3 Ways to Fold a Blanket

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3 Ways to Fold a Blanket
3 Ways to Fold a Blanket

There are several ways to fold blankets for storage or as part of the decoration. If you're going to keep them, you can fold them in half several times to lower the volume, and if they're going to be left exposed, use your creativity to create different looks. Once you get the hang of it, folding blankets is easy!


Method 1 of 3: Folding Blankets for Storage

Fold a Blanket Step 1

Step 1. Unfold the entire blanket and place it on a flat surface

It's easier to fold the blanket if it's stretched out all the way. Grasp one of the smaller sides of the blanket with your hands and lay it flat on the floor.

That way it's easy to pick up the ends to fold

Step 2. Fold the blanket in half

Take two ends with your hands and join them with the other two ends that were left on the floor to make the first fold.

If the blanket is rectangular, fold it in half horizontally

Step 3. Use your hands to smooth out any creases or wrinkles in the blanket

As you fold, run your hands through the fabric in the middle outwards to smooth and remove any creased or wrinkled parts.

The blanket will be straight and smooth after removing the creases

Step 4. Fold in half vertically

Take one of the smaller sides of the blanket and bring it to the other.

Smooth again after folding

Step 5. Store as is or fold more to make blanket smaller

If you want to reduce the volume of the blanket for storage, continue folding it in half until the size is as you prefer.

Don't fold too much or the blanket will be too bulky and won't be able to stay folded

Method 2 of 3: Folding a blanket to expose

Step 1. Fold the blanket in threes so it's neatly lined up

Bring one side halfway and then fold the other side over to make the blanket neat and nice on the bed or sofa.

You can also hold both ends and shake the blanket so it stays straight

Step 2. Fold the blanket in half once if you want to display it

Hold the blanket by the edges on one side and bring it to the other side. If it's rectangular, fold it in half horizontally to expose it.

This is great for placing the blanket behind the sofa or at the end of the bed

Step 3. Place the blanket on top of the sofa, armchair or bed

After folding the blanket in half or in three, hold it by the edges (so you don't undo the fold) and place it on the back of the sofa or at the foot of the bed, for example.

  • You can place the folded blanket at the foot of the bed like a table runner or place it in a corner of the sofa.
  • The blanket can also be placed on the back of an armchair.

Step 4. Run your hands through the blanket to undo small folds and smooth the fabric

After putting the blanket in place, smooth the fabric surface with your hands. Leaving parts of the fabric wrinkled does away with the tidy look and gives the impression that the area is messy.

Decorative blankets add more coziness to any environment

Method 3 of 3: Wrapping the Blanket

Step 1. Stretch the blanket on the floor

Hold both ends of the blanket and shake it so it opens all the way. Place it on the floor and stretch the edges.

This helps to fold without leaving any parts of the fabric wrinkled

Step 2. Fold 12 inches from the edge of the blanket under the rest of the fabric

Take the corners of the fabric about a foot from one of the smaller edges and lift to fold that part down.

This is a “pocket” that will secure the blanket after you roll it up

Step 3. Fold the blanket into three equal parts

After making the "pocket", divide the blanket into three parts, bring one of them halfway and place the other part on top. This leaves the blanket folded in three and makes it easier to roll it up straight.

Step 4. Place 30 cm of blanket on top of the rest of the fabric

Throw a foot or so of fabric on top of the rest to help roll up the blanket.

The measurement doesn't have to be exact, as it only serves to help roll up the fabric so that it looks neat and beautiful

Step 5. Wrap the blanket securely, starting from the side with the folded edge facing up

Once you've made the fold, wrap the edge of the blanket over the rest, holding it firmly. Continue rolling the rest, squeezing tightly. Use your hands as a guide to keep the blanket secure as you roll it up and follow it to the end.

If you are having difficulty keeping the roll steady, unroll and do it again. You need to roll it up tightly to be able to put it in the “pocket” later

Fold a Blanket Step 15

Step 6. Hold the blanket in your hands to keep it tightly wrapped

Once you've finished winding, don't let go of the fabric! Keep holding the blanket so it doesn't unwrap.

  • Alternatively, place your knee on top of the rolled-up blanket to free your hands.
  • If someone is around, have a friend hold the blanket for you.

Step 7. Fold the “pocket” over the rest of the blanket to keep it curled

Bring one end of the “pocket” you made at the beginning to the back, snap onto the roll of fabric and do the same with the other. The blanket will go into the “pocket” easily with a little force.

  • Be careful when doing this so as not to undo the roll.
  • The blanket is now compact and securely fastened! You can keep it at home or put it in your suitcase for travel.


  • Have someone help you fold the blanket. The person can hold the ends on one side while you hold the other to join in the middle.
  • If the blanket doesn't line up right away, no problem! Stretch it out and try again. Folding blankets to perfection takes a little practice.

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