How to Be Naughty (with Pictures)

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How to Be Naughty (with Pictures)
How to Be Naughty (with Pictures)

Is your relationship a little watery? Boring? Does your romantic partner have a history with bad boys (or bad girls) that you wouldn't want them to look back on? Master the art of naughtiness to breathe new life into your relationship and rekindle that old flame. Surprise yourself and your partner! Read the text below to know where to start.


Part 1 of 4: Getting comfortable with yourself

Be Naughty Step 1

Step 1. Stop apologizing

To be a convincing bastard, you need to express that you feel confident and comfortable with yourself, which doesn't go with a defensive posture and a propensity to justify yourself to others. Don't apologize for not being so sexy, for getting fat, for enjoying sex. You have wants, needs and feelings - all as valid as anyone else's.

Be Naughty Step 2

Step 2. Stop trying to look like a celebrity

You don't have to look like a movie star (or in the porn industry) to be worthy of your partner's attention, nor for your partner to see you as sensual. If he chose you and he's still there for you, he certainly thinks you're sexy. Furthermore, sensuality has a lot to do with attitude and little to do with the look.

Be Naughty Step 3

Step 3. Celebrate your good points

Identify your best features (size, attractive features) and extol it. It can be a physical attribute, like a round butt or big breasts! Choose features that you can use to your advantage and that serve as a reminder of your seduction potential.

Step 4. Accept your sexual side

Sex is part of your being - which is not only normal but very positive. If your own sexuality constrains you to the point where you can't enjoy it, you can never be naughty. Recognize it and be comfortable with it. This is very important.

Be Naughty Step 5

Step 5. Find what gives you pleasure

Do you already feel free to enjoy sex? Excellent. Now, launch yourself, alone or together, to new experiences and explore your body. Find out what you find exciting and pleasurable. You may think that being naughty is all about giving your partner, but it's also about communicating to him exactly (and in very unseemly ways) how he can bring you pleasure.

Part 2 of 4: Creating the naughty look

Be Naughty Step 6

Step 1. Enhance the wardrobe

Get rid of grandpa's underwear and frayed t-shirts, and sensualize your style from top to bottom, from underwear and everyday clothing to the more special pieces you would wear on a date, for example. To be naughty, you have to look naughty.

Be Naughty Step 7

Step 2. Change your hair and makeup

If you're a woman, you can call for a bolder haircut and makeup style. Any hairdresser will be able to help you with the first item, and YouTube is full of makeup tutorials.

Be Naughty Step 8

Step 3. Shave creatively

You could take out all the pubic hair or, say, dare to trim it into a heart shape. This will be a fun surprise for your partner, as well as showing them how important sex is to you.

Be Naughty Step 9

Step 4. Put yourself in spicy situations

Take advantage of clothing and circumstances to show your mate what you have in mind. You can cook naked (programming yourself in such a way to be caught in the act by the other person) or bet on the traditional room decoration with candles and rose petals. There are many possible approaches, so be creative.

Be Naughty Step 10

Step 5. Work out

No, by this we are not suggesting a slimmer form and submission to traditional ideas of sensuality. Following tradition is too boring. But it is necessary to work out because researches prove that physical exercise improves libido and sexual pleasure. Try to run a little every day before your partner returns home.

Part 3 of 4: Behaving naughty

Be Naughty Step 11

Step 1. Take control in the master bedroom

Be more bossy. Tell your date what to do - which is very sexy, even though it seems a bit cruel at first. But it's just this healthy dose of malice that will make everything so sexy. Furthermore, this will be healthy for your relationship as it will contribute to a more equal and pleasurable sex life for both parties.

Be Naughty Step 12

Step 2. Learn to provoke

Take it easy and learn to prolong the climax. Do not jump directly into the genital area. Before getting to them, explore other erogenous zones: ears, behind the knees, the inner thigh. You should even learn the opportune time to deny your partner the touch. When he begs for relief, tease him for a few seconds before finally granting your wish.

  • It is also possible to use teasing outside the couple's bedroom in everyday situations. A woman could, during some occasion in public, make a quick escape to the bathroom, take off her panties and then discreetly place them in her partner's pocket, for example.

    Be Naughty Step 12Bullet1
Be Naughty Step 13

Step 3. Speak indecencies

Using the nastiest voice you can produce, start daring more in vocabulary. Saying out loud what you would like the other person to do - or even announcing that you are excited - can be incredibly exciting.

Be Naughty Step 14

Step 4. Explore the world beyond the bedroom

Sex doesn't have to be confined to the bed. Knowing that you are breaking the rules can be a big factor in your sexual desire: make a surprise appearance in the bathroom during your spouse's bath, spice up the night movie on the couch, and don't be afraid to take bigger flights by venturing. if in public places such as amusement parks and movie theaters.

Be Naughty Step 15

Step 5. Be more theatrical

Dramatizing situations is an age-old trick to spice up relationships - and an extremely effective one, if used in the right way. A woman could pass for a schoolgirl or a secretary, while the rakish cop or the harried doctor are the characters most commonly played by men.

Be Naughty Step 16

Step 6. Break all records

In collaboration with your partner, start analyzing the relationship numbers: how many times you have sex a day, what is the number of unusual places where you have had sex. Keep track of these stats (it's up to you to use a scoreboard and pick prizes for broken records) and try to improve them together.

Be Naughty Step 17

Step 7. Use sex toys

There's an easy shortcut to spice up any relationship. It should be emphasized that the tip is not just for girls: there are many male sex toys. Surprise your partner with some unusual gifts. And there's no need to wait for his birthday!

Be Naughty Step 18

Step 8. Keep the relationship fresh

When it comes to romance, it's essential to always be on the lookout for uncharted territory rather than settling for the familiarity of everyday life. Recognizing the importance of sex life and trying to make it more interesting, by itself, already makes the tricks (seeming "naughty", for example) play a secondary role in the couple's intimacy.

Part 4 of 4: Recognizing Limits

Be Naughty Step 19

Step 1. Ask first

There's no need to shower your partner with questions, but it's a good idea to investigate his fantasies before you get into unexplored practices. Make the situation more natural by using a sexy voice.

Be Naughty Step 20

Step 2. Observe the other person's reaction - very important point for those who are trying new things

Don't let him hear his opinion until after the act is done - watch, moment by moment, how he reacts. If he seems more shy or self-conscious than usual, he may not be enjoying the situation as much as he claims.

Be Naughty Step 21

Step 3. Take it easy

Don't try to transition from Puritan to Marquis de Sade in a single day. This can even frighten your partner if these fantasies didn't come from him. Climb the ladder of debauchery step by step so that your sexual relations are pleasurable to both involved.

Be Naughty Step 22

Step 4. Separate everyday life from sexual life

It's not because some girls like to hear certain curses in bed that they'll want to be treated like that out of bed. Likewise, it is important not to let yourself be affected by situations that have been exciting within a sexual context but, in retrospect, seem unpleasant. Remember: real life and sexual life are two different realms.

Be Naughty Step 23

Step 5. Avoid regrets

Don't do anything you might regret later. With the enormous importance of the internet in our lives today, anyone is at risk of having nude photos released and life quickly ruined. Avoid photographing yourself naked (no matter how stable your relationship is). And the idea of ​​starring in amateur porn is certainly electrifying, but it's best left to happy couples united by years of marriage.

  • While there is mutual trust between those involved, it is important to remember that material can be found or stolen by others, such as hackers.

    Be Naughty Step 23Bullet1


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