How to Fake Your Own Death: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Fake Your Own Death: 11 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Fake Your Own Death: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Maybe you need to get away from the police, leave your home or just want to start a new life somewhere else. There are situations in life from which it is only possible to escape by forging one's own death. Read the article below for some tips on how to do this without raising suspicions.


Part 1 of 2: Disappearing without a trace

Develop Critical Thinking Skills Step 3

Step 1. Decide if you really want to go ahead with the plan

Faking one's own death is illegal almost anywhere in the world. Does the situation you find yourself in require such a drastic solution? Can't you just move in? Aren't you being a little dramatic? Are there other alternatives? Proceed only if you are sure that playing dead is the only way to escape and start a new life, if you have no other alternative.

Understand the consequences of forging your own death. You will lose contact with friends and relatives. If you reveal the plan to someone, they will surely end up betraying you or turning you over to the authorities. If you need to tell someone about the plan, choose an understanding friend who would never - under any circumstances - give you away to the police, your family or others

Block a Number on a Cell Phone Step 1

Step 2. Stop using anything that allows you to be tracked

Know that once you fake your death, you will need to abandon all your email accounts, subscriptions, cell phones, or anything else that belongs to your old life. Of all the steps you need to take before you can fake your death, this part is the most complicated.

Since you will need money to start your new life, start making small, frequent withdrawals from your bank account until your death date. Leave behind credit cards and other documents. Completely emptying the accounts would raise suspicion. If you're in a hurry, make a big withdrawal, but leave some money in the bank so no one gets suspicious

Not Care Step 3

Step 3. Pay attention to the small details that can give you

Avoid acting suspiciously in the period before your "passage". And remember not to use laptops, personal computers and cell phones (unless you buy a new SIM card) after you fake your death. All these accessories can be used to track you. Also, your relatives may miss these items if you take them with you.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills Step 27

Step 4. Choose a method to "die"

Suicide is probably the most practical alternative. It will be difficult for your family to accept, but making it obvious that you committed suicide prevents the police from pinpointing an innocent person as the culprit in your "murder". Furthermore, suicide cases are completed more quickly: authorities won't do such a meticulous search of your personal files and security camera footage if they're certain you've ruined your life, which they wouldn't if you just disappeared.

Choose a "suicide method" that would leave no trace of the body or would make it very difficult to find. One solution would be to leave a fake suicide note in which you imply you are going to throw yourself off a bridge. In cases like this, the body is not always easily found, which will make the police less suspicious because they cannot find a body

Write a Letter for Proof of Income Step 4

Step 5. Go ahead

Leave behind a "suicide letter" and disappear. Escape as far away from your city as possible and start life with your new identity. Be free.

Part 2 of 2: Starting a New Life

Deal With Being Alone Step 11

Step 1. Suspend contact with all the people who were part of your old life

Unfortunately, many people who fake their own death are discovered here, either by trying to collect their own life insurance money or by committing traffic violations with the car they owned before they "died". If you don't want to get caught, you can't leave a trail.

  • At first, stay tucked away somewhere secluded (like a roadside hotel) and not too far away. Buy lots of food and entertain yourself with some police show on TV, because you won't be able to be seen until the police give up on finding you. If it is necessary to leave the room, use a disguise.
  • After a while, you will be able to travel to the place where you want to start your new life.
Choose Whether to Wear the Hijab Step 6

Step 2. Create a new identity for yourself.

Who will you be now that your old self is dead? A charming poet and gambling junkie who gave up running the family's canned tuna business to lead a simple life as a mechanic in Australia? A country bartender who recently moved to Los Angeles? Decide who you are going to be, and then start thinking about the following details:

  • your new name. Create a new signature, practice how you will present yourself to others in front of the mirror, say the name out loud. Make up an awesome name. Arthur Rossi Santiago? Nice to meet you!
  • your new style. How will your image support your new identity? Provide clothes different from what you used to wear and suitable for your new self. Dress so that you can pass your mother on the street without her noticing it's you. Grow a beard, shave your head, change your hair color or wear more leather clothes: do whatever it takes to create a completely new style.
  • Your past. What will you tell others about yourself? How will you present yourself? How to hide your old life from the new people you will meet?
Find a Federal Tax ID Number Step 12

Step 3. Provide a fake ID card.

After forging an identity and getting used to your new name, you need documents that fit your new life.

Enjoy Yourself on a Long Bus Ride Step 4

Step 4. Move somewhere where nobody knows you

Taking a flight is out of the question, unless your false documents are of excellent quality. But try to get as far as you can by hitchhiking or taking a bus.

Build a House Step 35

Step 5. Get an informal job

It's going to be difficult to file taxes, so you might want to find a foothold in the informal market and relocate frequently to keep your cover safe. Try to work with something that allows you to travel or move to agricultural areas (where you will have no difficulty keeping a job without a formal contract). You can work on mushroom farms, cereals, orchards, etc. Change the city of times and take the opportunity to get to know your country.

Hide What You Feel Step 8

Step 6. Be discreet

Becoming a celebrity wouldn't be very smart of you. Get ready for a simple and peaceful life, with little social interaction, always trying to keep a mystery between you and the people you need to interact with. And when someone is too close to you, it's time to move.

  • Don't wander around landmarks and sights. These places are full of cameras that can register your presence. And there's still the chance that you'll run into an acquaintance.
  • When you need to pass through busy places, wear a sweatshirt with a hood that obscures your face.


  • For the plan to work perfectly, it would be important to provide a false passport and flee the country. In a less-developed country, you could get a well-paying job (not menial). If you don't provide false documents before you stage your suicide (or the death of your own), the chances of you getting caught are much higher. Most hotels (and even motels) ask guests to present documents before accepting them. An indiscreet name, such as Baron Manfred von Richthofen, would probably be too flashy, so use a common name (if the forger lets you pick your name; if not, settle for whatever name comes). Foreigners looking for low-skilled jobs outside their home countries provoke distrust in the local people, but it doesn't have to be that way: choose a country whose language you know and whose people have a skin tone similar to yours.
  • Since it's impossible to get CPF for an adult who didn't exist until a few months ago, moving to another country makes life easier: you'll have more chances of finding a qualified job and less chances of bumping into acquaintances. Working on a freighter or fishing vessel is also recommended. Certain cargo ships, however, require their workers to be skilled in handling chemical or toxic products: this means that they would have to get the certificates in advance. As such documents have anti-counterfeiting seals, this could be a problem. And never accept public office. Government departments and institutions keep a very thorough record of employees, and that could put you in a bad light.
  • It is extremely important that you do not research methods of forging your own death on computers and phones that you will have to leave behind, and that you do not do so using the internet from home or work. Use a computer at a Internet cafe or public library. Look for establishments far from home and don't go to the same place multiple times, in order to prevent employees and customers from remembering your face. If using the public library, use a fake ID! And use disposable cell phones to make calls. Purchase this device (as well as everything else you need to start your new life) with cash. The suicide of a loved one is a hard fact to accept, so don't leave any evidence to the contrary.
  • Money is another issue. Small withdrawals are not suspicious, but to accumulate enough money to support yourself for a while, you will need to plan ahead at least two years. If the authorities notice that you were in the habit of withdrawing R$ 500.00 a month, they will assume that you used the money for everyday expenses. But, if your withdrawals are more voluminous and less frequent, you would have to find a pretext: a trip or something like that - to give legitimacy to your "alibi", you would have to buy the tickets and check in, which is out of the question if you have a family. Therefore, smaller withdrawals are your best option. Open an account with your new identity as soon as you can. Deposit there all the money you withdraw from your old account (to eliminate the risk of losing R$50,000 or having a family member find that huge amount under your mattress, for example).
  • Look for document forgers on the internet. Do not search on any device and do not use an internet connection that the police can track. To minimize internet usage in public places, buy a disposable cell phone chip. Remember that the better the counterfeit, the more expensive it will be. Much of your new life depends on these documents, so don't be stingy. Of all the stages of transition to your new life, we are facing the most expensive.
  • As you may already know, all the details have to be planned out before your "death". Start getting the details right a year in advance and you'll start a new life without too many difficulties. See the example below:

    • Get the documents (identity, passport, etc.)
    • Choose where you are moving to and study it thoroughly. Don't Google "great places to start a new life".
    • Plan your escape carefully. If you're lucky, your "suicide letter" won't be noticed until two days or a week later, giving you plenty of time to flee the country. Ship travel is less regulated than air travel. If traveling by land is possible, use the train (provided the rail network is good). Train inspectors ask passengers to show their passports, but they do not usually consult records.
    • Arrive at your destination with a job arranged (or at least several interviews already scheduled) to make ends meet.
  • Remember to eliminate the possibility of contacting all of your former acquaintances. Even though you are completely different, they might recognize you.
  • Faking their own death is more difficult for teenagers (who depend more on their family and have less money at their disposal).
  • Provide accommodation to avoid the risk of sleeping on the street.
  • Looking different helps, but you don't need plastic surgery. Just change your hair style and color to be unrecognizable.
  • Do not resort to criminal activities. If you are caught by the police, the fact that you faked your own death can cause even more problems.
  • Getting a job can be difficult, so if you have time to work out the details of your new life, provide new documents and a résumé.
  • Start again. Doing so is a unique chance to redefine who you are.
  • It's easier to carry out the plan if your family is small and you have few friends.
  • If you ever regret what you did, admit your mistake. Your loved ones will disapprove of your attitude less if you explain the situation (and they'll be so happy to see you again that they might not even care too much).
  • Consider how your friends and family will feel about this. They will be suffering while you enjoy your new life, and if you are found out, there is a chance that they will be enraged.


  • If you get caught, there will be serious consequences. Even on the part of your family, who will not understand your reasons for forging their own death.
  • Don't do this to collect your insurance money; it's not going to work. You will eventually get caught, and your personal gains will come at the expense of a lot of your family's suffering.
  • Phones can be tracked by GPS. Buy a new device.
  • Don't be indiscreet.

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