3 Ways to Look Good and Feel Good Naked (For Men)

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3 Ways to Look Good and Feel Good Naked (For Men)
3 Ways to Look Good and Feel Good Naked (For Men)

Despite what stereotypes suggest, men can also feel just as insecure (if not more) than women when it comes to their bodies. It's natural to be embarrassed when naked, but the important thing is that you feel comfortable with your appearance. With the right attitude, you'll look and feel confident when you look in the mirror - and when someone else is looking in your direction.


Method 1 of 3: Helping Yourself Feel Good Naked

Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 1

Step 1. Take off your clothes

Yes, take absolutely everything. The only way to feel truly comfortable facing the doubts and concerns you have about nudity is to deal with them directly.

  • This step doesn't happen with other people, as the first step is to make sure you feel comfortable with your own nudity.
  • Be in a place with a mirror that allows you to examine your entire body, especially the parts you don't usually see directly.
  • Gradually increase the amount of time you spend without clothes. You don't have to become a nudist from the start: just spend a little more time naked. You will probably find that you feel more comfortable than you thought.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 2

Step 2. Focus on your positive traits

To feel good naked, you need to highlight the areas you feel good about. Focusing on what you like can help you build your self-confidence and motivate you to work on the rest.

  • There are many parts of your body, and there are many options for finding something positive. You might have nice, strong legs, a well-defined back, or you might even be very proud of your "suitcase." Regardless of your decision, this is a great start to reminding yourself that there are parts of you that deserve this love.
  • If you are having difficulties, avoid thinking of a list of items. Start with a part you like, even if you can't see it when you're not naked. You might have a beautiful smile or strong hands.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 3

Step 3. Challenge negative thoughts about your own body

Certain forms of negative thinking can damage your self-esteem. This prevents you from accepting your own body as it is, and may even prevent you from taking steps to improve it. Recognize if you have this thought and challenge yourself to think differently. There are several common types of negative thinking that can affect the way you see yourself.

  • Everything or nothing. You probably don't see a tight abdomen and perfectly toned muscles when you're naked. These are points that can change and improve. Not having them doesn't mean you can't get them.
  • Filter. To persist in the negative parts of your body while ignoring the ones you might like makes you too insecure to get used to your own nudity. That's why it's important to find something you love about your body - and there will always be something that deserves all the praise.
  • Talk negative. Don't turn your own criticisms of the negatives into a reflection of your personal worth. There is a significant difference between saying "My belly is too big, I need to try to lose some weight" and "I'm fat because I can never exercise enough". When criticizing yourself, look for points that can be improved with your effort.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 4

Step 4. Identify points for improvement

It's important to feel confident in your own skin (and nothing else), but that doesn't mean everything will be perfect. Give yourself goals to work on, helping you to stay focused on not only looking and feeling good, but making sure it stays that way.

  • Set small, simple goals that are easy to follow and that allow you to clearly see progress and success. This is even more important for physical goals, such as improving the shape or changing the hairstyle, as they are very visible.
  • You should also consider psychological goals, such as making the decision to focus on the positive aspects of your body. Something as simple as making a positive comment about your body every morning can lift your mood and boost confidence while you're out of clothes.

Method 2 of 3: Improving Your Appearance Without Clothes

Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 5

Step 1. Practice good hygiene

Constant personal care is one of the simplest ways to improve your overall appearance. It may take some effort to get used to a regular routine of good habits, but the reward will be worth it.

  • Shower regularly. Bathe frequently to ensure you are ridding your body and hair of any accumulation of dust, oils and sweat. Use soap and lukewarm water, rinse off all the suds before finishing, and towel dry for a perfect finish.
  • Get rid of the stench. In addition to keeping clean, especially in areas that accumulate sweat and impurities, such as underarms, deodorant or perfume. Subtle, mild, or fragrance-free deodorants are great for masking your body's less pleasant odors.
  • Complement this care with a perfume that subtly enhances your natural aromas. You only need small portions, without the need to coat yourself in a cloud of scent.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 6

Step 2. Take care of other parts of the body

Some of them need more specific care. Nails and teeth require a little more work, but they can do wonders in making you look good and feel good.

  • Regularly trim your fingernails and toenails. Doing it weekly should be enough to keep them from growing too large. Then sand them for a more perfect and better looking result without any sharp edges that could hit clothes or people.
  • Practice good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily. Also use a mouthwash to improve breath if desired. If you want to further improve the appearance of your teeth, consult a dentist to learn more about whitening and alignment treatments.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 7

Step 3. Take good care of your skin.

Clean, healthy skin is a very attractive quality. Know what skin type you have and find the best products to deal with any problems that arise.

  • Bathing regularly helps to remove impurities and grease responsible for blemishes and other skin imperfections. Remember to take care of the sweaty areas.
  • Protect yourself from the sun. It can easily damage your skin if you don't take care of yourself, and even if you don't end up with skin cancer, heat stroke is always painful and embarrassing. Avoid being in sunlight at peak times (10am to 2pm), wear full-body clothing and apply plenty of sunscreen.
  • For lighter skin, aim for fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors. This includes carrots, apricots, spinach, tomatoes and blueberries. Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel are excellent - and nuts and seeds will be a great addition to your diet.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 8

Step 4. Attack body acne.

Fight against the presence of impurities and pimples throughout the body and not just on the face. Bathing regularly to cleanse your body is a good form of prevention, as is making sure you do it after working out to get rid of all the sweat.

  • If you already suffer from body acne, use mild cleansers instead of the heavier astringents that are meant for the face.
  • Change and clean bedding regularly. When you roll over the bedclothes, you end up leaving a trail of impurities and dead cells. Regular cleaning helps prevent you from sleeping in your own dirt, keeping it away from your skin.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 9

Step 5. Maintain a healthy weight

Everyone has a different body, so your ideal weight will be in a range determined by your height, your health and your activity level. Talk to a doctor about a healthy weight in your circumstances.

  • Along with weight is the issue of fat or flaccidity in certain parts of the body. Identify those specific regions that make you uncomfortable. Create an exercise routine that focuses on them.
  • To help you manage your own weight, you need to be mindful of your caloric intake. If you are trying to lose weight, avoid an exaggerated reduction. You need energy to exercise and fulfill life's responsibilities. To lose weight, look for plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These options offer fewer calories and are healthier while still providing the energy needed to maintain your activity level.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 10

Step 6. Develop the musculature

Maintaining muscle tone and definition is not the only way to look good, but it certainly helps to improve your shape. If you want to build muscle, just exercise and eat a good diet.

  • Choose the areas you want to improve. Specific exercises can be performed to tone any part of the body. For the abdomen, do sit-ups or other intense core body workouts. To tone your arms, do push-ups, barbells and weight training. As with the weight loss plan, you should choose a workout routine that meets your goals. Just remember to always stretch before any exercise.
  • Your diet should include protein, which will help with muscle development. Meats like ground beef, chicken and eggs contain a good amount of protein. If you don't like meat too much, foods like almonds and cottage cheese are also high in protein.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 11

Step 7. Drink lots of water

Drink approximately 13 glasses of water each day. It helps keep your skin clean, prevents you from overdoing meals and keeps you hydrated during your workouts.

Method 3 of 3: Feeling Good With Your Loved One

Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 12

Step 1. Use confident body language

Without the clothes distracting or sending any particular message, the way you act is crucially important to feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. Even if you're not feeling confident, faking it can help deceive yourself and boost your confidence.

  • Maintain good body posture. Stand or sit to look taller. Keep your chin up and shoulders relaxed for a more confident posture. These are good tips when you're dressed, too, but even more vital when it's hard to hide behind your clothes.
  • He used to smile. A friendly face can project confidence in yourself, which will always make you more attractive to the other person.
  • Look ahead and maintain eye contact. This can create a strong connection with your loved one, and it even subconsciously causes them to look into your eyes instead of other parts of your body. If you're still nervous about being unclothed in someone else's company, it will help you to keep your gaze from straying too often.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 13

Step 2. Trim body hair

You may feel comfortable letting your body hair grow freely, but your loved one may have a different opinion. Long, unkempt hair can be unpleasant to look at, and someone else will probably enjoy touching it even less. Also, if you want to be touched, it is the skin (not the hair) that should be touched.

  • Armpit hair. This is an area of ​​the body commonly affected by sweat and trimming it can lower perspiration levels. It's best not to shave them off completely, but keep them trimmed and not let them grow wild.
  • Pectoral hair. If you are an athlete, this may be a region that should be kept reasonably smooth. Trim them slowly and use an electric trimmer to get rid of the debris. You could also use waxing wax. Otherwise, the electric trimmer is enough to help you maintain a very masculine appearance (if that's your goal).
  • Hair on the back is not usually considered very attractive. If you don't like having them, this is a good area of ​​the body to wax with due to the low level of pain. Also, it's difficult to trim an area that you can't see easily.
  • Pubic hair. As with the chest and armpits, it is unusual for a man to be completely flat in this region, unless he is an athlete looking for an aerodynamic advantage. Use an electric trimmer to keep the hair cut and under control. This lowers perspiration and odor levels and can make you look even larger.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 14

Step 3. Make the bedroom more comfortable

Comfort is not just about trust. A little effort in the environment will not only make you more comfortable without clothes, it will also improve the atmosphere of the place.

  • Bring to proper room temperature. There are several factors that go into determining the most comfortable temperature, often associated with personal preference. However, if you are unclothed, you may want the temperature to be a little higher than usual. Cooler temperatures reduce blood flow, causing certain parts of the body to shrink in search of heat and make them smaller.
  • Keep the lights a soft glow. If you and your loved one still aren't entirely comfortable being unclothed with each other, low light can help in some ways. This even creates a more romantic atmosphere, if that's your goal. If you feel particularly daring and aren't afraid to activate the fire alarm, light candles instead of light bulbs.
  • Deodorize the environment. You've focused on body odors, but you have to make sure the room doesn't have any unpleasant smells either. Keeping it clean and avoiding debris will always be a good way to minimize odors. A quick spray of perfume will suffice to cover any unusual odors, especially in case of short time.
Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 15

Step 4. Laugh

There will always be some insecurities while you are unclothed, something that is probably true for those in your company. Lighten the mood with a joke or try to see something fun in the situation. Laughing will make you both more comfortable - and laughing together helps form a more intense connection between you.

Look and Feel Good Naked (for Guys) Step 16

Step 5. Let your loved one touch you

This doesn't have to happen while you are unclothed. Feeling the touch of someone else's hands will remind you that you are not just the image you see in the mirror. Someone's touch helps you feel more attractive, like someone worth touching and feeling.

  • If you are in a relationship, let the other person touch you freely. This touch doesn't have to be erotic. Running a hand over his shoulders or hugging him already indicates that she finds him attractive.
  • If you're single or don't have someone who could touch you, getting a massage is a great way to find another pair of hands. Plus, you'll feel even more relaxed when you're done.


  • A simple personal care tip that many men ignore or avoid is using face and body lotions. Moisturizing your skin is one of the simplest ways to improve your overall appearance. Try different products to find the texture and aroma that suits you best.
  • If you are shaving with wax for the first time, count on the help of professionals for best results.
  • For an exercise routine, seek coaching from a personal trainer to help you achieve specific goals.
  • If you are on a diet, consult a nutritionist who can determine a healthy and effective plan that is compatible with your needs.


  • Don't push yourself too hard when dieting or exercising, which could lead to injury or health problems. Consult a physician before adopting a plan.
  • If negative feelings about your body lead to depression or even the intention to hurt yourself, talk to someone right away. Seek help from a trusted friend or family member, or get support from a professional.

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