Step 7

Step 2. Avoid consuming carbohydrates on the day you want to lose weight

It may not seem like it, but carbohydrates actually increase the body's water retention. You can help your body lose water weight by getting carbohydrates through fruits and vegetables that day.

  • Eat salads instead of sandwiches.
  • Do not eat bread, pasta or refined grain products.
  • Some studies suggest that sticking to a low-carb diet for just three days a week can help you lose a few pounds and maintain your weight better.
Count Carbs on the Atkins Diet Step 12
Count Carbs on the Atkins Diet Step 12

Step 3. Eat less throughout the day

You're more likely to burn calories consumed earlier in the day than those consumed later in the day, so consume most of your calories in the morning and early afternoon.

Try to reduce the size of your meals in half, or at least reduce the portion sizes consumed during the rest of the day


  • If you can't lose 2.5 kg of water weight, try to do it through sweating. Do a sauna for 20 minutes. Keep in mind that the sauna can dehydrate you, and the results are temporary.
  • You can eat healthy proteins (especially egg whites, chicken breasts and fish), they don't encourage water retention.

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