11 Ways to Make Your Ex Jealous

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11 Ways to Make Your Ex Jealous
11 Ways to Make Your Ex Jealous

Your relationship is over, but you haven't gotten over it? Don't want your ex to get over it too? Make the boy a little jealous and remind him what he's missing. When he sees you having fun confidently, he'll wonder why it's over. If you want to drive your ex crazy, follow the tips below!


Method 1 of 11: Cut off all contact with your ex

Make Your Ex Jealous Step 1

Step 1. Don't keep in touch with your ex to make him curious about what's going on in your life

In other words, no answering messages, posting things on social networks and answering his calls. Do this when you break up and continue for at least two weeks. The ice will drive the guy crazy as he'll wonder what you've been up to and wonder if you miss him.

Do not interact with his posts on social media. When he realizes he's being ignored, he'll probably think you're past the breakup and may regret that you're done

Method 2 of 11: Post interesting things about your life

Make Your Ex Jealous Step 2

Step 1. Show your ex that you've gotten over it

Post a funny story on Twitter, share cool photos from your latest trip on Instagram, or comment on your new job on Facebook. Show your ex everything he's been missing.

Remember that you shouldn't interact with your ex on the networks, but be aware that it's okay to comment on his friends' posts, showing him that you're still active on the internet and interacting with others

Method 3 of 11: Go out with a group

Make Your Ex Jealous Step 3

Step 1. Socialize and enjoy with your friends to show that you've moved on with life

The fact that you have broken up doesn't mean that you need to be locked up at home or that you need to cut off contact with the friends you have in common. On the contrary, make an effort to show that you are not isolated! Trust me, the boy will be wondering what exactly you are doing with your friends.

  • The best way to show that you've moved on is to actually move on with life.
  • Remember to share photos and stories about your roles so your ex can see it all.

Method 4 of 11: If you meet your ex for any reason, be kind

Make Your Ex Jealous Step 4

Step 1. You'll make a better impression by being sweet than by being bitter

Your ex probably expects you to freak out or start fighting when you meet him, so do the opposite! Talk to him as if nothing had happened, keeping the conversation light and not getting too much into personal matters. He'll wonder if you've really outgrown him and are in another one.

If he asks how things are going, comment on cool happenings, but don't overdo it. Show happiness and sincerity

Method 5 of 11: Act like you're fine

Make Your Ex Jealous Step 5

Step 1. Don't let the guy know you're upset, so he'll think you're over the relationship

Even if you're terribly upset, pretend you're having fun and that you're happier than ever. Don't talk about the breakup and don't show sadness. Try to look really happy without pushing it, or you won't convince anyone of this.

Keep your social media presence positive. No talking about the breakup or how sad you are. Post only upbeat and fun stuff

Method 6 of 11: Share beautiful photos of yourself on the internet

Make Your Ex Jealous Step 6

Step 1. Take pictures of people who would make your ex jealous and share them on the internet

Do you work with a handsome guy? Do you have a friend who always made your ex jealous? Take pictures with these people when they're doing something fun. This type of post is great and affects others a lot because it shows what they missed. Believe me, your ex will be pissed off with jealousy when he sees the likes and comments in your photo.

  • Use multiple social media to increase your ex's chances of seeing photos.
  • Don't post too many photos with multiple people, as the idea is to plant in your ex's head that you're with someone else, not that you're desperate for attention.

Method 7 of 11: Take care of the look

Make Your Ex Jealous Step 7

Step 1. Make your ex aware of what you lost

Dress to impress, as you did at the beginning of the relationship. You will feel more confident and will get more attention that way. No need to prickle yourself when you leave the house, however. Just think this: "Would I like to meet my ex with that face?"

It's not a good idea to invest in fancy or overly revealing dresses, or you'll end up giving away your intentions

Method 8 of 11: Practice physical activities to get going

Make Your Ex Jealous Step 8

Step 1. Do physical exercises to boost your self-esteem

The practice of activities helps to increase control over your life and makes you also take care of your appearance. Instead of staying at home crying the pitangas, challenge yourself to do something fun and physical. Go swimming, learn to lift weights or go cycling! Take care of your body to stay healthy and fit, also improving confidence.

Even small goals, like cycling for 5 km or hiking, can make you feel great achievements worth being proud of

Method 9 of 11: Prioritize your well-being

Make Your Ex Jealous Step 9

Step 1. Take time to take care of yourself, whether it's doing a makeover or simply chatting with your friends

The idea is to boost self-esteem and feel good about yourself. Confidence is very attractive, believe me!

  • If your ex finds out what you've been up to, whether through social media or mutual friends, he'll probably be pretty impressed.
  • The impact doesn't have to come from big changes. Sometimes you just have to go to the salon to get your nails done to feel good.

Method 10 of 11: Start dating other people

Make Your Ex Jealous Step 10

Step 1. Nothing makes an ex more jealous than seeing you hang out with other people

After all, it signals that others think you are beautiful and leaves that message well etched in your ex's head. Get out there and have fun! You don't have to compromise and arrange other relationships if you don't want to.

  • Be careful what you do. If your goal is to win back your ex, this attitude can end up giving the opposite result. Don't sabotage your chances of getting back together if that's what you really want.
  • If the new relationship works, it is quite possible that you will lose interest in the ex. Allow yourself to move forward!

Method 11 of 11: Try new things and try to get out of your comfort zone

Make Your Ex Jealous Step 11

Step 1. Make a list of things you've always wanted to do

Wanted to try things out with your ex? Wanted to see places you've never been? Enjoy being single and do it! It may seem basic and obvious, but the best way to make your ex jealous is to learn to enjoy life alone! When he sees that he is happy without him, the boy will certainly want to tear his hair out.

It's okay if he doesn't hear about everything you've been up to. The important thing is not to let your past relationship stop you from doing things you've always wanted to do


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