How to Scare Your Sister (with Pictures)

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How to Scare Your Sister (with Pictures)
How to Scare Your Sister (with Pictures)

Sometimes there is no greater joy than seeing your little sister screamed in fear after a well-played prank. If you want to get back at your sister for pissing you off, the best way to do that is to scare her off in a smart and surprising way. As long as you don't go overboard, you can give her a huge scare and laugh a lot in the process. If you're looking for some great ideas, keep reading this article.


Scare Your Little Sister Step 1

Step 1. Make a sneak attack

When your sister is super focused on something, whether it's playing video games, drawing, talking on the phone or doing her homework. Creep silently to her. When you're as close as possible without reporting your presence, yell "boo!" and watch your sister scream in terror. If you do everything correctly, this is the simplest scare to give. This works even better if your sister doesn't know you're home.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 2

Step 2. Turn off the lights

This works best if your sister thinks you're sleeping at a friend's house. After a while, sneak into the room she's currently in and turn off all the lights. If you do this correctly, your sister will be terrified, wondering what happened. If she knows you're home, grab a book and pretend to be reading in your room if she starts screaming.

Alternately, you can put on a scary costume and turn on a flashlight near your face in a dark room, which will be really scary

Scare Your Little Sister Step 3

Step 3. When your sister thinks you are asleep, jump towards her and scream

If you are traveling by car sitting in front of the TV, pretend to take a nap for a few minutes. Wait until you feel your sister getting closer to you. When you think she's convinced you're asleep, widen your eyes and scream at the top of your lungs. If everything goes well, you could give your sister quite a scare.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 4

Step 4. Tell a scary story

Invite a friend to tell ghost stories; when your sister wants to participate, tell her it's better not to because the stories are very scary and can impress her. When she starts begging to participate, give in. Before telling your story, tell her you don't want to scare her too much. Finally, "reluctantly" tell a horror story that has to do with something you might wear around the house, like a murderous teddy bear, or a mysterious old photograph. When you finish telling the story, put the stuffed animal in the story in your sister's room and wait for her to scream in fright.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 5

Step 5. Put on a clown mask

This will only work if your sister is the kind of girl who is afraid of clowns. This is more common than you think, actually, so it will probably work. Choose a time she isn't expecting and sit with your back to her in a chair. When she comes towards you, turn around suddenly with the mask and give her quite a fright!

Scare Your Little Sister Step 6

Step 6. Scare her with fake bugs

Go to a store and buy a bunch of fake bugs to scare your sister. Almost all children are afraid of insects; placing some in an unexpected location may cause a scream. You can put it in her backpack, pillow, sink, plate, or other places. Just be creative.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 7

Step 7. Put on a mask anytime she thinks you are asleep

If you tend to sleep late and your sister often wakes you up, this tip is perfect for you. Put on a scary mask, whether it's Slender, Jason, a clown or anything else that would terrify your sister. Then turn to the wall and go under the blankets. When your sister tries to wake you up, wait for her to come closer and turn around suddenly. She will definitely scream in fright.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 8

Step 8. Knock on her window

If you really want to appeal, do it in the middle of the night. While climbing your roof is generally not a good idea, if you're sure it's safe, knocking on your sister's window in the middle of the night can scare her. You can also throw rocks at the window or hit it with a branch. Then go back to your room and pretend you're sleeping or doing your homework.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 9

Step 9. Use fake blood

There are several ways to scare your sister with fake blood. You can be slumped in a corner of the house with your face all "bloody". Pretending you have your hand stuck in the garage door also works. But be careful with this game, because it can really scare!

Scare Your Little Sister Step 10

Step 10. Hide in a box placed by the front door

This scary prank is very worthwhile. First, you need a box big enough. Place the box at the front door when it's just you and your sister at home. Once that's done, ring the bell and hide inside the box. When your sister opens the door, jump up and scream at the top of your lungs.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 11

Step 11. Plan a sneak attack coming out of the closet

This is a little tricky, but it's worth a try. The first thing to do is hide in the closet. Then call your sister, pretending you're not home. Tell her to get something in the closet for you. When she opens the door, jump screaming at her. Your sister will be confused and terrified. This will only work if she is willing to do you a favor.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 12

Step 12. Add red dye to your toothbrush or soap

Just a drop of dye will make her think her mouth or hands are bleeding! Although completely harmless, this trick can scare your sister a lot, until she realizes what really happened. Just make sure your mom or dad doesn't use the soap by mistake.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 13

Step 13. Change her desktop image to something scary

If your sister is old enough to have a computer, wait for her to get up and go to the bathroom. Once that's done, change her wallpaper to something scary, and she'll be startled when she gets back. You can also try this with a mobile background.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 14

Step 14. Use a fake spider

A fake spider is a great investment. To give your sister a good scare, just hoist the spider off a tree branch or something. Make the spider land right next to it, or even on top of it. Your sister will scream like a madwoman.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 15

Step 15. Jump out of a bush

Who says all games have to be very elaborate? There is a certain beauty in simplicity. Hide behind a bush and jump out of it when your sister is passing by. She will certainly get a fright. You can even try taking a picture of her in the process. Another good idea is to wear a scary mask when doing this.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 16

Step 16. Tickle the back of her head with a feather

It's another simple but effective prank. Just get a feather and go behind your sister. When she's really focused on something, just rub the feather on the back of her head. The idea is to make her think there's something there, but not realize it's you. This will make her scream in fright. You can try to hide when she turns around.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 17

Step 17. Put a fake snake in her bed

This can scare girls of almost any age. Make sure her bed is made or there are blankets over the sheets. That done, put a fake snake under her blankets. Make sure your sister can only see you when you pull back the covers. When she notices, the scream can be heard from several blocks away!

Scare Your Little Sister Step 18

Step 18. Be the monster under her bed

If your sister is still afraid of these things, you can take advantage of it. Go under her bed stealthily when you know she's about to wake up. When your sister's feet touch the ground, grab her ankles! If your hand feels cold and wet, so much the better.

Scare Your Little Sister Step 19

Step 19. Hide behind the mirror

If your sister loves admiring herself in the mirror, this is a great opportunity to give her a real fright. All you have to do is put on a scary mask, cover your face in fake blood, and emerge from behind the mirror when she least expects it. The result is guaranteed!

Scare Your Little Sister Step 20

Step 20. Scare your sister while she sleeps

Find a scary object to put on her bed. It could be a fake head, a toy spider, or anything like that. The idea is that the object is the first thing she will see when she wakes up. This will definitely be an unexpected scare!


  • Scaring little sisters works best if you have a lot of siblings. That way she won't know who to blame.
  • Make sure you are not easily startled.


  • She will probably tell her parents.
  • Many sisters have evil ways of taking revenge.
  • She will always try to pay back. Ever.
  • There's a fine line between what's funny and what's traumatizing. Considering her sister is a girl, she might be a little more afraid of strangers in her room. Pranks of this type can cause more damage than expected.

Don't be the reason she's afraid to date someone at the age of 21, because you pretended to be a rapist hiding under her bed when she was 5.

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