3 Ways to Chat with a Boy Online

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3 Ways to Chat with a Boy Online
3 Ways to Chat with a Boy Online

Want to chat with a guy on the internet? We know it can be a little difficult to keep the conversation going, but don't worry: ask him a few questions so he can talk a little about himself and find common interests with him to begin with. Soon you will be having a good chat!


Method 1 of 3: Making the Talk Roll

Chat with a Guy Online Step 1

Step 1. Ask a quick and fun question to stand out from the crowd

Instead of a simple "hi," make the conversation flow right away. Ask him for his favorite type of coffee or ask him to choose between two classic options. A basic question can help you differentiate yourself from other women.

For example: "Hi, what's your preference: Star Trek or Star Wars?" or "This is your last meal on Earth, which do you choose: steak or lobster?"

Chat with a Guy Online Step 2

Step 2. Make a fun comment about his profile to start the conversation in a funny way

Don't be mean, just make some shrewd observation to create an instant connection - that is, if the guy knows how to take the jokes in stride. If he doesn't take it all in stride, he'd better find another guy anyway.

For example: "I like your shorts, very short. Are you demure and homey?" or "Did you borrow this baby just to attract the ladies on Tinder?"

Chat with a Guy Online Step 3

Step 3. Ask for an opinion or recommendation to create a quick connection

This is a different way of asking someone for a favor, which makes them like you, and praising them, since you are giving importance to their opinion. Base the question on the guy's profile and ask for specific recommendations. Then try using his answer to get on with the conversation.

For example, if he listed on his profile that he likes heavy metal, you could say: "Do you like metal then? Can you recommend a good band? I've always been interested, but I never knew where to start…". If his profile isn't very specific, try saying something like "I'm new in town. Can you recommend a good Italian restaurant?"

Chat with a Guy Online Step 4

Step 4. Point out something on the guy's profile that catches his interest

By being specific, you show that you've read his profile and want to get to know him better, as well as making it clear that you're willing to have a deeper conversation.

For example: "I saw you work at ABC Collectibles. What are you doing there?" or "On your profile it says that you like music… What is your favorite band? Do you play any instruments?"

Chat with a Guy Online Step 5

Step 5. Praise the guy

Pick something from his profile, whether it's a cute smile or an interesting phrase, and praise him to show you're interested and give his ego a boost.

You could say: "Your smile is very beautiful!", "Are you a teacher? How awesome!" or "Love your profile, you have a talent for words."

Chat with a Guy Online Step 6

Step 6. Wait for an answer so you don't look anxious

If you submit five questions in a row, you'll look a little nervous. The idea is to look interested, but not a stalker. Ask a question in a message or two, and if he doesn't respond, move on.

Method 2 of 3: Keeping the Guy Interested

Chat with a Guy Online Step 7

Step 1. Ask questions about him to keep him talking

Everyone loves to talk about themselves, so the guy will feel comfortable in your presence. Start with a simple question about his work or hobbies and then ask related questions to keep the conversation flowing.

For example: "What do you do for a living?" or "What do you like to do for fun?"

Chat with a Guy Online Step 8

Step 2. Ask fun questions to get to know the guy's personality

As interesting as the questions about life and hobbies are, it's possible to make the guy open up a little more. Also, by asking fun questions, he'll want to keep talking to you.

For example: "What movie did you see most in your life?", "What was your favorite cartoon as a child?" and "If I could take an object to a desert island, what would it be?"

Chat with a Guy Online Step 9

Step 3. Answer his questions openly and honestly

It's tempting to pay timidly and indirectly on the internet, but if you want to form a connection, you need to be more direct. The guy wants to get to know you better, so talk more about yourself.

  • Don't be monosyllabic in your answers. Instead of a simple "Yes!" when he asks if you like watching movies, say, "I love movies! I love comedies and action movies, and I usually go to the movies once or twice a year, but I also watch some on Netflix."
  • Obviously, be smart and don't give the guy your full name or address without thinking twice.
Chat with a Guy Online Step 10

Step 4. After a couple of weeks, try to meet in person

Don't invest a lot of time online before meeting the person, as the internet barrier doesn't let us know each other so well. It's very difficult to assess chemistry and compatibility through virtual conversations, so try to find the real guy.

For example, say, "Things are flowing well between us. Would you like some coffee some day?"

Method 3 of 3: Getting a Guy's Attention Over the Internet

Chat with a Guy Online Step 11

Step 1. Choose a website or app with activities according to your interests

Dating services can be quite generic, but they can also focus on specific interests and characteristics, such as religion or profession. If you are going to use one of these services, choose one with a lot of people as this increases your chances of finding someone. Then filter according to those that match your personality, desired relationship style, or interests.

This increases your chances of finding someone who fits your lifestyle

Chat with a Guy Online Step 12

Step 2. Choose a profile photo that highlights your best features

You obviously don't want a photo that isn't a good representation of who you are these days. For example, don't put a picture from ten years ago in which you are completely different. Likewise, a recent photo is of no use if it is of poor quality. Choose one that represents your appearance and personality well.

If you don't have a good photo, ask a friend to take it

Chat with a Guy Online Step 13

Step 3. Write a brief, to-the-point profile

If your profile has a lot of text, the guys are likely to go through it before you finish reading. Still, it's important to include enough information so that people get an idea of ​​who you are as a person. Add interesting points to your profile, such as professional information and hobbies.

By being brief, you create an opening for them to ask more about you

Chat with a Guy Online Step 14

Step 4. Be selective about who you talk to

You don't have to talk to every guy who texts you. Look at their profiles and look for the ones that interest you the most. Answer them and the chances of you having good conversations are high.

  • You can also look at profiles and look for guys who haven't sent messages.
  • Still, it's important not to be too selective. We have so many options on the internet that it's tempting to dump someone because that person doesn't meet all your requirements. Remember, however, that no one is perfect and you can dump a nice guy just because you don't like some small trait in him.


  • Think of ways to talk to him before starting the conversation. Entering the conversation without topics can cause awkward silences, killing your chances before it even starts.
  • Be yourself! The guys really want to get to know you, so don't pretend to be someone you're not.


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