How to Make Celebrity Imitations (with Pictures)

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How to Make Celebrity Imitations (with Pictures)
How to Make Celebrity Imitations (with Pictures)

Imitating famous people is a cool trick for fun times, and some people even make it their profession. If you want to try something like that, you need to pay attention to gestures, grimaces and facial expressions, not just the celebrity's voice and accent. Finally, learn to pick the best candidates for these imitations and start rehearsing regularly; soon, he'll be able to get laughs from his friends.


Part 1 of 3: Choosing someone to imitate

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Step 1. Choose a person you know well

It's harder to imitate little-known artists. Think of someone whose movies or music you've seen or listened to many times. If necessary, look for more information: see their productions, watch interviews and read as much as possible.

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Step 2. Choose a celebrity with a strong voice or accent

It is very easy to imitate someone who has a specific way of speaking. As important as the physical side of imitation is also important, vocal imitation can mean the difference between success and failure. See some Brazilian examples:

  • Faust Silva.
  • Roberto Carlos.
  • Hebe Camargo.
  • Silvio Santos.
  • William Bonner.
  • Sandra Annenberg.
  • Susana Vieira.
  • Clodovil Hernandes.
  • Sonia Abram.
  • Fernanda Montenegro.
  • Lazarus Ramos.
  • Jo Soares.
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Step 3. Choose a celebrity who looks like you physically

To make a convincing imitation, think of someone who has a similar physical appearance to you. Comedian Dani Calabresa, for example, does a great imitation of actress Susana Vieira because, despite the difference in age, both are similar.

If you prefer, you can also perfect your impersonation of a celebrity who is physically very different. It's hilarious to see a skinny guy imitating journalist Jô Soares, for example

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Step 4. Imitate the celebrity from her "point of view"

The goal of every copycat is not to create a perfect version of the celebrity, but rather to capture the "spirit" of that person. Watch movies, presentations and interviews about this individual and pay attention to their emotions, their gestures when speaking, their facial expressions, gestures and opinions about the world.

Sílvio Santos is known for his "tiozão" manner. Incorporate this feature into your imitation

Part 2 of 3: Studying a person's grimaces and speech

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Step 1. Make a list of the celebrity's idiosyncrasies

When you watch or listen to the person who is going to imitate, keep writing down the things they say, their gestures and gestures and their facial expressions. Use multiple adjectives. At this stage, you will begin to create the imitation, describing the "honored" in words and translating their presence in your own voice. Use this list to start preparing your final presentation little by little.

For example: singer Roberto Carlos always leans towards the microphone when he is going to speak and sing, in addition to holding the hem of his jacket with one hand

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Step 2. Imitate the person's unique traits

To imitate well the TV presenter and former federal deputy Clodovil Hernandes, speak with a sarcastic and paused tone; to imitate the presenter Luciano Huck, speak with a strong São Paulo accent, etc. A good imitation involves physical and vocal traits, which together refer to a specific person. Start by improving these features.

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Step 3. Speak typical celebrity phrases

Famous people often have a few catchphrases that they use all the time. A good imitation of presenter Hebe Camargo needs to include the classic "little thing". Even if you don't look like her physically (and you're not even a woman, in this case), start with one sentence or phrase at a time.

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Step 4. Pay attention to the sound of your voice

People can have a nasal voice (high pitched) or deeper and more resonant. Watch the celebrity's way of speaking and rehearse these speeches in different "places" (in the head, which gets higher, and in the chest, which gets deeper) to understand how you can match it to your own tone.

  • Fausto Silva's voice, Faustão, is low and high.
  • The voice of the presenter Eliana is high and soft.
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Step 5. Think about the way the person speaks

Some speak faster, while others are quite slow. Pay attention to how the celebrity you want to imitate expresses herself: tense, relaxed, a compromise, etc.

For example: comedian Tatá Werneck speaks very fast

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Step 6. Rehearse your accents

If you want to imitate a celebrity from Bahia, like Ivete Sangalo, perfect your accent before trying. The same goes for people who are from other parts of Brazil and the world.

As you become more familiar with these general accents, start specializing in a few. In Brazil alone, each state has its own accents, with some changing more drastically compared to others. By doing this study, you will specialize more in specific people

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Step 7. Work on one physical and vocal trait at a time

Trying to capture the essence of the person at once can be difficult. The best thing to do is to combine all types of traits.

  • For example: start with the screams and way of moving of the presenter Raul Gil.
  • If you prefer, rehearse Dani Calabresa's yellow smile and then imitate her way of speaking.

Part 3 of 3: Rehearsing imitation

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Step 1. Record your imitation

Our voice always sounds different when we speak and when we listen. Record your essay with your cell phone to get an idea of ​​what your imitation looks like.

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Step 2. Rehearse in front of the mirror

Many famous artists start that way. Use a mirror to see how you look when you're imitating someone, and adjust your facial expressions as needed.

If you want to imitate someone like William Bonner, don't express too much emotion on your face. Speak in a monotone in front of the mirror and concentrate on looking serious and collected

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Step 3. Read a book or magazine aloud

It's hard to imagine what to say in someone else's voice. That way, you can draw inspiration from the things you read. Vary the pace and emotion in your expressions as well as your voice ranges.

It can also help you figure out what kinds of words or phrases work and don't work with your voice. That way, you'll be able to improve your imitation

From Impressions of Famous People Step 15

Step 4. Repeat what you hear on the radio

When driving, turn on the radio and repeat what's on in the voice of the celebrity you want to imitate, especially if it's a singer. Interpreting a song by singer Anitta with the voice of Roberto Carlos, for example, can be hilarious.

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Step 5. Keep improving

Just like playing an instrument, a good imitation takes practice. Don't let yourself get rusty. Even if you think you already have the technique, rehearse it from time to time so you don't lose the habit. At these times, add more dimensions to the exercise. Many comedians and professional actors have perfected their techniques over the years.


  • Try to imagine yourself as the person you want to imitate. That way, it will be easier to reproduce her gestures and behaviors.
  • When starting, choose people who are very famous.
  • If you don't have the right voice for a particular imitation, copy the person's body language to compensate.
  • If someone's voice is too different from yours, switch celebrities. Don't waste your vocal chords trying to adjust, or you can suffer irreparable damage.
  • Think of a phrase that the person you want to imitate always says; memorize it and improve.


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