How to Seduce an Older Woman (with Pictures)

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How to Seduce an Older Woman (with Pictures)
How to Seduce an Older Woman (with Pictures)

Hanging out with women of any age can be fun, but there's something special about getting involved with mature ones. They are more confident and know what they want out of life, increasing their chemistry with men. You have to be confident and organized to get her attention, whether you're just curious about the occasion or if there's an experienced woman who can't get out of your head.


Part 1 of 3: Getting her attention

Seduce an Older Woman Step 1

Step 1. Show confidence

As you approach the woman, keep your head up, with your back straight and your shoulders high. That way you will have an air of confidence that will attract a person who is more mature.

  • Go in front of the mirror and motivate yourself. Say, for example, "I'm cute, smart, and funny, so I just need to be myself."
  • Older women generally prefer secure partners. In addition to being more confident, they have already faced the anxieties that accompany insecurity. If so, she may get the impression that you are looking for a mother figure, not a partner.
Seduce an Older Woman Step 2

Step 2. Make eye contact when talking to her

One of the best ways to show confidence is not to interrupt your gaze; aim the person's eyes and look like that when close to each other or talking.

  • However, don't look her in the eye and maintain eye contact for too long or you'll just scare her. Keep your gaze fixed for just a few seconds and then look away.
  • To send even more signals that you're flirting, look at her, smile, and glance over her lips for a moment.
Seduce an Older Woman Step 3

Step 3. Praise her sincerely

As you talk to an interesting person, notice what exactly attracts you to her, and turn that into a pleasing compliment that will be unique to the woman. Try, when possible, to talk about how she makes you feel or the qualities she makes it clear that she has. These types of compliments can be far more meaningful than a simple comment about her appearance.

  • Do you like the girl's bubbly laugh, which warms your heart? Say, for example: "I feel like I would never stop smiling with you around, it's so much fun!"
  • To compliment a physical attribute, prefer something that's a style choice, like her hair or clothes.
  • Saying you love a woman's smile or eyes can make her happy, even if it's a bit generic. This can work in your favor and make room for you to be more creative next time. If she's telling an interesting story, say "I'd be chatting and listening to it all day if I could!"
Seduce an Older Woman Step 4

Step 4. Try not to talk about her age, at least at first

It is recommended not to mention this subject in general, especially when flirting with a mature girl. Saying how beautiful you look for your age may make you uncomfortable with the opinions of others or emphasize that you are much younger than she is. Gradually, the issue of age difference will be addressed and there is no need to escape from it; just don't make it the main topic right from the start.

  • If she talks about her own age, say, for example: "I would never have been right."
  • If the girl asks you to guess her age, always guess less than you really suspect. Don't be obvious; when judging she's approaching her 40s, guess 33 or 34.
  • Once you start talking about her actual age, show surprise that such a woman is still single, or point out how you managed to avoid so many men. The important thing is that it doesn't look forced.
Seduce an Older Woman Step 5

Step 5. Give the impression of being independent

Older women like partners who can take care of themselves, so emphasize what you've accomplished and what you'll want to do on your own. She will not have this feeling if the man is talking only about friends and family, ending up angry regardless of age.

  • For example: talk about your hobbies, what you like to do for fun, the sports you play and watch and even what you did - or still do - for personal growth.
  • Do you already have a good career and a promising future? Talk about your work, but don't brag about it; arrogance may appear to be a way of compensating for lack of confidence.
  • If you live with your parents, don't count, especially if the girl's age is closer to theirs than yours.
Seduce an Older Woman Step 6

Step 6. Be direct and ask her out

Is the conversation good and are you interested in getting to know her better? No "games", just say so; more experienced women prefer this kind of approach than the tiresome “ritual” for what really matters. Rest assured and casually ask her if she is interested in seeing you again next week.

  • Say, for example, “I loved talking to you, but I have to go. How about dinner next week?” If she agrees, ask for the contact phone number; when the answer is no, don't panic and just ask if there's another day that the girl would like.
  • Don't forget to smile and look her in the eye when you invite her!

Part 2 of 3: Taking her out

Seduce an Older Woman Step 7

Step 1. Make plans for a good date based on what you know about the woman

Before, take some time to chat and send messages, getting to know better what she likes; this will let you know which restaurants or places the lady likes the most. However, it should also be an enjoyable occasion for you; staying too far out of her comfort zone will make her easily aware that she is feeling like a fish out of water.

  • For example, if she only likes fine dining - and it doesn't bother you - take her to that new, upscale restaurant that has opened near your home. On the other hand, if you can't pay the bill or don't feel good in such an environment, try to find another solution, or the date could end up being uncomfortable for both of you.
  • Think of a surprise. For example, if you like something more “extreme”, how about a boat ride on the river near your home, or a nature trail?
Seduce an Older Woman Step 8

Step 2. Try your best to impress her

Take a good shower, put on some perfume and change into new clothes; showing up with your shirt all rolled up or your hair messed up will only give the impression that you're not taking the date too seriously.

Don't overdo the perfume or cologne; one or two sprays on each side of the neck is enough for the fragrance to be pleasant throughout the entire date. Otherwise, the strong smell, however pleasant, can end up being nauseating

Seduce an Older Woman Step 9

Step 3. Open the door for the woman

Some don't appreciate “gentlemanly” gestures because they don't like to feel incapable. However, most consider it a sign of respect and will wait for it. To make sure you didn't do the wrong thing, offer to open her car door, hold the door in the restaurant, or order her a drink at the bar; analyze the reaction to measure whether or not your conduct was approved.

  • Did you think she liked your attitude? Any small gesture, like offering to carry a heavy object, is a great way to remain a “gentleman”!
  • If the girl refuses, just smile and show that the fact of showing security and independence pleases you.
  • Remember that, in any case, there are opportunities where holding the door or opening it is polite conduct, whoever the other person is.
Seduce an Older Woman Step 10

Step 4. Don't talk about issues that emphasize the generation gap

Even if she easily discusses recent issues and demonstrates knowledge, perhaps the woman does not know those new internet memes or terms used in social media, and is not impressed by her gym stories or drunken nights. Instead, try to discuss interests that “speak” to both parties, such as movies, music, politics, books, and recent events.

For example, if you've traveled a lot, tell me which countries you've visited and which you liked the most. On the other hand, when you want to visit certain places, say which ones they are

Seduce an Older Woman Step 11

Step 5. Embrace your “joviality”

It's normal to feel a little self-conscious or withdrawn when trying to impress a woman older than you. However, remember that there are many more advantages to your side, something a man her age might not have, such as energy, physical disposition, and the enthusiasm to seek new experiences.

  • Don't forget: she's agreed to go out with you, so she's intrigued by your joviality and wants to get to know you better. Acting with maturity is the best option, but don't pretend to be someone you're not!
  • Instead of pointing out your weaknesses, point out your strengths. Don't address your lack of experience or that you can't get a job; instead, show that you are excited about the future and that you are happy and free, even when you are still young.
Seduce an Older Woman Step 12

Step 6. During the entire date, flirt with her

One of the best ways to build sexual tension is to break down the touch barrier; look for small opportunities to brush your hand or leg against any part of the beauty's body when possible. Praise her, maintain eye contact, and smile when she's talking.

  • When noticing that the chemistry between you is increasing, keep flirting and being more "daring". If you touch her arm and the girl returns it by placing her hand on your knee, move your chair closer and lean your leg against hers.
  • Maybe you're being a little too sappy if you notice she's backed off a bit, or the chemistry isn't quite right yet. Try to adopt a more friendly posture, without flirting as much. Go back to court her as soon as you notice they're more comfortable again.

Part 3 of 3: Becoming intimate with the woman

Seduce an Older Woman Step 13

Step 1. Give a kiss if things are going well

As stated earlier, older women prefer the man to be more direct; when they're having fun and you think she'll enjoy having sex, even if they're just starting out, act. As the end of the date approaches and you feel the sexual tension running high, kiss her. If the girl allows the kiss to continue, be more intense and then back off a little bit.

  • When in doubt, bring your face closer and look at her lips. A positive reaction-such as moving closer to her face-indicates that it's okay to kiss her. Do you still have that “little flea” behind your ear? Say "I would love to kiss you now."
  • Retreating at the “summary” of the kisses gives her the chance to think a little while, at the same time, she gets that “I want more” desire.
Seduce an Older Woman Step 14

Step 2. Ask her if she wants to “stretch”

If things continue well after the kiss, be bold and take her to bed. Say, for example: “The date is so good, I wish it wasn't over yet. Can I come in with you?”, when I dropped her off at home.

  • There are many women who prefer to leave sex for the third or fourth date. If you suspect the beauty is like that, wait until she feels comfortable sleeping together.
  • Never force her to do anything. “No” is no, but even if the girl hesitates or smiles and says she'll call the next day, avoid being aggressive.
  • Take her to a motel if she doesn't seem comfortable going to your residence or inviting you into her own home.
Seduce an Older Woman Step 15

Step 3. Enter the house if she is receptive

Regardless of what you agree to do - go to one of the houses or a motel - kiss her again when you are alone. Show that you know what you're looking for, but that you're open to any “signs” of it.

More experienced women may like to “take the reins” in bed, while others prefer the young man to lead, with their energy and enthusiasm

Seduce an Older Woman Step 16

Step 4. Show confidence

Even if you don't have experience inside your own room yet, don't give the impression that you're insecure or withdrawn; kiss her firmly, explore each other's bodies in an intimate and exciting way. Take your time; remember that for those who already have a lot of experience in the subject, sex is much more about the act than the climax.

  • If something doesn't go right or you can't unlock her bra clasp, laugh and keep going. Don't let lack of experience get in the way.
  • Pay attention to the signs she gives. For example, the woman may indicate that she enjoyed a caress, or that her “boldness” was not welcome. There are also cases in which you will not give any indication, that is, see if the girl approaches you, showing that she is enjoying herself, or if she apparently distanced herself, signaling discomfort.
Seduce an Older Woman Step 17

Step 5. Make her “want” you again

After intercourse, leave in a very pleasant mood, saying that you had fun and that you want to see her again. Call or text the lady a day or two later.

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