How to Make Someone Fall Out of Love with You: 10 Steps

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How to Make Someone Fall Out of Love with You: 10 Steps
How to Make Someone Fall Out of Love with You: 10 Steps

Is there someone madly in love with you, but isn't all that love reciprocated? Or does your ex want to come back but you don't love him anymore? Don't you want to be rude and hurt the person by saying you don't love them? This article will help you make someone fall out of love with you.


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Step 1. If the person calls, start complaining

Nobody likes to hear complaints, especially if they are always the same. This will help the person see a fault of their own and take a step towards "dispassion".

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Step 2. Ignore the person on the phone

If she calls, start doing something else. Be as nice as you can and say things like "Sorry, give me a minute, I want to watch a video here." She'll be bored and probably won't call again. But if the person is very much in love, maybe they will call.

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Step 3. Have a childlike attitude

Nobody likes that. Be a little rude, but direct your rudeness. For example, say hello to everyone and ignore the person.

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Step 4. Be irrational

Say nonsense things. When discussing human rights or other things, don't be understandable. Act stubbornly. Nobody likes someone like that. Soon, the person will stop liking you.

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Step 5. Be gossipy

People are not attracted to people with a bad heart. Don't gossip with too much detail, just make nasty comments like "she/he deserves it". Hopefully, the person will stop liking you with this.

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Step 6. Almost never return calls

Say you're busy and can't talk. The less you are available, the more the person will realize that they must find another love.

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Step 7. Give short answers to emails or Facebook messages

If you're going to respond to a paragraph, just write two words, showing that you're not really interested. That way you won't be rude for not responding, but you will make the other realize that you are not in love.

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Step 8. Be unavailable

If you're asked to leave, say you can't. You can say you are busy or out of money. This will make the person think that you don't leave the house and maybe they will give up on you.

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Step 9. Create awkward situations

You can eat with your mouth open or wear dirty clothes. This will make the person feel disgusted and fall out of love.

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Step 10. Be bossy

Nobody likes people like that, so force them to do things they don't want to.


If you don't love someone, tell her that! There is no need to play games and end up hurting the person and yourself

* Give short answers, show no interest and do things the person hates. That way, the person will realize that you are not in love with them.

  • When you find the person, don't look at them.
  • Getting a new pair can be helpful. This will show the other that he needs to move on. In that case, there is a good chance that the person will fall out of love.


  • Show a lack of interest when talking on the phone. When you gossip, make the person bored.
  • Don't hurt anyone in this process. The goal is to make your fan see all your faults and fall out of love.
  • However, the person may not care about his faults and remain in love. In that case, she really loves you and nothing will make her change that.
  • Don't make the person hate you. Love and hate are very intertwined. If you overdo it, she might start to hate you.

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