3 Ways to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Jealous

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3 Ways to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Jealous
3 Ways to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Jealous

Making your ex jealous is a fun way to get revenge for all the hurt he's caused you, but it's not always easy. The best way to cause jealousy is to not care about him and focus on your life, taking care of your health, meeting new people, learning new things, etc. If you bump into him at any time, be kind and show him you're happy. If, on the other hand, the desire to cause jealousy is affecting your happiness, seek help in dealing with your emotions.


Method 1 of 3: Creating Your New Life and Your Relationships

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 1

Step 1. Make self-care your priority

After a breakup, it's very easy to stop taking care of your physical and mental well-being, but don't let the shuttle drop: taking care of yourself must be a priority. That way you'll feel better and make your ex jealous if he sees you well. Some things to do:

  • Exercise often and eat well. If you want to lose weight, set a goal as part of your self-care and move on.
  • Take time to relax and enjoy your hobbies. Take a hot shower, read a book, play games with your friends… do whatever you enjoy in your spare time.
  • Give the look a makeover. Buy new clothes, cut your hair, get your teeth cleaned, whatever! The important thing is to change your appearance to become more confident and surprise the people around you.
Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 2

Step 2. Try a new hobby or learn a new skill

A breakup is an excellent opportunity to take up a new hobby because you have more free time than you had before. Look for activities you can do alone at home or take a course to enjoy and meet new people. The next time you see your ex, he'll be surprised by all the things you're doing!

  • For example, if you've always wanted to speak French, download a language app or take a course.
  • If you like cooking, how about doing a workshop or buying a new cookbook?
  • If you love music but don't know how to sing or play any instrument, take a course or watch some tutorials on the internet!
Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 3

Step 3. Meet new people and go on some dates

One of the best ways to make your ex jealous is to show that you've moved on with your love life. Even if you still have feelings for the guy, go out with other people; in addition to making him jealous, as he will surely find out about it, you might end up enjoying yourself.

Be careful not to brag about your relationships. This will make it clear that your interest is simply to make him jealous, which will likely have the opposite effect. So don't talk about the people you're dating to your ex


if he asks if you're dating, be honest, but don't expand the subject too much. That way, you send the message that you don't care what he thinks, but that you're seeing other people.

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 4

Step 4. Post positively on social media

You can use the internet to your advantage to make your ex jealous of your current life. If you go on vacation, for example, post an album of your latest adventures. If you cut your hair, post a selfie. Also post positive phrases about life!

Avoid making negative posts or bragging too much about your life. Be positive but realistic

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 5

Step 5. Make new friends

Socialization is an important part of life, especially after a breakup. Look for a club or social event in your area to meet people, learn new things, and make your ex jealous of your busy schedule!

  • For example, if you like cycling, join a group of cyclists and go out riding with them every week.
  • If you like to learn, take a course or a workshop. This is a good opportunity to meet people with similar interests!

Method 2 of 3: Interacting With Ex

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 6

Step 1. Take time before seeing the guy again

As tempting as it's tempting to bump into him "accidentally" at the door of work and make him jealous of your happiness, take a hand at the bar. It's best to wait a few months before resuming contact with him. It's very important that you're past the breakup before you see the guy again.

How long it takes depends on the length and seriousness of your relationship. Some women may need weeks, others months, and others years. This is very important, but each person has a different time

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 7

Step 2. Wait to reply if he sends a message

You shouldn't look for the guy through messages or social media, as this can create the impression that you want to get back together or that you are desperate. If, on the other hand, he starts texting, it's okay to reply, just do a little charm and roll it up a bit.

  • For example, if you used to reply to his messages as soon as you got them, wait an hour or more this time. That way you'll make him jealous by giving him the idea that you're too busy to talk to him.
  • If you really want to convey the idea that you don't care, just ignore his message or let it go for a few days and reply something like "Sorry! I was at the bar when you texted and I forgot to reply. Hope it's okay!"
Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 8

Step 3. Be polite to your ex if you meet him

If you bump into him around, focus all your energies on being polite. If you look happy and peaceful, the guy will be jealous; if the snob or rude, he will probably have a clear conscience. Resist the temptation to say exactly what you think of him.

  • You don't need to have a long conversation with him to be polite. If you come across him on the street, a simple smile may be enough.
  • If he approaches and tries to start a conversation, say something like "Hi Carlos, nice to see you. How are you?"

Not ready to talk to your ex?

You can escape the conversation by saying "Nice to see you. I wish I could talk, but I'm late. We'll talk later!"

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 9

Step 4. Let him know that you would like to keep the friendship going at some point

If you feel ready to talk to your ex or be friends with him, say so. When he sees that you've moved on and are ready to be his friend, the guy will feel a little jealous. Act casual and don't pressure him by bringing up the subject.

Try saying something like "Hi, if that's okay with you, I wish we were friends again. I know the romantic part of our relationship is over, but I miss our friendship."

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 10

Step 5. Praise your ex if he is in a new relationship

If the guy has gone ahead and talks about it with you, don't make rude comments or show annoyance. Say something nice and congratulate him; believe me, it will make you more jealous than it looks uncomfortable.

  • For example, you could say, "I'm really happy for you! She looks pretty cool."
  • If you can't say something nice about the person, it's better to be quiet or change the subject. "That's cool! Hey, did you watch the game yesterday? I remembered you when Corinthians won. How excited were you?"

Method 3 of 3: Seeking Emotional Help

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 11

Step 1. Spend more time with friends and family who love and support you

Don't try to get over a breakup on your own as this is not easy. You are surrounded by people who care about your well-being and can help you by talking and supporting you.

Call your best friend, sister or mother if you need someone to talk to. If you prefer, arrange a face-to-face meeting with your group of friends. Get out of the house for fun at least once a week

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 12

Step 2. Find a support group made up of people who know what you're going through

It's normal to feel like no one understands what you're feeling. If so, find a support group for people in the same situation as you, such as newly divorced people, to feel validated and let off steam.

To find these groups, do some internet research or ask your therapist for a referral


remember that what your ex thinks no longer matters! Focus on yourself and your life, without getting consumed by the desire to create jealousy.

Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous Step 13

Step 3. See a doctor or therapist to deal with the suffering

Breakups are difficult, so don't keep your emotions to yourself. Talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist if you are suffering. You may need therapy or antidepressants to get back into your routine.

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