11 Ways to Deal with a Brother Leaving to University

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11 Ways to Deal with a Brother Leaving to University
11 Ways to Deal with a Brother Leaving to University

Is your brother moving to another city to attend college? His life is going to go through a lot of changes and learning, which is scary and exciting at the same time. But and you? You will likely be very affected by this change and it's okay to feel left behind, but don't worry as there are many ways to stay in touch and keep busy so that you don't suffer from this moment. Read on to learn more!


Method 1 of 11: Help your brother move to keep busy

Cope With a Sibling Leaving for College Step 1

Step 1. Distract yourself to ease the transition

If your brother is moving to a dorm or a children's dorm, he's probably going through a lot of changes. You can make a difference by helping your brother with change. Help box his belongings and decorate the new space. That way you keep busy and don't have time to be sad.

Remember that it's important to respect your brother's wishes. If he wants to take care of something on his own, take it

Method 2 of 11: Plan to meet again on vacation and holiday dates

Cope With a Sibling Leaving for College Step 2

Step 1. Plan a fun family vacation or Christmas

As much as you may not be able to meet your brother every day or every weekend, he will have a few quiet moments throughout the year to visit you and your parents. Think about the fun things you can do together and plan ahead.

For example, find out which movies are coming out at the end of the year to plan and watch them at the movies with your brother when he comes home for Christmas

Method 3 of 11: Talk over the phone or video often

Cope With a Sibling Leaving for College Step 3

Step 1. Make the most of technologies

It's not very easy to keep in touch with someone who lives in another city, after all, you have your own life - with your friends and your studies - and your brother is getting used to a new routine. An easy way around this situation is to schedule some video or voice calls to talk to your brother and close the distance between you.

  • For example, you can arrange to chat every Sunday afternoon.
  • Don't just use your traditional phone! Enjoy the internet and make video calls so you can see your brother while talking to him.
  • Text messages or WhatsApp are a great option too, as they can be sent at any time and don't interfere too much with the other person's routine. Send a funny meme or tell an interesting thing that happened to you. Exchange brief messages to keep the connection between you flowing.

Method 4 of 11: Put your brother's pictures in your bedroom

Cope With a Sibling Leaving for College Step 4

Step 1. Looking at your brother's photos can help with the distance

Find images that have sentimental value to you or take new photos with it. Print everything at home or on a copier and frame your photos. Place the frames on your desk or place the photos on a panel if you have one.

If you want, invest in a digital picture frame, which goes through several photos

Method 5 of 11: Talk to your parents when you miss your brother

Cope With a Sibling Leaving for College Step 5

Step 1. If you are having difficulty dealing with the situation, ask for help

Your parents miss you too, for making sure of that. When you're feeling down or hurting about your brother, talk about it with your parents. Talk about how much you love and miss your brother, as this can make you more excited.

If it's too low, ask your parents to take you to a psychologist or therapist. These professionals can help you better deal with your feelings

Method 6 of 11: Present your brother with something that reminds him of home

Cope With a Sibling Leaving for College Step 6

Step 1. Surprise your brother with a gift that reminds him of home

Who doesn't love getting a surprise gift? If you find something he likes a lot, like a candy that is only sold in his hometown, buy it and send it to your brother where he is now living. Don't say anything to him beforehand, so he'll be very surprised to receive the package!

For example, let's say your town is well known for a traditional dulce de leche or your brother likes a local coffee brand, how about sending one of these things to show you're thinking about it

Method 7 of 11: Get excited thinking about your college plans

Cope With a Sibling Leaving for College Step 7

Step 1. If you think about it, you've just had a vision of the future and are very lucky to have a brother who is going to college

Take this moment to get a better idea of ​​what's coming for you when it's your turn. That way you will be even more prepared than your brother was. Take this moment to get excited about going to college and forget about the sadness.

Method 8 of 11: Get involved in different activities to keep yourself busy

Cope With a Sibling Leaving for College Step 8

Step 1. Do your best to be distracted

Join a club or volunteer for an NGO! Play a new sport or read an unpublished book series. Find activities that are fun and occupy your time so you don't feel sad or lonely.

Method 9 of 11: Accept your new role in family dynamics

Cope With a Sibling Leaving for College Step 9

Step 1. Fill the vacuum left by your brother

Take on more responsibilities around the house and ask if your parents need help with household chores. If you have younger siblings, try to reach out to them so they have someone to talk to and to be inspired by. With the oldest out of the house, now is the time to take over the space he left in the family dynamic.

Method 10 of 11: Focus on the positive changes caused by your brother's departure

Cope With a Sibling Leaving for College Step 10

Step 1. There are many advantages to your brother leaving home

Think on the bright side: You now have one less person to compete for the use of the bathroom or the television remote. Your parents will also have more attention to give. These are just some of the benefits you will experience from these changes. Enjoy them!

Method 11 of 11: Tidy up your room if you got a new one

Cope With a Sibling Leaving for College Step 11

Step 1. Decorate the new space well

Did you share a room with your brother or "inherit" his room with the move? Great news! You now have more space and privacy, and it's a good idea to take your time organizing and decorating your room as you see fit.


  • Remember that your brother is also going through a lot of changes. If possible, don't fill it with messages and video calls. Give them some space.
  • If you want to talk to your brother, text him instead of making a call. So he can respond when he has time.


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