4 Ways to Enable Cookies on Safari

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4 Ways to Enable Cookies on Safari
4 Ways to Enable Cookies on Safari

When you visit a website, there is a good chance that it will save your browsing patterns on your device. This information is stored through “cookies”, which personalize the data according to the subjects you read the most or the products you visit most frequently. Over time, cookies have acquired a bad reputation, but in fact, they can help you find exactly what you're looking for when they're turned on. Anyone who owns a Mac or an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) can enable them by following the guidelines below.


Method 1 of 4: Understanding Cookies

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Step 1. What are cookies?

When a user accesses a website for the first time, the computer downloads a "cookie". On all returns from that person to that address, the system will automatically detect the relevant stored information; from there, it will be able to display more pertinent content according to your preferences and with less loading time.

For example, a website might save your searches to show you what you're looking for

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Step 2. What are “first-party” cookies?

They represent cookies that are transferred directly from the website you have accessed; they are the ones that define the content to be displayed according to what is most consulted by the user.

  • Sometimes the website will not work if these cookies are disabled as it needs to know “who you are” and what you are looking for at that address.
  • If you can specify that you'll only allow cookies from websites you visit, just enable “first-party” ones.
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Step 3. What are “third-party” (or third-party) cookies?

This information is downloaded from other websites (which were not directly accessed). In most cases, they collect data and pass it on to advertisers so that they offer a product that is more likely to interest you.

  • These cookies are the most “dangerous”, as they can provide private information to people who only want to sell products.
  • By enabling all cookies, both “first-party” and “third-party” cookies will be allowed, unless you can specify which ones can be placed on your computer.
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Step 4. How do I know if cookies are already enabled?

Unless you've already tweaked your device's settings, chances are they're already enabled for Safari. Previously, there was a website that offered the possibility to analyze browser cookies. However, it has been disabled and there is only one free API that can be downloaded.

  • On this site, find the column “Basic – Free” (Basic – Free). At the end of it, select “Sign up – Basic”.
  • On the next screen, fill in the following fields: “Create username”, “Contact Name”, “Email address”, “Set password”, “Confirm password”, “Country” and “Company Name”. If the software is for personal use, just provide the name. Other information is optional. When finished, click on the blue “Sign up to the API” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will receive a confirmation email. Confirm your account and login to the site to receive the API key (“key”).
  • Remember the API will be in English.

Method 2 of 4: Managing Cookies in Safari for Mac (Desktop)

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Step 1. Open Safari

Click on the browser logo, which is represented by a blue compass, in the Mac's Dock.

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Step 2. Click Safari

This item will be in the upper left corner of the screen and will open a dropdown menu.

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Step 3. Select Preferences…, one of the first from the drop-down menu

You will be taken to the browser's “Preferences” menu.

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Step 4. Click on the Privacy tab at the top of the “Preferences” menu

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Step 5. Uncheck the “Block All Cookies” option in the “Cookies and Website Data” section

All cookies will be accepted when browsing using Safari.

If you prefer, you can check an option that imposes more restrictions, such as “Allow cookies from websites I visit”, to reduce the amount of third-party cookies on your Mac

Method 3 of 4: Managing Cookies in Safari for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

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Step 1. Access the “Settings” app from your iOS device

The icon is of a set of gears on a gray background.


The process for enabling cookies is the same on all iOS devices, but screens may differ slightly depending on the version and device in question

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Step 2. Scroll down the screen and tap Safari

The option will be just halfway down the “Adjustments” page.

Type "Safari" into the search field at the top of the page if you don't find it

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Step 3. Tap the green “Block All Cookies” button


It will be in the "Privacy and Security" section, and it will be blank


, signaling that Safari, from that moment on, will allow cookies.

If this button is already white, the iOS device's Safari already accepts cookies

Method 4 of 4: Troubleshooting Cookies

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Step 1. Exit a private window if cookies are not working

If you notice that after enabling cookies, their basic functions do not work, it may be because a private window has been opened (ie it prevents websites from accessing your data). To exit it, click on Safari > General and on “A new window”, which should give permission for the transmission of cookies to the computer.

You might not even notice that you have private browsing turned on if Safari is set to automatically open in that mode

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Step 2. Use another browser when suffering from constant problems

Access the internet through another browser if you have already tried to enable cookies, but they are still not placed. The best options are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Experiment with browsers until you find one you like best

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Step 3. If necessary, disable cookies

If, at any point, you feel that you are no longer comfortable with letting them download to your computer or mobile device, just follow the same steps you used earlier and disable them. Choose “Block all cookies” so that none of them are saved, or just “first-party” ones by enabling “Allow cookies from sites I visit”.

If you suspect that your personal information is being misused by advertisers or social networks, please turn off the use of cookies


  • By enabling cookies, you will be able to view and have access to a greater number of websites that require these same cookies; thus, they will work faster and display all your content correctly.
  • Despite their bad reputation, there is essentially nothing malicious about cookies.


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