6 Ways to Draw a Circle

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6 Ways to Draw a Circle
6 Ways to Draw a Circle

Drawing a circle by hand is difficult, but luckily there are several cool methods that make the process easier. You can use a compass or round objects or follow one of the many tips below!


Method 1 of 6: Contouring a Round Object

Draw a Circle Step 1

Step 1. Find a round object that you can use

Anything with a round base will do: a glass, a candle and even a folded sheet!

Draw to Circle Step 2

Step 2. Place the round object on top of the sheet of paper

Support the object by the base on the sheet of paper. Use your free hand to hold it while you go around it with the other.

Draw to Circle Step 3

Step 3. Outline the object

Run a pencil along the edge of the object until you finish the circle. Then take it off the sheet and see the result!

If you notice gaps in the circle after lifting the object from the base, complete them with a pencil

Method 2 of 6: Drawing a Circle with a Compass

Draw a Circle Step 4

Step 1. Attach a pencil to the compass

Place the pencil or thick graphite on the short leg of the compass and rotate the piece to secure it.

Draw to Circle Step 5

Step 2. Adjust the compass legs according to the size of the circle you want to make

If you want to make a big circle, move your legs apart from the compass to increase the angle; if you want to make a small circle, zoom them together to make the angle smaller.

Draw to Circle Step 6

Step 3. Place the ends of the compass on the paper

Put the compass right where you want to draw the circle. The tip with the pencil must be on the outside of the geometric shape.

Draw to Circle Step 7

Step 4. Rotate the compass to make the circle

With both compass legs on the paper, rotate the tool by the top end to draw.

Don't move the bar before you finish the circle or it will be crooked

Method 3 of 6: Using a string

Draw to Circle Step 8

Step 1. Tie a string to the tip of a pencil

The longer it is, the larger the circle will get.

Draw to Circle Step 9

Step 2. Hold the end of the string to the paper

The end of the string will be right in the middle of the circle. Secure it tightly with your finger.

Draw to Circle Step 10

Step 3. Pull the string tightly to draw the circle with the pencil

Keep holding the end of the string as you draw to end up with a perfect circle!

Method 4 of 6: Using a Protractor

Draw a Circle Step 11

Step 1. Place the protractor on top of the sheet of paper

Put the protractor right where you want to draw the circle.

Draw to Circle Step 12

Step 2. Go around the curved side of the protractor

Use this side to make the first half of the circle, but don't go around the straight part.

Hold the protractor in place so the final circle is not bent

Draw a Circle Step 13

Step 3. Rotate the protractor and go around the other side of the circle

Align the straight side of the protractor with the ends of the curve you just made and finish the second half of the geometric shape.

Method 5 of 6: Drawing a Circle with a Pin

Draw a Circle Step 14

Step 1. Place the sheet of paper on top of a cardboard plate

Any kind of cardboard will do, as long as it's thick and holds the pin (but not fully perforated).

Draw a Circle Step 15

Step 2. Thread a safety pin through the paper and cardboard

Place the pin where you want the middle of the circle to be. Secure him so he doesn't leave his place at the wrong time.

Draw a Circle Step 16

Step 3. Attach a rubber to the pin

The bigger the rubber, the bigger the circle. If you want a smaller shape, thread the elastic twice through it.

If you can't find a little rubber, improvise and tie a little string

Draw a Circle Step 17

Step 4. Place the pencil tip on the other end of the eraser

At this point, the rubber will be between the pin and the pencil.

Draw a Circle Step 18

Step 5. Pull the eraser well to draw the circle with the pencil

Hold the rubber so that the geometric shape does not come out crooked.

Method 6 of 6: Drawing a circle by hand

Draw a Circle Step 19

Step 1. Hold the pencil normally

Use your dominant hand.

Draw a Circle Step 20

Step 2. Place the tip of the pencil on the sheet of paper

Put the protractor right where you want to draw the circle.

Do not apply too much force with the pencil. Hold it lightly on top of the paper

Draw a Circle Step 21

Step 3. Swirl the paper in a circle under the pencil

Use your free hand to turn the paper under the pencil to draw the circle. Make a bigger movement if you want a big shape and smaller if you want it to be small.

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