How to Tell If You're a Tall Girl: 13 Steps

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How to Tell If You're a Tall Girl: 13 Steps
How to Tell If You're a Tall Girl: 13 Steps

You're used to looking down on your friends. You feel guilty about blocking people's view when you go to the movies, the theater, or a concert. When they meet someone, the first thing they say, looking at you scared, is, "Wow, you are so tall!" and you just answer "Yes…". If these things happened to you, then yes, you are a tall girl. But that doesn't have to be a tragedy. Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, and if you are tall, you should be proud of your long legs and good looks. Here's how to know if you're tall - and how to make the most of it.


Method 1 of 2: Finding Out If You Are A Tall Girl

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 1

Step 1. See if you are taller than the girls you know

If you're with your little group of friends and you're looking at them all from above, then yes, you're tall. See a photo of you with your friends and see the height; you are tall if you are one head above all. But remember that it depends on who you date. You won't look so tall if you're with the girls on the volleyball team instead of any other girls.

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 2

Step 2. Notice if you have difficulty finding clothes that fit

If you often have difficulty finding pants that fit because they are short, be wary of your height. You can even hear your friends complaining that they always make the hem of their pants because they are too long, and you think "what the hell is this?" It can also be difficult for you to find T-shirts that don't leave your stomach out when you put them on.

As for shorts, if you're tall, it might be difficult to find shorts that cover most of your legs; if your school has rules regarding clothing, such as that your fingertips must reach the ends of your shorts, it may end up being nearly impossible to find a model long enough

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 3

Step 3. See if everyone around you asks if you play basketball or volleyball

When asked if you play these sports for tall people, it could be a sign that you are taller than normal. This can be annoying if you don't even play these sports - or no sports at all! People love to assume something about someone based on their appearance; you must not be discouraged by this.

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 4

Step 4. See if your height is greater than 1.60 m

This measurement may change depending on your country, but in general you are a tall woman if you are over six feet.

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 5

Step 5. Realize that you're not hitting puberty earlier than other people

In general, girls reach puberty between the ages of 8 to 13 years, and boys between the ages of 9 and 15 years. This means that if you feel tall when you're only 11, you may be developing faster than your friends, and maybe you're bigger than boys because they take longer to catch up. If you're still in the middle of puberty and many of your friends haven't even reached puberty, don't worry - in a year or two, you'll stop feeling "high" in your group.

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 6

Step 6. See if you can never "mix" in the crowd

In a room full of people, for example, your friends can see you from afar, so yes, maybe you are tall and stand out. There's nothing wrong with that - who says standing out is bad?

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 7

Step 7. See if you never have room to stretch your legs

When sitting on the plane, or in the passenger seat of your friend's car, you always feel the need to move your legs to one side, recline your seat, squirm your body just to put your feet on the ground. If yes, you must be a tall girl.

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 8

Step 8. See if you look at boys your age "from above"

If 8th grade scavenger hunts and activities are a bit awkward for you because your date taps you on the chest when it's time to dance to slow music, then yes, you're tall. But don't be discouraged - there's a good chance the boys haven't stopped growing yet.

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 9

Step 9. You feel guilty whenever you go to a movie or a concert because it blocks people's view

You can't help but be tall. But even so, you feel guilty going to the movies, the theater or a show, because it blocks the field of vision of the people behind. There's not much you can do - just stretch out in your seat.

Method 2 of 2: Taking pride in height

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 10

Step 1. Remember that being tall is beautiful

Be short too! Don't think that because you're tall, you're not attractive, but awkward and awkward. Many beautiful women are tall and they know how to use it, always being in the spotlight. Don't think that being tall makes you unattractive or "unsuitable" to men. Here are some examples of tall celebrities: Luciana Gimenez (1.81 m), Ivete Sangalo (1.77 m), Marília Gabriela (1.78 m), Jordin Sparks (1.83 m), and Maria Sharapova (1.88 m) m).

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 11

Step 2. Don't be relaxed

You may think that letting your posture relaxed (hunchback) will make you lower. This is true, but it damages your posture and negatively draws attention to your height. So lift your head proudly, not worrying about looking down on people - people who should want to be tall like you!

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 12

Step 3. Don't worry about being taller than men

Sure, they might be intimidated by your height, but that doesn't mean you can't talk to them or show them how cool you are. Don't think you don't have a chance to be with a boy just because he's shorter than you. If you find a guy you like, meet him and you'll see that height is just a given.

Determine if You Are a Tall Girl Step 13

Step 4. Remember that your neighbor's grass always looks greener

You might feel bad that you're taller than your friends, or that your shorts are too short, but your petite friend must hate standing on tiptoe to talk to people or having to sew the hem of jeans and take off 6 inches for it to fit in it. You may not want to be tall, but a lot of girls would die to be in your shoes! Whether you're tall or short, it's all about accepting yourself.


  • It's not easy being tall, but don't let your height discourage you. Remember all tall models!
  • There's nothing wrong with being tall. There are many men who like tall women. The important thing is trust.
  • Remember the proportions. Being taller you are heavier, so don't be discouraged if you weigh 2.5 kg more than your friend, who is 5 cm less than you. Just know that you are unique and that it makes you even more beautiful!
  • Many relationships today take place between tall girls and short men, especially at school.
  • If you're not tall, don't be discouraged. Just remember to eat right and stay positive.

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