4 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

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4 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day
4 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

Father's Day has been celebrated in Brazil for over 60 years and for even longer in other parts of the world. The specific date varies from region to region: here, for example, it always falls on the second Sunday in August; in Portugal, in turn, happens on March 19! Anyway, you can follow the tips below and make this occasion special for your dad, even if you can't leave the house to buy presents (due to the new coronavirus pandemic). Follow this article to find out more!


Method 1 of 4: Safely Celebrating Father's Day During the New Coronavirus Pandemic

Celebrate Father's Day Step 1

Step 1. Make a video call with your dad if you don't live together

Thanks to technological advances, it is now very easy to have contact with the family even from different homes and places! You can schedule a video call with your father via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or even WhatsApp.

  • Arrange the time with your father so that he can download the application or video calling program to his cell phone, computer or tablet. If he's not very adept at technologies, call first and give him a little remote help.
  • Some programs, such as Zoom, allow the user to use custom backgrounds for video calls. Take your dad by surprise with a theme inspired by this special occasion! If not, you still have the option of making a poster and hanging it on the wall behind your chair at home.
Celebrate Father's Day Step 2

Step 2. Order delivery of your dad's favorite dish

You don't need to take your dad to his favorite restaurant: bring the restaurant home! Just order delivery from one of the many apps available.

  • Of course, everything gets more special if you play a "master chef" and cook everything yourself. Set the table and create a whole dining experience for your dad.
  • You can order delivery from your father even if you don't live with him. Just make a video call when you're both eating!
Celebrate Father's Day Step 3

Step 3. Take your dad for a walk in a park or on a trail

You have the option of calling your dad for a hike or a quiet walk in a park, even more so if he has an adventurous spirit and is feeling locked up at home. This type of activity is almost risk free, as long as everyone follows the distancing recommendations.

  • Stay at least 1.5 m away from your father and anyone else during the tour. Also, avoid crowded or narrow parks and trails.
  • Don't forget to pack snacks, water and gel alcohol in your backpack.
Celebrate Father's Day Step 4

Step 4. Take your dad on a virtual visit to a museum or some kind of artistic performance

You can still plan a whole Father's Day adventure without leaving your home! Take him on a virtual tour of a famous museum or watch a live from an artist who is broadcasting a show over the internet.

  • You can explore museums around the world through Google Arts & Culture and other websites and apps. If you prefer, you can even access the virtual tours of great Brazilian museums (Pinacoteca of the State of São Paulo, Casa Portinari, National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, etc.).
  • Seek a visit to a zoo or aquarium if your dad likes animals.
  • Stay on top of live ads on social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Several famous portals, such as G1, publish updated lists every week.
Celebrate Father's Day Step 5

Step 5. Enroll your father in a virtual course if he likes to learn new things

If your dad is one of those people who love to discover things and acquire new skills, then a virtual course might be the perfect gift - especially in times of coronavirus. Look for something cool that has to do with his hobby or even think of something you two can do together!

  • For example, if your dad loves to venture into the kitchen, enroll him in a virtual bakery course; if he has a more artistic side, look for a painting or sculpture workshop!
  • Depending on the case, you can give him a "voucher" to choose what he wants to do!
Celebrate Father's Day Step 6

Step 6. Plan a movie night or a game and play night if you are going to celebrate as a family

If your dad is more homely, then there's no better alternative than celebrating his day with the family without even stepping out! You can grab those board games from the closet or make a bucket of popcorn and see the old man's favorite movie!

Do you have a projector at home? How about installing the equipment in the backyard and watching a movie in style? Aim at an outside wall of the house, distribute some chairs and go

Celebrate Father's Day Step 7

Step 7. Camp in your backyard if your dad is really adventurous

Here's a different option, but just as cool as the others! You can build a fire in the backyard and tell funny (or horror) stories, play the guitar or another instrument, and sing. Depending on the weather during the day, you can even install hammocks and sleep looking at the stars!

Light up the barbecue and roast meat if your father is a fan of the traditional Sunday barbecue

Method 2 of 4: Arranging Everything in Advance

Celebrate Father's Day Step 8

Step 1. Find out what exact date Father's Day will fall

Nothing is as frustrating as forgetting Father's Day is near and only realizing it at the last minute. Remember that in Brazil it always falls on the second Sunday in August - and plan accordingly.

If necessary, do a simple Google search with "Dia dos Pais Brasil [year]" to find the exact day of the month

Celebrate Father's Day Step 9

Step 2. Think about what makes your dad happy

The ideal celebration of Father's Day depends a lot on the honoree's tastes. It may be that he likes something grand, but also that he prefers simple gestures and more relaxed ways of passing through the date.

  • Think of at least one activity your dad enjoys doing. Maybe he likes fishing, playing truco, killing everyone in a game of Picture & Action… He'll love it!
  • Every parent has a lot of responsibilities: taking care of the house, taking their children to and from school, listening to their outbursts and so on. Think of a specific time when your old man did something important to you and look for a way to reciprocate the gesture. Even simple things will do, like paying a bill.
Celebrate Father's Day Step 10

Step 3. Involve others in the planning

You can include your siblings in your Father's Day celebration plans. The occasion is much more special when all the kids (or even teenagers and adults) join forces! If you are an only child, ask your mother or grandparents for help.

  • For example, you can get together, write a poem and recite the text to your dad on the big day, or make a decorated card for each of you.
  • It's also nice to share functions of Father's Day celebrations. For example, you might be responsible for making his favorite breakfast; his sister is in charge of putting together a playlist with the old man's favorite songs; and your brother takes care of ordering the cake!
Celebrate Father's Day Step 11

Step 4. Organize a party or trip for your dad

Think of an activity for the whole family if your dad doesn't care so much about gifts as he cares about the company he loves. For example:

  • If he likes roast beef, you and the family can have the traditional Sunday barbecue with a few close friends (outside of the pandemic context, of course).
  • If your father is a fishing fan, book a trip just with him and his brothers to the nearest dam or river.
  • Play green with your dad using the idea before making any more elaborate plans! Imagine you going to the trouble of organizing the entire celebration, but finding out at the last minute that he can't?

Method 3 of 4: Celebrating With Your Father

Celebrate Father's Day Step 12

Step 1. Let your dad sleep late if he doesn't like to get up early

Many parents are forced to wake up early in their daily lives because they have to work. If that's your case, don't knock on the bedroom door or jump into bed next to him in the morning! Let him rest for as long as he wants and then start the actual celebration.

You can let your dad sleep late even if you plan to bring him breakfast in bed

Celebrate Father's Day Step 13

Step 2. Wish a Happy Father's Day

It sounds obvious, but you might end up forgetting that part! Drop a "Happy Father's Day, Dad!" very loud and excited and give the old man a big hug.

Do this first thing in the morning so you don't forget and make it clear that the day is going to be all special

Celebrate Father's Day Step 14

Step 3. Ask your father what he wants to do

Even if you have a million ideas, remember that it's your father's day. Ask him how he is and what he would like to do on this occasion.

  • Respect your father's wishes. Don't be frustrated if he just wants to sit on the couch and watch TV all day.
  • It could even be that your dad wants to do something special alone or with your mom (or your other dad!) that day. For example, maybe he'd prefer to take a romantic getaway for two over the weekend! Not get upset.
Celebrate Father's Day Step 15

Step 4. Make the day special

One of the most important parts of Father's Day is for you to be present and pay attention to the recipient. Giving gifts is great, but what makes the occasion truly special is showing love and affection.

  • Many parents are satisfied just knowing that their children and their wives (or spouses) love them dearly.
  • A simple hug and your company are more than enough most of the time.
Celebrate Father's Day Step 16

Step 5. Talk to your father

This tip is more direct, but it's still shoot and fall. How many people are so busy that they can't make time for their families, right? Change it on Father's Day! Tell a little about your routine, ask what's going on in his life, and so on.

  • Don't try to be the center of attention! Ask how your father is doing and even ask him to share episodes from his own youth.
  • Avoid issues that can cause arguments and ruin Father's Day for everyone involved.
Celebrate Father's Day Step 17

Step 6. Make Father's Day a family event

Father's Day can include everyone! Organize a family event and gather the staff to celebrate (again: without breaking the quarantine imposed by the new coronavirus).

  • Don't forget that it's still your father's day. Think: does he like this kind of meeting? Some people prefer more intimate and relaxing activities.
  • If possible, include all the parents in your family (not just yours)! It's also nice to think about your uncles, brothers, grandfathers, stepfather and so on.
Celebrate Father's Day Step 18

Step 7. Build a photo slideshow

Take the best pictures you have of your dad and put together a nice PowerPoint presentation. Use images from when he was younger, records of the family together, photos of you with him and even funny moments. Here's a cool way to immerse yourself in good memories!

  • You can also take the photo album out of the closet and look closely with your dad.
  • This tip is even cooler if you're not so close to your dad. Take the opportunity to strengthen your ties with him a little!

Method 4 of 4: Showing All Your Gratitude

Celebrate Father's Day Step 19

Step 1. Buy or make a card for your dad

A beautiful card can have much more meaning than a gift. Buy or make something that has to do with your dad's personality, such as one that includes jokes or is more sentimental.

  • If you prefer to buy the Father's Day card, just don't leave it to the store or stationery store at the last minute. Your options will become more and more limited.
  • You have the option to make the card according to your personal style and your father's personality. List your favorite things about it and, if you can, draw a picture of you together.
Celebrate Father's Day Step 20

Step 2. Think of a creative gift

Giving gifts is not mandatory on Father's Day, but at least try to be creative if you choose this kind of honor. No buying a pair of socks! Think of something he keeps talking about or needs, but never buy yourself.

How about making the gift by hand? For example, think of everything your father and you have taught (playing football, riding a bike, treating people with respect, etc.) and turn those memories into a book! It's not as difficult as it sounds. Even include photos of yourself on the pages

Celebrate Father's Day Step 21

Step 3. Say how grateful you are for your father

Being a parent is not easy. If you organize a party (again, outside the context of the pandemic), make a toast in honor of your old man. If you choose something more intimate, talk to him alone.

Think carefully about what you are going to say. Of course, you can say a simple "Thank you for being a great dad," but it never hurts to look for a more creative way to express your gratitude and love. For example, think about the things your father has done in the last year and say "You have done so much to take care of my health and happiness this last year… I know I'm not used to expressing myself, but I love you so much. I am so grateful for everything you have done and do for me and my family every day."

Celebrate Father's Day Step 22

Step 4. Do some chores for your father

Is your father busy and constantly putting garbage in the trash on the sidewalk, making the bed, washing clothes and dishes, and so on? Well then: do all this in his place on Father's Day!

It's even cooler with those activities you know he doesn't like to do, like washing his car or tidying up the house

Celebrate Father's Day Step 23

Step 5. Make your dad's favorite dish

Think about what your father likes to eat and prepare for the big day. It can be lunch, dinner or even dessert! For example, if he likes chocolate chip cookies, bake a batch just for him.

  • You can invite your dad to prepare something if he likes to cook!
  • As stated above, it's also worth taking breakfast in bed for him.
Celebrate Father's Day Step 24

Step 6. Don't insist that your father do anything

You can think of a million activities for Father's Day, but there is always the possibility that he will agree to participate in these activities just to please. Still, try not to push him too hard when he looks like he's uninterested. Respect the wishes of the honoree.

  • Don't be hurt or frustrated if things don't go 100% as planned, as this can spark a serious discussion and ruin the mood.
  • You don't have to celebrate every minute of the day. Give your dad time to do what he wants alone and peacefully.


  • Take lots of pictures on Father's Day. These records help to create fond memories of the day and, in addition, can be part of the gift of the following year.
  • Don't be afraid to show how much you love your dad. While society enforces the notion that "real" men don't cry or show feeling, there's nothing wrong with expressing affection. Your old man will be thrilled!
  • You don't need to plan activities for every moment of the day. Just think of one or two ways to show affection and affection for your father, without disturbing his (much deserved) moment of rest.

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