3 Ways to Be a Good Big Sister

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3 Ways to Be a Good Big Sister
3 Ways to Be a Good Big Sister

Having younger siblings is cool, but it also requires a lot of responsibility. Even if you don't realize it, you are an example and role model for them. This can even be a little scary, but enjoy this role and generate a positive impact on the lives of younger people. Be a good big sister and create close bonds and a relationship with lots of love and complicity.


Method 1 of 3: Cultivating a Good Relationship

Be a Good Big Sister Step 1

Step 1. Support your siblings at important times and events

A big part of your role as a big sister is to show your little ones that they are important in your life. If they have an exam or a job interview the next day, encourage them; if they are going to receive an award or honor, do your best to attend the ceremony etc.

  • Give your brother a card or gift to show you're proud of him.
  • Say "Good luck on the exam" or "Congratulations on your honor. I'm very proud."
Be a Good Big Sister Step 2

Step 2. Invite your siblings to eat once in a while

If you have a car, take them to a fast food restaurant. If no one drives, make some sandwiches and have a picnic close to home. Take the opportunity to catch up on the conversation and don't fiddle with the phone.

Be a Good Big Sister Step 3

Step 3. Do fun activities with your siblings

Fun is also essential! Call them to see that movie you've been dying to see; go shopping; take them to the mall etc.

Invite your siblings to go to the beach (if they live on the coast), run or even go bowling

Be a Good Big Sister Step 4

Step 4. Tell your brothers secrets

Open your heart as long as they are trustworthy. That way you will be more comfortable with each other. Just pay attention to their age and don't say anything that's inappropriate.

  • For example, if they are over 13, you can tell them about your first kiss.
  • Keep your siblings' secrets as long as it doesn't put their or other people's safety at risk. In the latter case, explain why you can't keep quiet with this information - and get them to talk to their parents or other trusted adults.
Be a Good Big Sister Step 5

Step 5. Solve problems through dialogue

It's impossible not to have some problems, even if you're the perfect big sister. When they do, listen to what your siblings have to say and respect their differences. Keep calm and take a deep breath, especially when you get irritated.

You can say something like "I didn't really like you taking a shirt of mine without asking the other day. I don't mind lending it, but you have to ask first, okay?"

Be a Good Big Sister Step 6

Step 6. Get in touch with your siblings at least once a week if you don't live together

Call whenever possible; send messages throughout the week; appear on important dates etc.

You can even create a group with your siblings to send memes and everyday stories

Method 2 of 3: Being a Good Example

Be a Good Big Sister Step 7

Step 1. Listen to your parents

It is very important to treat them with respect, as your younger siblings can rely on your behavior. Follow their rules and never reply or grumble.

  • Also respect other people: teachers, elders, other authorities, etc.
  • Organize your room, get home on time and follow all other rules.
  • Encourage your siblings to do the same and explain why this is important. Say something like, "I know it sucks when Mom asks us to clean our rooms, but it's great to keep the house well organized. Plus, she's so happy!"
Be a Good Big Sister Step 8

Step 2. Be responsible to encourage your siblings to be too

Do not consume alcohol if you are a minor and avoid drugs. Take care of your image on social media and don't post anything that might embarrass your family.

Be a Good Big Sister Step 9

Step 3. Help at home

Show your siblings the importance of cooperation. Organize your bedroom, but also clean the living areas. Wash the dishes, take out the trash, cook (if you know how) and the like.

Encourage your siblings to do these tasks too

Be a Good Big Sister Step 10

Step 4. Apologize when you're wrong

Even the older sisters get it wrong from time to time! Please apologize immediately whenever this happens. Be sincere and honest and do your best not to act like that again.

Say something like "I'm sorry I made fun of your dress, sis. I shouldn't have said anything. From now on, I'm not playing with your clothes anymore."

Be a Good Big Sister Step 11

Step 5. Defend your brothers

Intervene if one of them suffers any form of aggression or bullying. Never let anyone make fun of them and protect them from bad things to show that you are there for whatever comes.

  • If you see someone bullying them, say, "Leave my brother alone. Go mess with someone your size!"
  • Ask an authority figure for help if the situation becomes more tense. Don't try to solve everything yourself.
  • You may also have to defend your siblings from your parents. For example, if you think they're being too strict, say "I know John shouldn't have taken so long to get home, but I also know that he accidentally made a mistake and didn't want to get in trouble. As he apologized, maybe you can be more relaxed in punishment".
Be a Good Big Sister Step 12

Step 6. Speak calmly and politely

Words have power and one insult can be stronger than ten compliments. Be kind, even when you have to correct your siblings' behavior. Don't curse or yell.

For example, if you catch one of your siblings doing something wrong, say "I saw you have a pack of cigarettes in your backpack. You know Mom and Dad don't want to know about this. I won't tell you anything, but I'm worried about the your health. If I find out you've been smoking again, I'll have to talk to them. Do you want to talk about it?"

Be a Good Big Sister Step 13

Step 7. Strive your best in studies or work

Show your brothers the value of effort and dedication. Do productive things like reading, studying, etc. Pay attention to classes and get good grades. Get to work on time and do whatever you can to reap the benefits.

Be a Good Big Sister Step 14

Step 8. Be honest

Always tell the truth, however much it hurts. If your siblings see you lying to your parents, they will think that lying is no big deal. Be a good example.

Method 3 of 3: Doing Good Things for Your Siblings

Be a Good Big Sister Step 15

Step 1. Raise your siblings' self-esteem

Praise them and show that they can love and feel confident all the time. Talk about qualities, not defects.

Say something like "André, you're really good at the violin. I can see you're getting even better."

Be a Good Big Sister Step 16

Step 2. Comfort your siblings when they have questions

Even the most confident people get a little insecure from time to time. If it happens to your brothers, comfort them! Say they can do anything and overcome any fear.

For example, if your sister is afraid of a test, say, "Jessica, I've been watching you study for weeks. You're going to rock! If you like, I can test your knowledge."

Be a Good Big Sister Step 17

Step 3. Help your siblings when they need it

Go from small things, like getting something out of their closets, to something more meaningful, like helping them find work on vacation.

Never throw something good you did in their face. That's going to sound selfish, as you're going to turn the story in your favor

Be a Good Big Sister Step 18

Step 4. Give thoughtful gifts to your siblings

Do not buy or do anything that is too common on anniversaries or anniversaries; think of a special and perfect gift - something that harks back to a time when you had fun together, for example. This will show your affection for them.

  • For example, you can buy a shirt or a CD from an artist you know they like.
  • You can also make a more personalized gift, like a painting or even clean their room.

Step 5. Do good and unexpected things for your siblings

Show that you love them with cool surprises, especially on stressful or difficult days.

  • For example, if one of them has a difficult test ahead of them and lots of papers to turn in, help with the tasks.
  • If your sister has an important event, borrow some nice clothes for her to wear.
Be a Good Big Sister Step 19

Step 6. Talk a lot with your siblings

You have to be free to deal with anything from fun to family traditions. Be generous to them - otherwise who else can you be with?


  • Remember that your siblings will mirror your behavior. Don't be a bad influence!
  • Make your brothers laugh.
  • Respect your brothers' friends.
  • Remember, it's okay to spend time with your friends, but siblings are important too.
  • Always say you love your brothers.
  • Seek mutual interests such as artists, music, television series and the like. That way you can spend more time together.
  • Do what your siblings ask you from time to time.

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