3 Ways to Play 7 Minutes in Heaven

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3 Ways to Play 7 Minutes in Heaven
3 Ways to Play 7 Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven is a game played by teenagers at parties. Two people are chosen to spend seven minutes alone in an enclosed, dark place. During this time, they do what they want. Many use this time to talk privately or do more intimate things like kissing or making out. Regardless of how you prefer to play, always respect other people's limits and don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable.


Method 1 of 3: Seven Minute Play in the Sky

Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 1

Step 1. Prepare the play location

You will need to set aside a small, enclosed area of ​​your house to play. This space is usually dark, but you can choose a bright one. Provide chairs for participants to sit on, although this is not necessary.

  • Some good places for this purpose are closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms and the like.
  • If you want the place to be dark all the time, take the bulbs out of their sockets.
  • Make sure the area doesn't have dangerous obstacles, especially if you've taken out the lights on the site.
  • To prevent participants from checking the time, remove the clocks from the place where the game will take place. This can include cell phones and wristwatches.
Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 2

Step 2. Bring the participants together

There are usually more or less equal numbers of boys and girls, but depending on class preferences this can vary. Groups of 10 to 14 people are common, but it is possible to play with only six people.

Play with schoolmates, your neighbors or, if you're camping, your campmates

Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 3

Step 3. Explain the rules to the participants

Now that the venue is ready and people are gathered, the rules of the game need to be explained. Doing this is important because there are many ways to play seven minutes in heaven. Usually the rules include:

  • Choose two people at random.
  • Send the two chosen ones to a private place for seven minutes. Don't forget to close the door!
  • Let the chosen two leave after seven minutes.
  • You can also create agreed rules between participants, such as “lights must be off/on” or “cannot use cell phone or watch during seven minutes”.
  • To keep someone from feeling uncomfortable, you can make a rule that no one has to go into the dark if they don't want to.
Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 4

Step 4. Make a random draw

This is how you will choose the two people who will be alone. You can spin a bottle to choose two people or write their names on paper and give away. If you want to be sure that the draw will form a couple, separate the girls' names from the boys' names.

  • To draw the bottle, spin once to choose a boy and once to choose a girl. The person the bottle points to will be sent to the private location.
  • When sorting the papers with names, place the girls' ones in one container and the boys' ones in another. Each round, take a name from each container.
Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 5

Step 5. Play the game

Each round, two people are sent to the private location for seven minutes. You can play for as many rounds as you like, and you can even start other activities, such as board games or card games, while the others wait to finish the seven-minute round.

  • Put on a timer with a flashy alert, such as a siren, to make the game more interesting and help you not to miss the time.
  • When the time is up, knock on the door and let the two chosen know that the time is up. Then you can choose two more people to play with.
  • If you want a revelation or a scare at the end of the seven minutes, open the door suddenly when the time is up.

Method 2 of 3: Respecting Limits

Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 6

Step 1. Clearly match boundaries before playing

If there are no rules that limit how far you can go in the game, it's a good idea to talk about it with the person who was drawn with you. If you don't, the other player may get it wrong and end up going too far.

  • You can say things like "Can we just talk?" or “Let's talk first. I top a kiss, but I don't want to rush anything."
  • It is also possible to set a clear boundary by saying “I'm going to kiss, but I don't want any other contact”.
Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 7

Step 2. Say you are uncomfortable with something as soon as it happens

Sometimes something you thought you'd like to do can make you uncomfortable right away. When this happens, clearly tell the person that you don't like it and that you want to stop.

  • For example, if they touch you in an unwanted way, say “No, I don't want you to touch me there”.
  • It can be difficult to say “no” to someone, but if you don't, things can go beyond what you want. Nobody should do anything they don't feel like doing.
Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 8

Step 3. Before trying anything different, ask the other person

This includes things like holding hands, stroking, or other types of touching that might go beyond the other person's limits. That way you won't cross anyone's boundaries without knowing it.

It only takes a second to ask "Is it okay if I take your hand?" or "Is it okay if I touch you like this?"

Method 3 of 3: Resisting Peer Pressure

Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 9

Step 1. Reflect with yourself

Take a moment to calmly take a deep breath. In a situation where other people pressure you, emotions can get out of hand and make you say things or do things you didn't want to. Taking a break avoids hasty answers and allows you to get to know yourself better in that situation.

You might ask yourself, "What kind of person do I want to be? Would that kind of person do that? If the answer is no, it's better not to

Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 10

Step 2. Speak clearly about how you feel

People often get caught up in the group mindset, but by expressing your personal feelings, you can connect with your friends. Doing so takes things out of the group context and into the personal, which makes it easier for them to identify with you.

You can say, "I love hanging out with you guys and I don't want to be the boring one, but I'm not comfortable playing with it."

Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 11

Step 3. Make an excuse

Even though truth is almost always the best choice, if your friends or other players are determined to get you to play, an excuse might come in handy. It doesn't have to be too elaborate, you can say something simple like:

  • "My throat has been hurting since the day before yesterday and I don't want to give anyone the flu."
  • "I was ashamed to say, but I have a cold sore and it hurts, so I better not play."
Play 7 Minutes in Heaven Step 12

Step 4. Suggest something else to do

There are several group games that you can play in place of this game, and some of the other players may prefer other games to seven minutes in the sky. Some examples are Twister, Riddle, Pictionary, UNO, but there are many others.

Suggest games that you know others like. You're more likely to make them change their plans if you propose to play something they want


  • Keep things fun and smooth. This game should be enjoyable, not humiliating and cruel.
  • Ask them how the seven minutes went, or ask them to write it down later.


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