3 Ways to Get Your Mom to Say Yes to You

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3 Ways to Get Your Mom to Say Yes to You
3 Ways to Get Your Mom to Say Yes to You

Want to go to a party, or go out with your friends, but your mom won't let you? Don't give up yet! Follow the steps below, keep calm, and your mother will say Yes sooner than expected!


Method 1 of 3: Demonstrating You Are Reliable

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 1

Step 1. Be sincere with regard to your plans.

A mother's worst fear is that you'll get hurt-that's the main reason they say "no" when their kids want to go out or go somewhere. If you want to end this fear, all you have to do is tell me what you want to do, detail by detail, and convince her there's nothing to worry about. Show that it is very safe to go to the place in question and that you have already taken care of all the details. When she realizes that there really isn't any risk, she'll probably say yes!

Always know what you are talking about. If, for example, you go to the cinema to see a movie, you will need to know its age rating. If your age is less than the rating of the movie you want to watch, let them know they still don't know what you're going to see unless your mom asks. Just talk about the type of movie (for example, comedy or thriller)

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 2

Step 2. show enthusiasm with respect to what you want.

Tell your mom that the event you attend can make your life better. If you go to a concert, you will gain important life experience. If you want permission to stay up late, say you'll use the time to do something productive. If you want even more time with your friends, tell her that your social life needs "something more". If you want to buy a new pair of sneakers, show that your old ones are "falling apart"!

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 3

Step 3. Don't lie about what you're going to do

It might work the first time, but when your mom finds out you lied, she'll say "no" the next time. needless to say all the truth - you can hide details that mothers don't need to know - but lie blatantly? Next time you want something, don't even try to ask!

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 4

Step 4. Make sure you get home on time

Your condition when you get home will be the problem. Tell her your plan to get home and give her an exact arrival time. Remind her of the other times you got home on time, without any problems.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 5

Step 5. Have a strategy in place in case something goes wrong

Mothers love to see their children make plans in advance. Think about what can happen and say that everything is already planned. For example, if your friend leaves without you, have a "plan B" to get home.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 6

Step 6. Remind your mother of the time you gained her trust

If you've done things to earn your mother's trust, refresh her memory. Show good grades at school, how much you're helping her around the house, how you always get home on time and don't complain about the housework you need to do. If you've done something that has shaken her confidence, work to get her back by doing what she tells you to do, at least for a week.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 7

Step 7. Remind her that you only live once

Tell her "Mom, remember that show you went to that changed your life? You were my age that year." Remind her that youth is fleeting and there are few chances to have fun before she grows up, becomes an adult, and leaves home. She will likely start to feel emotional and nostalgic, which will cause her to answer "yes" sooner than expected.

Method 2 of 3: Proving Deserving

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 8

Step 1. Do well at school

If you always do your homework and get good grades, what's your mom's excuse for saying no? There won't be one. Do everything you can at school and at extracurricular activities so that your mom realizes how much you deserve what you're asking for.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 9

Step 2. Do the household chores

Take some of the load of housework off your mom's back by helping her clean the house, do the dishes, mow the lawn, take the dog for a walk, and all the little things she does for the house. stay in order. If you ask for something "bigger" that takes a lot out of you, doing a few extra tasks won't hurt at all. Complete the assignments a few weeks before asking her.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 10

Step 3. Get home on time

Being trustworthy is the most important thing. If you cheat on your mother and you're always late, she probably won't give you the go-ahead when you ask for something. Strive and do your best to get home when you're determined and be trusted in other ways. If you said you were going to tidy up your room on Saturday, keep it clean that day. If you said you were going to feed the cat, do it without your mother having to ask again. She will observe how trustworthy you have become.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 11

Step 4. cook a meal or bake a cake.

Your mom will love to be surprised when you "take charge" of the kitchen, preparing something for her and the family. Get up early and make scrambled eggs, pancakes, or use the afternoon off to make a cake or cookies for everyone. It sounds weird, but it works. Just don't forget to clean everything up afterwards.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 12

Step 5. Be extremely kind

Ask about her day. She'll probably ask about yours, so why not change things up and see what happens? Your mother will be thrilled and more likely to say "yes." Go even further by asking how things are going in your life, showing what you've been thinking about in the last few days. You will be shocked to discover how much more likely she is to allow you to make your own decisions.

Method 3 of 3: Demonstrating that you have matured

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 13

Step 1. Earn money and pay for what you want to buy

If you go to the movies or want to buy a new game or toy, offer your services for housework in exchange for the money you need to pay for what you want. Perhaps your mother is so impressed with this "job offer" that she will agree.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 14

Step 2. commit, in case you need.

You really want to go to a party, but your mom is being stubborn and saying no because she doesn't want you to be out so late. Why not say it will be an hour early? If that works, maybe next time she'll let it stay as late as she wishes.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 15

Step 3. Don't say "everyone is doing this"

Little children say this all the time, but does it work? Mothers don't mind doing what others are doing. Only say this if you're asking for something that literally everyone else is doing. You should make a list of people your mother likes, respects, and who will do it too. Be prepared to ask friends for backup if your mom says she's going to call their parents.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 16

Step 4. Don't beg

This will only make you look immature, and your mother will be even more certain that she is making the right decision by saying "no". You need to give her a good reason to say yes, and begging is irritating. If you can't convince her to say "yes" anyway, making her feel guilty may be the only solution, after all. Use statements like "No, it's okay. I love you, Mom." and get away. Then she will come to you and say that she is free to go where she wants to go because you handled the situation like a mature person.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 17

Step 5. Make your mom laugh

Lighten the situation up by telling a joke or teasing her so that she bursts out laughing. Even if you're annoyed that she won't let you go, saying something funny can change things. So your mother will see that you've realized that prohibition isn't the end of the world, and that you're not going to make a fuss like a little kid. And who knows? She might change her mind when she gets more excited.

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 18

Step 6. Don't forget to say "I love you"

It's almost foolproof as it makes mothers very happy. Don't talk halfheartedly, or she'll see that it's not sincere - say it properly, even if you're irritated. The power of these 3 words is not to be underestimated!

Talk Your Mom into Saying Yes Step 19

Step 7. If it doesn't work, ask your father


  • Try to do whatever your parents ask.
  • Don't go too far! Otherwise, your parents may end up losing respect and trust in you, not letting you go anywhere. Caution.
  • Understand that your mother may indeed know more and what is best for you; don't overdo it if she says "no" to something you really shouldn't be doing.
  • Spend as much time as possible with her!
  • Take your order seriously.
  • Tell her that she is everything you wanted as a mother, as well as being nice, fair and kind.
  • If your mom gets on your toes about your grades, show her everything you did well for her, even if it's just tests or quizzes. Make this look like a great achievement!
  • Know how to defend yourself if they start to argue.
  • If everything goes wrong, let it go. Do something else to distract yourself from whatever you were going to do and don't ask again; she may even turn around and say yes, but she will be very angry and upset with you.
  • Always say what you like most about her. Your mother will know you care about her.
  • Do not lie! It won't work, because sooner or later they will find out.


  • Make sure she's in a good mood before talking.
  • Don't interrupt it. She will be mad.
  • Don't fight or argue with her. This will only make things worse.
  • Keep your promises.
  • Agree to make a deal with your mother in exchange for permission to go or do something.
  • Never beg, especially in front of a friend, because many parents call it "putting them under pressure."
  • Never lie. You will lose her trust.
  • Don't be nice to her just when you want something. Not only is it cruel, but after a while, your mother will easily notice this behavior.

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