How to Make fun of your friends at a slumber party (with pictures)

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How to Make fun of your friends at a slumber party (with pictures)
How to Make fun of your friends at a slumber party (with pictures)

Pajama parties are ideal occasions to gather friends and "trod over" the most unwary at bedtime. The idea is for everyone to have fun playing pranks on each other, but without losing friendship; with good intentions and creativity, some really fun pranks can be done with whoever sleeps first.


Part 1 of 4: Being nice people

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 1

Step 1. Let everyone know what is about to happen

Before starting, it is important that everyone knows what kind of party this will be. Draw up rules and boundaries, such as deciding that the first sleeper will be teased, or establishing that pranks can happen at any time.

  • The pranks themselves must also obey certain rules. For example, if the perpetrator is caught by the victim in the act, he must obey him for the rest of the night.
  • Limit the things that can be used to encourage creative play. Book this night for the fart pads, shaving cream and jelly, and when you have a party like this again, change the theme.
  • Create an award for whoever manages to "troop" more people. Think of things like the person who was least ready, having to buy a snack for the person who played the most jokes, etc.
Play a Sleepover Prank Step 2

Step 2. Decide what is prohibited

For everyone to have real fun, it is necessary that they feel secure, after all, the idea is not to lose the friendship. With that in mind, maybe one of your friends suffers from a phobia, another might refuse to play anything in the bathroom, or someone who can't have their stuff frozen because there's an important medicine in the bag. There are plenty of reasons to keep the games at a healthy level and not offend anyone.

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 3

Step 3. Don't allow revenge pranks

You may have a friend who is dying to make fun of someone specific for things that happened between them. If you notice that someone is humiliating or hurting a friend, stop everything immediately. One of the aspects that make the prank a good game is the trust between those involved, therefore providing a safe environment for everyone.

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 4

Step 4. Pass the classic refrigerator trot

A good way to create the mood for the games, but without choosing anyone specific, is to pass a prank call. Call a friend or enter any phone number. Identify yourself as a refrigeration technician and ask if the refrigerator's motor is running. When the person says yes, answer "Then go after him!" Wait a few seconds to see if the person responds, hang up the phone and burst out laughing.

Part 2 of 4: Playing pranks on who sleeps

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 5

Step 1. Prepare a sleepy atmosphere

When it's 23:30, put on a movie to watch or play relaxing music. If it starts to get late and no one is sleepy, pick a friend to help you with something really boring. Tell everyone to lie down and start circulating among them, saying specific things and making sure they're awake. Once you've identified the first sleeper, check to see if he really slept; if you wake up, keep looking.

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 6

Step 2. When someone actually sleeps, lather their face with shaving foam

This is a classic, harmless and easy-to-do prank. Make drawings and be creative. Just be careful not to get near your eyes as it can irritate them.

  • Look for shaving foam in the bathroom. It will likely be near the razor blades or in the shower stall.
  • Lather the victim's hair and create a nice mustache, goatee, or any crazy hairstyle you can imagine.
  • When your friend wakes up, he's in for quite a surprise.
Play a Sleepover Prank Step 7

Step 3. Write something on his forehead

Use non-toxic felt tip pens or lipstick (be careful with his owner, she can be very angry when she finds out). After your friend sleeps, write “Trollado” on his forehead and fill in the rest of the face with other drawings.

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 8

Step 4. Do the traditional margarine tickle prank

When you find someone sleeping, put some creamy margarine in their hands and tickle their nose. When you try to scratch it, she'll smear herself and be startled by the cream all over the place.

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 9

Step 5. Freeze a friend's bra

When a girl sleeps away from her backpack, open it and grab a bra to make fun of. Be careful not to get caught.

  • Take the bra out of the bag.
  • Soak it in warm water.
  • Put it in the freezer.
  • After it freezes, take it out and break the ice accumulated between the cups.
  • Put it back in the bag and wait. When she wears it, she will freeze with cold!
Play a Sleepover Prank Step 10

Step 6. Suspend an object in gelatin.

This prank became a hit after being shown in the American comedy series The Office, in which an employee does it with a stapler. The jelly takes a while to make, and you'll need a few hours to make the joke happen.

  • Choose any object to dip into the jelly. It can be any piece of clothing (as long as it is small), a friend's student card, etc.
  • Make gelatin according to package directions, but fill only half of bowl.
  • Refrigerate and wait two hours to harden.
  • Take it out of the fridge and place the object on top.
  • Make another envelope of gelatin and pour over the object.
  • Return the bowl to the refrigerator and leave for another two hours.
  • Hours later, watch your friend search for the desperate object or find it inside a jelly! Tell him to look in the fridge so he can find you.

Part 3 of 4: Scaring Friends

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 11

Step 1. Use nasty toy animals

Hide and distribute toy rats, snakes and spiders strategically; under someone's pillow sounds like a great idea. Snakes are best suited for the bathroom, such as behind the toilet or hanging in the shower. Bats should be hung above friends who have already slept or in cabinets that guests will open (such as the kitchen cabinet where the snacks will be kept).

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 12

Step 2. Use a voice change app

There are many apps of this type and they can be great for scaring people. Wait until your friend sleeps or is focused on something, sneak up behind and get into position; carry the voice that will be used (like Darth Vader's voice) and say something really scary close to his ear.

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 13

Step 3. Really scare someone

While anyone can frighten others, knowing how to use time correctly can cause an even better reaction than a simple fright. Find a strategic place to hide, such as behind a door or wall. Wait for your victim to pass and jump in front of her screaming something absurd and watch the jump she makes. Recruiting a friend to lure you to the location can be a great idea.

Part 4 of 4: Being Sneaky

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 14

Step 1. Take off your shoes

Noisy and heavy shoes can wake those who have fallen asleep. Take them off and walk on tiptoe so you don't wake anyone. Wear socks or go barefoot, just don't wear shoes. Be careful not to trip or fall on anyone.

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 15

Step 2. Be quick

Don't mess around when you're up to it, or you could get caught in the act. Plan the prank in advance and time the time you will need to get it. When the time comes, use a silent stopwatch and do everything as rehearsed. Be careful not to ruin a prank that would be perfect.

Play a Sleepover Prank Step 16

Step 3. The next day, act covertly

Everyone will be wondering who froze the bra, put the student card inside the jelly, or smeared margarine on friends' faces. Deny it to death and play it off, put on a serious expression, and pretend you're curious too. Hold the wave, not to declare your victory too soon.


  • Calculate stealth in step with speed. Haste is the enemy of perfection and can make you noisy and careless. On the other hand, it's no use being sneaky like a professional and not being able to finish the game. Find the balance between silence and speed.
  • Get the help of a friend to play the hardest tricks. Form alliances to protect yourself and attack others.


  • Don't be rude, that's not the intention.
  • If someone gets really upset, stop joking. This is normal, people can be very sensitive to certain things and it is your duty to respect that.

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