3 Ways to Play Teacher

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3 Ways to Play Teacher
3 Ways to Play Teacher

School can be pretty dull at times, but playing teacher isn't! Get your friends together to play kindergarten and pretend you're the teacher. To make it even cooler, learn how to clean up the school, teach the lesson and be a good teacher.


Method 1 of 3: Fixing the school

Play Teacher Step 1

Step 1. Find the right place for the classroom

It has to be a place that fits all your students' chairs. Your bedroom may not have enough space. Ask your parents if you can move some furniture.

  • Make the rows of the room with folding chairs, if you have them. And students can write on stools or other chairs.
  • For a whiteboard, you can use a very large piece of paper. But instead of chalk, use pens.
Play Teacher Step 2

Step 2. Create other school rooms as well

You can even plan the entire school inside your house. Pretend that every room in the house is a classroom in the school. Some of the rooms that cannot be missing in a good school are:

  • WC.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Discipline corner.
  • Playground.
  • Canteen.
Play Teacher Step 3

Step 3. Arrange the materials

There are some important things you will need. Ask your students to bring their own materials. But try to find some in your house, too, like:

  • Pencils, pens, crayons.
  • Notebooks and papers.
  • Books.
  • Binders.
  • Erasers.
Play Teacher Step 4

Step 4. Choose the grade you will teach

You can teach your current grade. Or your favorite series from the past. You can even skip a few grades and teach a high school grade! It would be nice. Choose the series you think will be the most fun and create a lesson you want to teach.

Don't forget to choose the discipline. Math? Sciences? Portuguese? Which one will be the most fun?

Method 2 of 3: Class Time

Play Teacher Step 5

Step 1. Tell students to join

You have to have students, of course! It can be your friends, siblings, family members. See who wants to play with you. Didn't find anyone? Sit your teddy bears and other toys on the chairs and teach them something!

  • Place each student in their own chair. It is possible to mark the chairs or let them choose (an alternative is to put their names in the places you marked for them to sit).
  • Go to your seat at the front of the room and tell everyone to be silent because class has already started.
Play Teacher Step 6

Step 2. Teach a short lesson

Now that everyone is in the room and silent, teach! Write things on the “blackboard” and ask them to write it down.

If you are a science teacher, ask your students to "dissect" old teddy bears and then describe what they found. This will be a very fun activity for your little school

Play Teacher Step 7

Step 3. Ask students to take notes

Distribute sheets, notebooks, pencils, and pens to students who did not bring them and ask them to write down the material. Give them an exercise and then tell them to read aloud what they wrote.

If you are teaching Portuguese, go through the following timed activity: "Write about what you did this week!", and then charge for them to read it aloud

Play Teacher Step 8

Step 4. Ask them questions

You are the teacher and you want to know if the students are paying attention, right? So ask surprise questions. They can be very difficult math questions or ridiculous questions like this one: "Johnny, come to the front of the room and explain to us how the dinosaurs kissed. We're waiting!"

  • Turn the questions into a game. Ask everyone, for example, "how much is 132 minus 7?", whoever answers first gets a candy.
  • There is a teacher who likes to play bingo to get the students together. It might be nice to play with that too.
Play Teacher Step 9

Step 5. Call students to the board

At school it's really scary, but at your little school it's fun. Call each of them to come to the front and answer a question orally, or to write the answer to an exercise you gave on the board.

It could be the answer to a math problem or a drawing based on a ridiculous topic you made up. Say, for example, that whoever draws the best brontosaurus gets a lollipop

Play Teacher Step 10

Step 6. Playtime

Right after playing for a while in the classroom, line up with your students and send them to the cafeteria. Ask your parents to take care of the cafeteria. If they accept, it will be really cool. Sit down together and eat as if you were in real school.

Play Teacher Step 11

Step 7. Playground time

After you eat, go outside to play or ask your parents to take you to the playground.

Method 3 of 3: Being a Good Teacher

Play Teacher Step 12

Step 1. Take turns

It's cool to be the teacher, but it's cool to be the student, too. Take turns a lot with your friends whenever you play. Even if you are a good teacher, be a good student too.

Create other roles at your school. In addition to the student and the teacher, there can be a principal and an assistant teacher as well. Take turns on all roles

Play Teacher Step 13

Step 2. Make up a teacher name for yourself

You can choose a normal name like Prof. Mario or Prof. Luiz. Another alternative is to be funny and choose a name like Prof. Girafales or Prof. Tiburcio, for example. Choose any name you like or make up one. And insist that your students call you by your teacher name.

Play Teacher Step 14

Step 3. Dress like a teacher

Most teachers dress well. Put on some nice clothes and put on glasses. Put the pants on your navel and part your hair well. Walk like someone older.

  • If you're a girl, ask your mom to borrow an old dress or to go with you to the thrift store to buy one.
  • For boys, remember to put on ties, glasses and suspenders if possible.
Play Teacher Step 15

Step 4. Speak like a teacher

Speak thickly and speak strictly. Don't laugh and don't call anyone by their nickname. Be serious as a teacher.

  • If you all have the same teacher in real life, imitate him.
  • Learn some difficult words to use when playing teacher. "The atmosphere is flat, isn't it?", if you suspect that someone is releasing gas in the classroom.
Play Teacher Step 16

Step 5. Be organized

Keep some school things neatly arranged on your teacher's desk. You can put everything in baskets and mark it with post-it notes (those yellow message papers that stick to things) if you have it. Make a name tag with your teacher's name.

Or you can mess things up if you think your little school is going to be more fun that way

Play Teacher Step 17

Step 6. Don't be too strict

Otherwise the grace will end and it will become a real school! Your students will never sit still and want to be messy all the time. But its alright! It's supposed to be fun. Send them to the discipline corner and leave them there for a while – but don't overdo it.

Most of your friends will want to clown around your classroom. Do not mind. They are just kidding. Ask the assistant teacher for help and have fun


  • Give a warning to students who are chatting during class time.
  • Give an award to those who behave well.
  • Don't forget to put together some activity lists for the class.
  • Get a slate.
  • Take a fun tour.
  • Don't be a cruel teacher.
  • Send anyone who makes a mess out of the room.
  • Make a class schedule.
  • If any student is behaving very badly, send him to the discipline corner.


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