4 Ways to Deal with Annoying Siblings

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4 Ways to Deal with Annoying Siblings
4 Ways to Deal with Annoying Siblings

Even siblings who are friends have a few thugs every now and then. It's normal to be frustrated and angry when this happens, especially when the tension spills over into the entire family. Fortunately, you just need a little patience and understanding to learn to have a positive relationship with everyone at home!


Method 1 of 4: Confronting the Problem Head-on

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 1

Step 1. Ask your brother why he is acting this way

Having a frank and polite conversation with another person is one of the best ways to understand their behavior. As much as there's no good reason behind the whole story, you can at least find a way to resolve the situation.

  • For example: imagine you are trying to read, but your little sister is jumping on your bed and screaming your name; in that case, close the book and say "Why are you doing this?"
  • In some cases, one sibling tries to irritate the other to get attention. Don't overreact to the situation, or you'll just reinforce the idea that the other person can get what they want that way. It's best to try to include it in your activity, whatever.
  • It may also be that your brother becomes irritable because he is nervous or afraid of something. Give him a moment to calm down and say something like "It looks like something is bothering you. Do you want to talk about it?" Maybe that will make you feel better and lighten your relationship a little.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 2

Step 2. Tell your brother what he makes you feel

Not every young person realizes that certain behaviors are irritating to others. That's why, depending on the case, you can tell your brother how you feel about him. Maybe he doesn't understand and stops?

  • For example: imagine that you are angry because your brother does not want to include you in his games; say "I get really hurt when you throw me aside. How would you feel if I did that?"
  • Use clear, straightforward language if your sibling is very young and doesn't understand things as much. For example: say "I get mad when you interrupt me during my homework" or "I get sad when you call me names."
  • Unfortunately, these strategies don't guarantee that your brother will stop acting the way he does. His behavior may even get worse on purpose!
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 3

Step 3. Try to find a solution that makes everyone happy

It might be a little easier to resolve the situation with your brother after you talk. The two will have to make certain concessions in the pursuit of peace, but remember that everyone will be more relieved in the long run! See two examples:

  • Imagine that your brother is behaving badly because he wants attention, but you need silence to study; say you're going to play an hour of that fighting game with him if there's cooperation for a while.
  • Now, imagine that your brother keeps taking your things without asking permission; tell him you don't mind lending almost anything as long as he asks for it first.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 4

Step 4. Get away if you start to get angry

Don't let the situation get out of your control when talking to your brother face to face. Stop immediately and step back if you feel yourself getting angry and about to explode.

Don't go into violence if your brother starts to show signs of aggression. Again, step back and ask your parents for help


be on the lookout for signs that your brother is in a bad mood, such as changes in tone and volume of voice, getting red in the face, and the like.

Method 2 of 4: Avoiding Certain Behaviors

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 5

Step 1. Talk to your sibling about what behaviors are and are not acceptable

He doesn't have a crystal ball, and he certainly won't know what behaviors annoy him if you don't say anything. Call him into conversation at a quiet time, and once again ask your parents to intervene if the situation gets out of hand.

  • You can impose physical space limits, such as having privacy in your room and with your stuff, and emotional ones, such as wanting the right to be at peace from time to time.
  • If your brother has a series of cute nicknames for you, think of which ones are offensive and ask him to stop.
  • You can also ask your parents to be present at the time of this conversation to show that it's serious.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 6

Step 2. Avoid situations that make your brother mad whenever possible

If you know that certain situations make you misbehave, stay away from them at all costs (preferably, before they even start). See examples:

  • If your brother is very competitive, don't play cards or place bets against him.
  • Give him a good deal of space if he gets irritated when he's under pressure, such as during high school or college exams.


try to understand how your behavior affects the situation. You can be a positive influence on your sibling if you apologize and assume your share of responsibility.

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 7

Step 3. Take a deep breath when you start to lose your mind

This is easier in theory, but stay calm when your brother does something annoying to keep the situation from getting worse. Take a deep breath five times to think with a clear head, rather than letting your emotions take over.

  • Slowly count to ten before saying anything.
  • The body relaxes more when sitting. So try to find the closest seat before you lose your temper.

Method 3 of 4: Asking Your Parents for Help

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 8

Step 1. Create a supportive relationship with your parents

The basis of every healthy family relationship is respect, attention to responsibilities and obedience to the rules of the house. Therefore, it will be much easier to resolve the annoying situations with your brother if you have it with your parents.

  • Always talk to your parents about what's going on at school or college and in your personal life. Even the most trivial things count for a lot.
  • For example: talk to your mom about having an afternoon snack by saying "Mom, let me tell you something funny that happened at school today… The math teacher tripped and dropped an entire cup of coffee on his shirt. was wearing. She was white. Everyone laughed, even him!"
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 9

Step 2. Talk to your parents whenever you have any serious issues with your sibling

You don't have to go to them every time there's any minor discussion, but don't try to hold the line alone if the situation gets out of hand and gets too nasty. Describe everything that happened calmly and don't get caught up in emotion.

  • Be specific. Don't say anything vague, like "John was acting like a kid." Say "Joao keeps interrupting me while I need to study. The test I have tomorrow is very important."
  • If you have ever tried to resolve the situation yourself, explain what you did and what your brother's reaction was. For example: Say "I told him several times that I had to finish studying before playing video games with him, but he won't leave me alone."


talk to your parents at a time when they are not distracted or busy. Only then will they listen carefully and take appropriate action.

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 10

Step 3. Ask your parents to stipulate punishment for bad behavior

Your parents need to explain the specific types of consequences they will subject you and your sibling to when someone acts like a child. Maybe this is enough to inhibit new problems coming from him (since no one likes to be grounded).

Just don't forget that this punishment applies to you too

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 11

Step 4. Ask your parents to help you stay in your corner

Sometimes two brothers are angry and frustrated because they are forced to spend a lot of time together. It may not be possible for everyone to have their own room, but you can still ask your parents to designate an individual space for your needs. Look:

  • If you and your sibling share a room, ask your parents to create a time for each of you to be in it alone. The same goes for living spaces, such as the living room, the pantry and the like.
  • Your parents can assign a television control time to each one during the day; in this case, you can even stay in the bedroom while your brother watches TV!
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 12

Step 5. Propose family meetings for everyone to be aware of ways to cooperate

It is possible to avoid countless conflicts when everyone is in agreement with the coexistence. Ask your parents to schedule this meeting once a week or a month, and during it, take the opportunity to talk about your relationship problems with your sibling (without losing your temper, of course).

These meetings can also take place at family leisure times, when everyone is having fun and more relaxed

Method 4 of 4: Creating a Friendship Relationship with Your Brother

Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 13

Step 1. Spend time on leisure activities with your brother

Think of interacting activities that help create special memories and make them frequent habits. The closer you are, the less you'll get on each other's feet.

  • How about you assemble puzzles, build models or cook for your parents? This will teach cooperative skills, as well as being a way to expend energy on something positive (rather than arguing).
  • If you and your brother have a hobby in common, think of a way to make the occasion something special. For example: if you like to ride a bike, everyone can go out together from time to time along the bike lanes in the city's parks; if they like the same movie genres, they can do marathons at home; and so on.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 14

Step 2. Listen to your brother's outbursts

If your brother is picking on you because he wants attention, you might just need to do that to solve the problem: pay attention to him. Show interest in what he is experiencing at home and at school or college, as well as in friendships. Make it clear that you are always willing to listen. For example:

  • If you notice your brother is down, pull him into the corner and ask, "Did you have a rough day at school? Do you want to talk about what happened?"
  • If your sibling says they are at risk, such as being bullied at school, advise them to talk to their parents or another trusted adult. If necessary, say that you will be with him in the conversation.
Deal With Annoying Siblings Step 15

Step 3. Vent about your life

Every relationship is a two-way street: just as you opened up to your brother's outbursts, talk about your life when you need a friendly ear. Tell us details about your friends, hobbies, activities you like to do and so on.

For example: tell your brother about your crush at school, even if no one else knows about it


  • Friends come and go, but brothers stay in our lives forever. As difficult as it is at times, try to remember the importance of this relationship.
  • Don't try to father your brother. He will get angry and start holding a grudge. Talk to your parents if you're worried about something.
  • Be patient and remember that your younger siblings are not as mature as you are. They will definitely become less irritating as they grow up.


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