How to Become a Famous Singer (with Pictures)

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How to Become a Famous Singer (with Pictures)
How to Become a Famous Singer (with Pictures)

If your voice is good, how about trying to use it to achieve fame and success? Before you start, understand that it takes more than just a good gogo: you need to have a good stage presence and learn to perform well through lots of rehearsals and experiences. You can't tell if the process will bear fruit, but try to follow the steps in this article to get closer to profiting from your talent.


Part 1 of 4: Developing Your Talent

Become a Famous Singer Step 1

Step 1. Rehearse non-stop

Sing all the time to exercise and improve your voice. Rehearse a variety of songs, with different tones and lengths, to improve yourself even more.

Sing in your bedroom, bathroom, car and with friends

Become a Famous Singer Step 2

Step 2. Take online or private singing lessons to improve your voice

Having a good teacher is one of the basic strategies to improve your talent, even if you are already a good singer naturally. With the classes, you can learn to better control your own voice, in addition to:

  • Use correct breathing techniques.
  • Do not get out of tune during presentations.
  • Articulate each word well.
  • Access a wider vocal range in various situations.
  • Become more confident.
Become a Famous Singer Step 3

Step 3. Develop your own style from your unique talent

Try to find out what makes you different from other people. To do this, experiment until you find your voice.

  • If you can switch between alto and soprano, use this ability to show your vocal range.
  • If you have a husky voice, maybe you can get along with the soul genre.
  • Playing an instrument (guitar or piano, for example) is also a great advantage.
Become a Famous Singer Step 4

Step 4. Sing on a stage to get used to people's presence

When you're a little used to your own voice, show your talent to people you don't know. It is usually much easier to sing alone or for close friends and relatives. Singing to strangers takes a lot more courage!

Sing karaoke or try to participate in local choirs. These opportunities are not “risky” because they involve few people (usually known), but they are a good kick-start

Become a Famous Singer Step 5

Step 5. Sing in places that are outside your comfort zone

Once you get used to singing on stages (small or medium), try doing something different, like performing with a local band or at a bar or restaurant. Any different opportunity already breaks a branch.

  • You might not get paid when you're starting out, but people can even tip and some change if they like. If so, great!
  • Every performance and song is unique. Look for opportunities to experiment with many different factors and make a good impression in any circumstance.
  • Do not be shy. Slap your face and go after the people you want to work with. For example, ask a local band for permission to participate in the rehearsal or call on your acquaintances for opportunities.
  • With these experiences, you will also better understand what kind of performance you want to do - like singing in a group or in a band, rather than alone, for example.
Become a Famous Singer Step 6

Step 6. Always have a specific song up your sleeve

Always be prepared. If you suddenly have to sing somewhere or the instruments and background music don't play, the responsibility will fall on your shoulders. Have some songs on your tongue.

  • Choose songs that are popular and not beyond your vocal range.
  • As you gain more experience, expand this list to have even more songs to sing.
Become a Famous Singer Step 7

Step 7. Sing several covers of famous songs

Many singers don't compose their own songs - it's common. Especially at the beginning, it's normal to want people to pay more attention to the quality of the voice, not the songwriting. Create a setlist of 10-15 covers that you know well and can sing along without difficulty.

  • Choose a mix of new and older songs.
  • Change the key, rhythm or instrumental part of a familiar song to make the cover even better. For example: listen to different versions of Roberto Carlos' songs, such as “Como Vai Você” or “Nossa Canção”.
  • Don't worry about royalties on live cover performances. This is only important for those who record their own versions of songs that are already famous in the studio and distribute them.

Part 2 of 4: Seeking More Opportunities

Become a Famous Singer Step 8

Step 1. Set simple, achievable goals for yourself

Think of specific, realistic goals - and a timeframe for achieving them. It's not enough to say “I want to be a famous singer someday”. Think in terms of “I want to do an open show later this year” and then take it one step at a time to get there.

Become a Famous Singer Step 9

Step 2. Search for places (bars, restaurants, etc.)

) who pay for singer performances. These fees may not be that high, but they do help validate your potential. Do some cheap or free shows to open the door to financially better opportunities.

Look for opportunities in restaurants, bars, weddings, as backing vocals for other singers and groups, in theater shows or even talent competitions

Become a Famous Singer Step 10

Step 3. Start composing your own songs to gain more credibility

Who composes and sings is much more recognized in the industry. However, if this isn't your thing, don't worry: many singers have songwriting teams. Ideally, you should present original content, not just summers.

If you prefer to sing other people's compositions, decide whether to give them credit or use them as “ghost writers”. In general, fans prefer their idols to be honest

Become a Famous Singer Step 11

Step 4. Interact with other music professionals to get more opportunities

Network in person and online to meet more people in the industry. Many singers and other professionals have already been in your shoes and may have interesting experiences and advice. Just ask.

  • The more people you meet, the more opportunities you'll have - even more so if it all happens face to face.
  • If you want to meet a specific person, praise them: “You are a great artist! He always looks so calm and peaceful on stage… How do you do it?”.
Become a Famous Singer Step 12

Step 5. Interact with the local music scene

Spend as much time as possible in places frequented by successful musicians and producers: go to cultural centers, theaters, festivals, etc. - even if it is not yet known.

Try traveling to cities where it's easier to be successful with music, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the like

Become a Famous Singer Step 13

Step 6. Hire an entrepreneur who can manage your career

As you enter the music industry (even more if you have other responsibilities, such as other jobs, studies, family and the like), it will be difficult to reconcile everything. Look for a good entrepreneur who organizes your life and spreads your talent.

  • The entrepreneur has various responsibilities and functions, such as getting shows and events, managing money and making plans for the future.
  • Many entrepreneurs work on commission, but you can save early on in your career: just ask a friend or close relative to help take care of this part for a while.
  • The most important thing is to find an entrepreneur who gets along with you and who is trustworthy, personable, and competent.

Part 3 of 4: Publicizing Your Work

Become a Famous Singer Step 14

Step 1. Create a strong social media presence

The more platforms you use, the greater your exposure – and the more people will know about your work. Create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

  • Create professional accounts (on Facebook and the like), even if you already have personal profiles.
  • If you like to write, also create a blog to give your future fans more details about your journey.
Become a Famous Singer Step 15

Step 2. Create a YouTube channel and post videos regularly

YouTube has more than a billion hits per month. Therefore, having your own channel is essential to reach more people from all over the world.

Once you've created the channel, share it with family and friends and on social media. Ask everyone to post their work on their own profiles

Become a Famous Singer Step 16

Step 3. Make a “demo tape” to promote your work in the local market

Go to a professional studio or set one up at home to record some cool music. Then put everything on a CD, flash drive or virtual playlist.

Deliver the “tape” to local DJs, radio stations, studios and record labels

Become a Famous Singer Step 17

Step 4. Share your music on a virtual distribution platform

You will be able to reach people from all over the world if you share your work over the internet. Sometimes you can even profit from it!

  • You can also use free platforms like SoundCloud to kick-start your career.
  • Every company operates in a different way. So, do a lot of research to find out which option is best for you.
Become a Famous Singer Step 18

Step 5. Make and distribute business cards

A business card looks much more professional than simply swiping your phone number. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the person will remember their cell phone later. A good card should contain your contact information and some professional details.

You can create your own business card at home or go to a local print shop

Part 4 of 4: Dealing With Setbacks

Become a Famous Singer Step 19

Step 1. Learn to handle negative criticism and stay focused

Ignore people who say bad things about you. Don't dwell on these criticisms, as they don't do your career any good. A lot of people have difficulty with this sort of thing, but it's better to learn to deal with rejection, negative comments and the like.

Even artists like Anitta and Luan Santana have their critics, but that doesn't change the fact that they're famous and successful

Become a Famous Singer Step 20

Step 2. Accept constructive criticism to improve

Constructive criticism is one that mixes positive and negative feedback. For example, someone might say that you need to improve in a specific field, but also praise another part of your work.

  • This positive feedback usually comes from other singers, singing teachers and other professionals in the industry.
  • Remember that sometimes friends and family are too kind to give really valid criticism. It's no use not hearing the truth - that way you'll never get better.
Become a Famous Singer Step 21

Step 3. Don't give up on every rejection

Getting rejected will likely be one of the biggest obstacles on your journey. The music industry is very competitive, and there isn't room for everyone - it's the nature of the business. Don't let this get you down: be patient and persistent.

If you are rejected for a show or during an audition, ask why. Maybe it has nothing to do with your talent, but with the producers (who might want someone with specific characteristics, for example)

Become a Famous Singer Step 22

Step 4. Implement the feedback received to the profession

Understanding why you were not accepted is only part of the process. The next thing to do is reflect on this feedback and take some steps to put it into practice and improve professionally.

If someone says they didn't sing loud enough, sing louder in rehearsals to improve their voice; if they say you don't have a good stage presence, work on your facial expressions and try to incorporate more movements or instruments into your performances - and so on


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