How to Burn a Cone Incense: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Burn a Cone Incense: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Burn a Cone Incense: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Cone incense has a pleasant smell when burning and also produces a lot of smoke. To start burning your incense, place the cone in a heat-resistant container and light the tip of it to produce a flame. Once this tip glows orange, your incense is ready to use.


Method 1 of 2: Positioning and Lighting the Cone

Burn Cone Incense Step 1

Step 1. Find a heat resistant container that can accommodate the cone

Incense will produce a lot of heat, so it is important to find a container that is capable of containing the temperature, such as an ashtray or a ceramic vessel. Spread a layer of about 1 cm of sand on the bottom of the chosen container to help distribute the heat.

  • Cone incense usually comes with a metal disc that you can use as a base to burn it.
  • Any object that is heat resistant and can accommodate the cone is an appropriate container.
  • Make sure the container is away from anything flammable such as curtains, lamps or paper.

Step 2. Adjust the cone with the tip facing up

Once you have prepared the container of your choice, place the cone right in the center of it. The flat, widest part of the cone needs to be the base, with the tip facing up.

If you put sand in the pot of your choice, position the cone so that it is balanced and doesn't fall over

Step 3. Use a match or a candle to light the tip of the incense

You can choose to light a match carefully or use a lighter to light the top of the cone until there is a flame in the incense when you separate it from the match or lighter. You can also use an already lit candle to light this flame.

The flame does not need to be present for a long time - 5-10 seconds is enough

Step 4. Make sure the tip glows orange

When the flame disappears, the tip of the incense should continue to glow orange. If it is dark when the flame is gone, try lighting it again until it turns orange.

Step 5. Gently fan the cone to completely extinguish the flame

It is important that the flame is extinguished and replaced by the smoking orange tip so that you can smell it right. You can fan the cone using your hands or a piece of paper, or you can blow it lightly near the tip.

Burn Cone Incense Step 6

Step 6. Enjoy your incense for 20-30 minutes

Your incense will burn from the top to the base of the cone. It takes about 30 minutes to burn completely.

  • Keep in mind that cone incenses give off more smoke than other types of incense.
  • Your cone will go out on its own when it is fully consumed.

Method 2 of 2: Solutions to Problems with Your Cone Incense

Step 1. Blow the flame if it doesn't go out after 10 seconds

A cone incense with a burning flame gives off a stronger, less pleasant smell of smoke. If you light the cone and the flame doesn't go out after 10 seconds, blow it gently until the tip turns orange.

Step 2. Add more oxygen to the incense if the smoking tip goes out

If the orange tip of your cone goes out too quickly, it could be because it doesn't have enough oxygen. If your container has a lid, remove it so the incense gets more air.

When the cone has access to more oxygen, try lighting it again if necessary

Step 3. Dry the cone if it is new or oily

New cone incenses may be a little oilier than desired. Use a paper towel to gently dry the incense and remove any excess oil or moisture; thus, the cone will burn right.

Burn Cone Incense Step 10

Step 4. Keep your incense away from drafts or open windows

Your cone incense may not light because it is close to too much wind. Light it away from open windows or other sources of draft.

Make sure there are no open air vents near the incense


  • You can extinguish your incense by burying the tip in the sand.
  • You may have to put something under the incense container so it doesn't burn your table.
  • Store cone incense in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.


  • Avoid touching the cone while it is burning as it is likely to be quite hot.
  • Keep incense out of reach of children and animals while it burns.

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