How to Become a Psychic: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Become a Psychic: 15 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Become a Psychic: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Clairvoyance is the ability to "see the future"; real clairvoyance does not require crystal balls and divination rituals, however many people think so. Before developing your clairvoyance, practice a lot to strengthen your natural intuitive abilities. When they are finely tuned, exercise your mind's ability to explore sights, sounds, feelings, and the flow of energy around you. Read on to learn more about the scrying process.


Part 1 of 4: Practicing Exercises to Develop Intuition and Awareness

Become Clairvoyant Step 1

Step 1. Train direct intuition

Also known as literal intuition, this is a skill cultivated when asking what you think of a situation.

  • Be comfortable. Sit in a quiet environment and concentrate on your breathing until your body relaxes well.
  • Find a situation where you would like to apply introspection and focus on it for a few minutes.
  • Ask yourself if you can think of any direct intuition about the situation.
  • Stop. You may need to repeat the above steps a few times before you have any insight into the subject; by focusing your energies on a specific situation, you increase your chances of capturing information about it.
Become Clairvoyant Step 2

Step 2. Train indirect intuition

Also known as symbolic intuition, it is a natural ability to absorb important information through the ability to see and interpret mental symbols.

  • Get a pencil and paper.
  • Ask yourself, "What do I need in my life right now?" Repeat the question three times, pausing between each question and imagining yourself moving toward a more meaningful answer with each pause.
  • After the three questions, take the pencil and draw the first symbol that comes to mind.
  • Interpret the symbol. Find out what it means to your prospect and how that concept affects your life.
Become Clairvoyant Step 3

Step 3. Pay attention to your dreams.

The human mind enters the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep after 90 minutes and that's where we dream. Dreams can be a powerful tool on the journey of interpreting external stimuli that the subconscious mind analyzes on its own.

  • Before going to bed, place a notepad and pen beside the bed. Ask yourself a question or focus on a specific situation that you need an intuitive answer to. Repeat the question as many times as you can before bed.
  • When you wake up, write about what you dreamed about. If you haven't dreamed of anything, write or draw anything that comes to mind.
  • Repeat as many days as necessary until you get an answer to the question or situation.
Become Clairvoyant Step 4

Step 4. Try reading blindly

The technique uses a system of cards to focus the body's energy and answer questions using intuition.

  • Sit at a table with three blank cards.
  • Think of an issue or situation in which you might need intuition help. Write three different solutions, one on each letter.
  • Turn the cards over, leaving the answers face down, and shuffle them well.
  • Run your hands over the cards. Take it easy; take a deep breath and relax.
  • Choose a card and turn it over. The card that appeals to you the most must present the correct solution.

Part 2 of 4: Developing clairvoyance

Become Clairvoyant Step 5

Step 1. Get over your fears.

Most people who teach psychic development claim that the biggest hurdle to overcome when developing clairvoyance is the fear we have of the ability to see the future.

  • Identify the source of your fears. The fear can be simple, like the shame of something in your appearance, or it can be more severe; many people's clairvoyant skills are turned off by childhood trauma.
  • Let go of fear by repeating an affirmative sentence mentally or out loud. Try saying something like "I'm willing to let go of all my fears to see the future."
Become Clairvoyant Step 6

Step 2. Strengthen your visual imagination

Before you can use clairvoyance to answer specific, direct questions, you need to increase your ability to see vivid mental images. To do this, try the following exercise:

  • Imagine holding seven balloons. Each one must be a different color.
  • Release the balloons one by one. Watch them rise until they disappear into the sky. When one disappears, release the next one and repeat.
  • Practice until you can see the complete path of all the balloons.
Become Clairvoyant Step 7

Step 3. Form a specific question

When it's time to use clairvoyance skills to answer a specific question, formulate the question specifically so that you can answer it correctly.

Avoid open-ended questions like "Will I enjoy my birthday this year?" Instead, think about how you'd like your birthday to be and ask a more specific question like "Will my friends or family take me to do something special on my next birthday?"

Become Clairvoyant Step 8

Step 4. Open your third eye

After asking the question, take three deep breaths. Focus on the area between your eyes, the chakra point known as the "third eye". Psychics claim he is responsible for clairvoyant abilities.

Continue breathing deeply while focusing on the third eye area. Visualize a lighted oval in the center of your forehead - the third eye. Ask her to open up, repeating the request until you feel a new sensation running through your entire body

Become Clairvoyant Step 9

Step 5. Let the images come to you naturally

Let them enter your head in their time. If they are blurry or unclear, ask (loudly or mentally) for them to grow and strengthen.

  • Clairvoyant images can come in many forms: static or moving figures inside the mind, and static or mobile figures "floating in the air."
  • Images can be monochrome or color. In some cases they are realistic; in others they are cartoonish, like cartoons.
  • If you cannot understand the meaning of the pictures, ask yourself, "What do these pictures mean?"
  • The answers will likely come up as feelings, thoughts or sounds.
  • If the technique doesn't work, repeat the exercise until you get a response. Initial answers may seem uncertain, but it's important that you stick with it and believe in yourself.

Part 3 of 4: Developing clairaudience, clairsentience and clairsentience

Become Clairvoyant Step 10

Step 1. Learn to differentiate the three skills

When we think of psychic abilities and predictions of the future, we usually think of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the practice of seeing the future, but there are other senses that can be used to predict the future.

  • Clairaudience is the ability to hear psychic energies.
  • Clairsentience is the ability to feel energies. The most common forms include instinct and empathy.
  • Clarisciency is the ability to know things without anyone saying them. Many families have a person who always knows someone is sick without anyone talking about it. Have you ever met a person like that? She probably had clairvoyant skills.
Become Clairvoyant Step 11

Step 2. Develop clairaudience by focusing on the sounds of your imagination

To develop the skill, you must learn to tune in your sensitivity to the sounds around you and those within you.

  • When lying down at night, listen for sounds you normally ignore. Isolate and identify them. Try to isolate as much of the sounds as possible before falling asleep and repeat the process for several days at a time.
  • Hear the voices of clairaudience. Imagine tuning a radio to the clairaudience frequency. Start asking questions and listen for the answers you get. Words can be loud, low, simple or confusing; listen to them carefully and analyze them.
Become Clairvoyant Step 12

Step 3. Work on clairsentience by focusing on a person's energy

In order to develop clairsentience skills, it is ideal to try to read someone's energies and feelings. There are several techniques that can be used:

  • Ask a friend to show you a photo of someone you don't know, but they know well. Look straight into the eyes of the person in the photo and try to find out what they were feeling at the time of the click. Ask yourself if the person was trustworthy and if there is something about her that stands out. Then talk to your friend and see if your answers were accurate.
  • Ask a friend to show you an item from someone you don't know, but they know well. The object should be something the person uses frequently so that it has absorbed enough energy. Hold it in your hands and assess whether the object has more positive or negative energy accumulated.
Become Clairvoyant Step 13

Step 4. Develop clairvoyance with writing exercises

It is a skill that is developed in a similar way to intuition. You need to focus on exercises that help you organize your own thoughts and understandings.

  • Sit down with a paper and a pen. Ask yourself a question and write down any answer that comes to mind, even if it doesn't seem to be related to the subject.
  • Force the mind to be a spectator in the exercise. Don't think about what you're writing and don't even try to direct your thoughts. Write whatever comes to mind.
  • Read what you wrote. If something stands out, mark the word and review it after you've finished reading everything you've written.

Part 4 of 4: Strengthening clairvoyance experiences

Become Clairvoyant Step 14

Step 1. Write a diary.

Whether you want to develop intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or clairsentience, keeping a record of your psychic experiences can be very helpful.

Writing in a journal can help you better understand your psychic and intuitive abilities. In addition, writing allows you to assess the level of accuracy of your answers

Become Clairvoyant Step 15

Step 2. Find a friend interested in the subject

Even if you don't know anyone who is also practicing clairvoyance, you should have a friend with whom you can freely express yourself on the subject. Sharing experiences can help you understand them.

  • Share your diary entries and discuss your interpretations.
  • Talk about similar experiences your friend has had and help him analyze dreams and mysterious sensations.

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