3 Ways to Excite Your Boyfriend

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3 Ways to Excite Your Boyfriend
3 Ways to Excite Your Boyfriend

Are you in a relationship that seems to have fallen into sameness? Or do you just want to spice things up between you guys? Maybe you just want to make it more fun for both of you. Whatever the reason, this article teaches you how to excite your boyfriend.


Method 1 of 3: Stimulating the Mind

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 1

Step 1. Wear perfume

This is a basic tip to turn your boyfriend on. You can have the essences present in the perfume manipulated to customize it according to his taste, but it is recommended to bet on musk notes, as they are the ones that most refer to sex.

  • Stay away from perfumes that are too strong or that are perfumes typically associated with "old age ladies".
  • Apply the perfume in the right spots (a spray on the wrists, belly, behind the knees and ears).
Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 2

Step 2. Use body language

Use it to fill his head with spicy ideas. Try sensually licking ice cream during a date. Smooth your thigh while sitting side by side on the couch. Approach and lean on him to say something. Lower the trunk to pick up something that has fallen to the ground. There are several ways to get him to start thinking sensual thoughts. The key is to take advantage of any situation you find yourself in.

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 3

Step 3. Whisper something in his ear

It must have a little teasing, a little naughty and be very tempting. Keep your voice hoarse and your lips close to his ear as you whisper something very slowly and sensually. He will beg you to take him to bed.

"So… And now, what do you want to do??", "You know how to tease huh.", "What do you want me to do with you?", etc. You got the spirit of it

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 4

Step 4. Show only part of the lingerie

First, wear one that is a bright color, quite different from the lingerie your grandma wears; second, show just a little of your panties when bending down to pick up something (like when the “piggy bank” appears under your jeans); and lastly, check out the results.

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 5

Step 5. Show him you're turned on

Your boyfriend is sure to be turned on if he sees you in the mood. Show your horny if he grabs the right part of your body or says something that makes you climb the walls. You can also text or show excitement in other ways.

Try something like "I want you here and now." or "I can't stop thinking about what I want you to do to me."

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 6

Step 6. Bite your lips during a conversation

Congratulations: now he is thinking about your lips. It's that simple. Couple that with a good eye and you'll communicate that you're ready to devour him. Only you're a lady and you won't say it on the tin; you prefer to be more subtle and discreet.

Method 2 of 3: Using Physical Temptation

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 9

Step 1. Touch his body

Whether it's a light touch on his arm or a smoothing of his thigh during a movie, you're going to make him want you to run your hand over him. Remember that you should alternate firm and light grips according to his body part. Try to bet on the most sensitive areas (neck, jaw, arms, upper chest, part between the waist and back, etc.).

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 8

Step 2. Massage his back

Tell him to take off his shirt, apply body massage oil, and start running your hands over his body. Wear minimal clothing during the massage. The massage will make his blood circulate, and have your hands sliding over his body and so slippery… he won't be able to hold back.

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 9

Step 3. Dance (it's not as hard as it sounds)

Men go crazy when women are spontaneous, self-assured, and do unexpected things. You don't need to go to a disco, just put on some cool music at home, take him by the hand and start dancing slowly with you. Move your body as naturally as possible to make it rub against yours. Believe it or not, that alone will be enough.

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 11

Step 4. Put his hands where you want them

Taking control of the situation will get you excited. Take his hands and place them on your butt, at the same time you give him a very suggestive look or whisper something in his ear. Taking his hands and putting them where you want them will show all your desire: something he'll no doubt find sexy.

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 11

Step 5. Nibble it

A nibble on his ear, a neat lick of his neck: you want to taste him. The sensations will excite him and make him wait for you to put other things in his mouth.

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 12

Step 6. Experience a thermal shock

Here is a powerful aphrodisiac. After taking off his shirt and kissing his chest, for example, run your tongue across his chest and then blow. The heat followed by the cold will give his body several nice sensations and start his engine.

Don't forget the classic ice cube

Method 3 of 3: Being More Bold

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 13

Step 1. Do a strip tease

You don't need to be an expert like the pro girls at the nearest nightclub. A sexy song and you taking off your clothes “slowly” will send you climbing the walls.

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 14

Step 2. Try a little make-believe

It can be fun for both of you and will help you relax and deepen your physical relationship. Give him the chance to choose a costume to share with you or surprise him with a complete set and costumes.

Try to choose something that catches his interest. Comic books, movies, high school fantasies, video games: you know your man better than anyone else

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 15

Step 3. Try a little fetish

They don't harm anyone, as long as you don't forget the security password! All kidding aside, fetishes can spice up a relationship and don't need to be too perverted. Don't do anything that makes her uncomfortable and make sure your pact is clear. Is there a handcuff there?

Letting him choose which fetish to explore can be quite an aphrodisiac for him. Don't judge his turn and be open to what he wants to experience; this goes to show that he doesn't need to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with you, which is very exciting

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 16

Step 4. Try out new positions

If they don't come out of Mom and Dad, he might get a little bored. You too! Excite each other and breathe new life into the relationship with new positions in bed. For example, men love it when the woman is on top with her head pointing toward their feet. So she can give and receive oral sex at the same time.

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 18

Step 5. Take a shower together

The hot water and soap make everything so slippery… It's a great way to excite him and experience something new. Wash his body, let him wash yours and see what happens from there.

Turn On Your Boyfriend Step 17

Step 6. Try sex toys

Vibrators don't just keep lonely women and happy lesbians company: sex shop toys are great to use with your partner. If you're new to the subject, start with a small, cordless vibrator (a very basic one, usually the size of an egg). Use the vibrator on his testicles during sex and he'll explode with pleasure.


If they don't live together, just the period when they are away from each other makes him excited. This article is to get you even more excited


  • Take it easy; don't rush things. The longer it takes, the greater the tension built up in it. He will be drooling at your feet.
  • Don't force the bar. Know the signs of when your boyfriend is in the mood to be turned on through your level of cooperation. Recognize when he says a hesitant "stop" with a smile on his face and when he mumbles an irritated "stop" with a serious expression.
  • Turning your boyfriend on doesn't necessarily have to lead to intercourse. Discover the alternatives and plan the arrival of a happy ending that pleases both.
  • Don't be clingy. Give your boyfriend some space so that when you go to touch him, he really gets a taste of "I want more."
  • Be careful what you do with specific types of guys, as each one reacts differently when turned on.

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