How to Pretend You're Crying: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Pretend You're Crying: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Pretend You're Crying: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Knowing how to cry on purpose can be very useful, whether to act in a scene or to get someone's attention. Crying empathizes people and makes it easier for them to believe what you are saying. Using tears to manipulate others is not cool, nor is it recommended, but if you want to cry at strategic times, use your emotions to your advantage. If you need to, use something artificial to bring tears to the surface.


Method 1 of 2: Using Your Emotions

Fake Cry Step 1

Step 1. Think of a real or imagined situation

It might be a time when you were feeling really sad; try to feel that sadness again. If you can't go back to a real moment in your life, or if reliving it is too much for you, think of something that would really make you sensitive, or a scene from a movie that brought tears to your eyes.

  • Some real examples would be the death of a pet or a close person; a memory of a loved one who has already departed or a breakup that has shaken you.
  • Think of a situation that has to do with your character if you are trying to cry for a theater or movie performance.
  • Instead of struggling to cry, try to focus on your feelings. Thinking “I need to be able to cry” will make your mind focus on the outcome, rather than achieving the necessary feeling. Focus on your body, your breathing and facial expressions.
Fake Cry Step 2

Step 2. Widen your eyes

Keeping your eyes open will dry them out, causing them to produce tears. To achieve this, pretend you're playing “whoever blinks first loses” and let them go wide; if the tears don't come and you really want to blink, hold them with your fingers.

  • Fan your eyes with your hands to make them dry faster and produce those precious tears.
  • An alternative is to keep them half closed (so that tears come out in the corners).
  • Don't let anything potentially harmful get into your eyes while holding them open. It's best to train indoors so the wind doesn't bring motes to them.
Fake Cry Step 3

Step 3. Breathe shallowly

When we cry, we sob because our breathing becomes shallow and sometimes we even hyperventilate. This is all a result of stress; with that in mind, try to produce this physical stress by breathing quickly. In addition to producing tears, this will contribute to the veracity of your tears.

  • As soon as you want to calm down, start breathing deeply.
  • Be aware that hyperventilating deprives the blood of healthy amounts of oxygen. Use this technique sparingly.
Fake Cry Step 4

Step 4. Make a crying facial expression

Think about what your face looks like when you actually cry and try to imitate that expression; purse your lips and frown in front of a mirror, see if you're exaggerating or if you look like you're acting.

Watch your favorite movies that have crying scenes, see how actors act when they're about to scream, and try to imitate them

Fake Cry Step 5

Step 5. Mix these techniques and let the tears flow

Always practice in front of a mirror and try to cry for real; if you don't get it right away, don't give up. Keep trying until you produce some tears.

Method 2 of 2: Using Products to Stimulate Cry

Fake Cry Step 6

Step 1. Drop eye drops in the corners of the eyes to make it easier

Buy an eye drop to lubricate them and drop it into the inner corners just before the time when you should burst into tears.

What makes eye drops a good idea is that the tears roll down her cheeks, leaving that dramatic water trail. Use wisely

Fake Cry Step 7

Step 2. Rub Vaseline under your eyes and on your cheekbones just below, so they look wet from crying, like crying that lasted for days

Vaseline should not get in your eyes, or you will have a real reason to cry. If it happens accidentally, wash them with plenty of water

Fake Cry Step 8

Step 3. Rub a little something minty near your eyes

Buy camphor ointment or use a Japanese crystal, sold at stores like Americanas, or online. Swipe a little under your eyes with your fingers or a cotton swab, but gently; Menthol has chemical compounds that irritate the mucous membranes, which is exactly what will produce tears. Your eyes will have all the signs of crying, swollen and reddened.

  • Camphor ointments can be purchased at any pharmacy.
  • Irritation caused by Japanese crystal can be severe. Flush eyes with plenty of water if they come in contact with the product.
Fake Cry Step 9

Step 4. Open your eyes wide and ask someone to blow your eyes

A good blow on each can create tears naturally. If necessary, hold the eyelids with your fingers.

Japanese crystal can also be purchased at cosmetic stores and is great for making you cry


  • Stay hydrated. It's much harder to have tears to cry if you don't have enough water in your body.
  • Listen to sad songs to get in the mood.


  • Be careful not to let menthol-based products come into contact with your eyes as damage can be permanent.
  • Don't cry to manipulate people you care about. If they find out you were faking it, you'll lose their trust.

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