How to Use Quick Hypnosis: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Use Quick Hypnosis: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Use Quick Hypnosis: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

After being neglected for centuries, hypnosis is finally gaining recognition in science, after many professionals conclude that it really works, even if not in the way many have claimed in the past. You will not control the hypnotized person's mind, but will put them in a calmer, more focused state of mind in which the memories and thoughts of others are blocked. Hypnosis can be an effective way to reduce stress and pain, with rapid induction usually the best option as it allows less time for distractions.


Part 1 of 3: Preparing the person for hypnosis

Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 1

Step 1. Practice speaking calmly

It is very important to talk to the person to be hypnotized in a way that relaxes them, so practice rhythmic and melodic speech without sudden tonal changes. Take the opportunity to improve your speech and not cloud the person's focus by saying something wrong.

It's important not to look like you're reading a script: practice to sound natural

Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 2

Step 2. Prepare the person mentally and physically

Since she is supposed to be relaxed, you should let her know that you will touch her lightly so as not to surprise her so that your focus in hypnosis is gone. If the person is wearing a skirt, give them a blanket to cover their legs and don't worry about body positioning.

  • Also, let her know that it's okay to cough or move. Striving to control a biological function destroys focus.
  • Ask the person not to cross their legs, or they may be distracted by repositioning their legs. If she is wearing glasses, ask her to remove them.
Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 3

Step 3. Say the person has nothing to worry about

Fear can prevent her from entering hypnosis, so inform her of the things she is unable to manipulate to reassure her.

Suffice it to say, "This is a perfectly safe procedure. You will enter a state of heightened relaxation and focus, but you will be in control at all times."

Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 4

Step 4. Ask permission

Always ask if the person is ready to be hypnotized before starting. Consent is important to ensure the person is ready and calm enough for the procedure.

Just ask "Are you ready to be hypnotized?"

Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 5

Step 5. Know that not everyone responds the same way

You must be willing to participate in the procedure and be psychologically susceptible to success. Some studies show that approximately 80% of people are moderately susceptible, while 10% are highly susceptible and 10% are slightly susceptible.

  • Susceptibility is related to a person's penchant for fantasy and empathy. The ability to stay focused while reading and other activities is also associated with susceptibility.
  • Many people claim that hypnosis works more easily in relaxing environments with few outside sounds and distractions, but while this certainly doesn't get in the way, several researches indicate that hypnosis works just as easily in environments full of distractions.

Part 2 of 3: Performing the Eight Word Induction

Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 6

Step 1. Say "Squeeze my hand" while stretching one hand in front of the person

Ideally, she should do it with force, touching just the tip of her hand so that you can remove it when the time comes.

Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 7

Step 2. Say "Close your eyes" while running your other hand over the person's face

Thus, her attention will be occupied by your two hands simultaneously.

Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 8

Step 3. Say "Sleep" and remove the hand being held

The person's hand will drop, as if obeying the command. The idea is to surprise her. Speak firmly and authoritatively.

The process should take about four seconds: surprise and speed are very important

Part 3 of 3: Finishing Hypnosis

Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 9

Step 1. Prepare to take the person into a deeper hypnotic state

The process must be continued so that the initial shock of induction is not lost. To do this, calmly repeat a few sentences asking the person to go into a deep sleep.

  • The two best ways to go deeper into hypnosis are: shake the head and perform a countdown. Learn about the methods in the Steps below and choose the one you are most comfortable with.
Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 10

Step 2. Shake the person's head

If her head drops when you withdraw your hand, shake her head to induce a deeper state of relaxation. Grab her head in your hands and shake her. Ask her to relax her neck and let the relaxation spread to the rest of her body. Continue until the person goes into a deep sleep.

You can say something like "As you shake your head, you will go into a deeper trance. The more I shake, the deeper you fall asleep, the more you feel better, the more you feel better…"

Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 11

Step 3. Try the countdown

Say that the person will become more relaxed as you count from five to one. For each number, describe the feeling: "One, relaxation is spreading through your body. Two, relaxation is deepening. Three, your mind is relaxing. Four, you feel nothing but relaxation. Five, you are relaxing more every second."

You might also try saying something like, "Ten, you're feeling the relaxation. Nine, it's going deeper and deeper. Eight, excellent, you're doing great, keep going. Seven, with every number you go into a more trance deep. Six, deeper, that's right. Five, that, relax completely now. Four, three, fine. Two, go even further away from the world. One, zero, you're now in a deep trance."

Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 12

Step 4. Begin to prepare the person for awakening

Just before you wake her up, tell her it's almost time to regain consciousness. For a peaceful transition, indicate how the person will feel coming out of hypnosis. Tell her that she will come out of her trance feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Use some tips that will make the person feel like returning to the real world. Stop talking slowly and use a more common conversational tone as you would in real life. Call her by her name and remind her of her life

Use Rapid Hypnosis Step 13

Step 5. Wake up the person

Say she will wake up after a countdown from ten. As the count finishes, speak less calmly. Say something like "Ten, you're waking up. Nine, you're coming back to consciousness. Eight, you're remembering your life. Seven, six, you feel like you're waking up from a deep sleep…".

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