3 Ways to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

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3 Ways to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You
3 Ways to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

Few sensations are worse than thinking your boyfriend is being unfaithful. However, if something suddenly goes weird in the relationship, it's better to clarify the truth than to worry about it all the time. Still, that doesn't mean you can start spying on the boy's life. Just keep an eye out for a few signs to determine if it's still reliable.


Method 1 of 3: Looking for Physical Signs

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Step 1. Try to find obvious evidence that he was with another woman

It may look beaten, but finding lipstick stains (that's different from what you wear) on a guy's shirt is a sign of betrayal, as is smelling another woman's perfume in his hair or clothes.

If you find lipstick stains or smell a strange scent on your boyfriend's clothes at one time, it could be that he has hugged a friend or relative. Only worry if this happens on multiple occasions

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Step 2. Pay attention to changes in his physical appearance

When a man starts to get involved with another woman, he starts to pay more attention to his appearance: he goes to the gym, takes care of his skin, whitens his teeth, etc. If your boyfriend's routine suddenly changes, he may be in trouble.

When a man cheats on his partner, he may take more frequent showers to try to get the lover's scent off the body. If your boyfriend starts acting like this, keep an eye out

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Step 3. See if he's obsessed with his cell phone

Almost everyone has a phone in their hand all the time - there's nothing suspicious about it. However, if your boyfriend never puts down his braces, even when he goes to the bathroom, he may be hiding something, like a lover.

Even people in serious relationships need privacy. Don't snoop on your boyfriend's phone to look at the call list, messages or emails, even if you suspect something

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Step 4. See if he is always connected to social media

There is nothing wrong with having accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. However, if the guy is connected to the Twitter or Instagram feed all the time, it may be that he is no longer fully committed to their relationship.

  • If your boyfriend is addicted to social media, he can use some app to communicate with other women and even meet new people.
  • As with the phone, you have to respect the guy's privacy, even if you're suspicious. Do not try to discover passwords or other account access information.
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Step 5. See if he always closes the doors to talk on the phone

This is a classic sign that someone has something to hide, especially if the person suddenly gets into the habit. Maybe the guy wants to call or text another woman and doesn't want you to find out.

Even if your boyfriend doesn't close his doors to communicate with others, this signal can still be problematic as it indicates some emotional distance between you

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Step 6. Take your friends' warnings into account

If your trusted friends and relatives start to insinuate that your boyfriend might be with someone else, it might be best for you to do a little research and analysis and see if there's any truth to this story.

When someone makes serious accusations against your boyfriend, think very carefully before you get carried away or acted. Your friends and family may actually care about you, but their own experiences can affect their perception of the situation. For example, if a friend of yours has recently been cheated on by her boyfriend, she may be inclined to accuse the guy, even if he hasn't done anything

Method 2 of 3: Looking for Emotional Signs

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Step 1. Pay attention to whether the boy's mood varies a lot

If he is happy and excited when he says goodbye to you but is quiet and reclusive when they meet again, there may be another girl in the story. Deal with more than one relationship at the same time and maybe your boyfriend will pay the price.

Problems in one relationship end up affecting others. If your boyfriend argues with his lover, for example, he may end up taking it out on you

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Step 2. Pay attention to whether he has stopped saying "I love you"

This can be pretty obvious: if your boyfriend used to say how he felt all the time, but doesn't, you could get a flea behind your ear. Maybe that's because he's not that invested in the relationship anymore-because he's thinking about another one.

See his reaction when you say "I love you". If he's even reluctant to say "Me too," it's a red light

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Step 3. Notice how affectionate the guy is with you

If he doesn't show that much feeling already, it may be that he is involved with someone else and just wants to care for her. Failing to offer kisses, hugs and other caresses is a clear sign of betrayal.

Not every display of affection is physical. If the guy stops referring to you with a pet nickname or using his favorite emojis on his cell phone, keep an eye out

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Step 4. See if he is more attentive than usual

Sometimes a person feels so guilty about cheating on their partner that they try to make up for the mistake with acts of kindness. Filling with gifts, inviting you to dinner, or letting you choose the movie you'll see on TV are signs that he wants to take a load off his conscience.

Men get very guilty and end up showing more affection than usual when they start cheating on their partners. As the betrayal continues, this guilt and affection lessens

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Step 5. See if the guy seems to want to argue with you

Maybe he wants to fight for a reason to leave the house and meet his lover, for example. If your boyfriend gets into this habit every time he's around, be suspicious.

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Step 6. See if the boy suddenly starts to suspect everything

If he starts accusing you of cheating on him - even without any evidence - there may be a third person in the middle. This is because he can project his own behavior onto others: since he knows he is cheating, the man assumes that his partner is too (or perhaps he just wants to lessen the guilt he feels).

Method 3 of 3: Asking the Guy Directly

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Step 1. Ask if anything happened

You don't necessarily have to accuse your boyfriend, but you can tell him that you think something is wrong with him. The lack of communication between you can greatly damage the relationship; therefore, it is always better to confront problems directly.

  • Choose an appropriate time to speak with him, when there is no risk of interruption. If you want to have a serious and honest conversation, you both have to put the phone away and pay close attention.
  • Try to stay calm. If you make your boyfriend defensive right away, you probably won't get the answers you're looking for. Remember you want to talk, not confront.
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Step 2. Talk about changes in the boy's behavior

Don't give the impression that you are irrational or paranoid. For that, cite specific examples that caused your distrust, even if it's just the facts that he seems distant or that he started to take his cell phone to the bathroom.

Don't judge the boy when he talks about the reasons that led you to distrust him. Try, for example, to speak sentences that start with "I" and not "You": "I feel you are pulling away and it hurts me." That way, your boyfriend will be more willing to listen

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Step 3. Ask hard

If you can't bring the conversation to the point gradually, be direct and ask the guy if he's with someone else. You will likely be angry and hurt by the response, but don't start cursing or physically attacking him. The calmer you are, the greater your chances of hearing something concrete.

Give your boyfriend a chance to answer your questions. Don't yell or think you know what he's going to say; perhaps he has a sensible explanation for his actions

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Step 4. Trust your instincts

Unless you have concrete, irrefutable evidence of the betrayal, your boyfriend will likely try to deny the allegations. In that case, listen to your instincts: if you can't believe him, it means there's no longer any trust in the relationship - and it's going to be difficult to get it back.


  • Before trying to prove or confirm your boyfriend's betrayal, decide what you're going to do if it's true. For some people, infidelity is a death sentence for the relationship as it means there is no trust. For others, the relationship may survive this situation - as long as the person responsible for the slip stops getting involved with other people. Know your limits well before confronting the boy.
  • Don't become a cynical person just because you've been cheated on by a boyfriend. Even if you decide to break up, try to forgive him and embark on the next adventure with an open and recovered heart.
  • Always put yourself first. If you don't reap the rewards you expect from the relationship, it's better to be alone than with the wrong person.


  • Don't try to fight back your boyfriend's betrayal by doing the same thing. Two wrongs don't make one right.
  • Prepare to see the boy get angry and defensive if you confront him about the betrayal. Keep calm and don't get mad because of him.

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