How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Get a Tattoo

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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Get a Tattoo
How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Get a Tattoo

Are you a teenager eager to get a tattoo? Probably your biggest fear right now is your parents' resistance to this. In order to be able to convince them, it is important to anticipate their objections and offer a good argument. Think of the normal concerns parents have with their children, such as the safety of getting a tattoo, the impact it can have on getting a job in the future, and the location of the design on the body. Try to take your parents to the studio and let them feel free to ask the tattoo artist themselves any questions they want.


Part 1 of 3: Researching before trying to convince parents

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Step 1. Organize your ideas

Before talking to your parents, make notes about why you want to get a tattoo and why you think they should allow it. Writing down your insights will help you strengthen your arguments. Take into account:

  • How long have you wanted to get the tattoo. If you present the idea as something you've been thinking about for months (which proves it's not an impulsive decision), your parents may take the decision more seriously.
  • Reasons that can serve as arguments. Are you a responsible person? Do you behave in a decent and respectful manner towards everyone?
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Step 2. Choose words and images that are easy for them to understand

The content of the tattoo can have a full influence on your parents' decision. Positive words like “hope”, “love” and “peace” can make them more open to the idea. Likewise, images with a positive theme or with relevant personal meaning can also influence them to make a favorable decision.

Deciding to get a tattoo with rude or profane sayings, or an image with a negative theme, can make your parents totally refute the plan

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Step 3. Choose a discreet location

It may be easier to get permission to get a tattoo if you choose a location that is more difficult to see (but not in such a private area).

Good areas of the body to get a tattoo on are the shoulder, back, nape, ankle, or side of the abdomen

Part 2 of 3: Convincing Parents

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Step 1. Talk about your wish

They're likely to want to understand why you want to get a tattoo so badly. Responding with arguments like “The tattoo will be a reminder of a special moment in my life” or “I want this tattoo to be a representation of my values” is a way to show your emotional maturity and prove that it was a thoughtful decision.

“I want to get a tattoo because I think it's cool” or “I want to get it because my friends did it” are not persuasive arguments

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Step 2. Explain that you are fully aware that tattoos are permanent

For most parents, having a design engraved on their body forever is one of the biggest concerns. Be clear when explaining that you are aware of this and that you still want to do yours. Then present all the information you collected during the survey to answer any questions for them even before the questions start to arise.

  • Talk about why you want so much to get a tattoo with the chosen image or phrase. Maybe it's a tribute to a loved one or a phrase that has a special meaning to you – the explanation will help them understand your wishes.
  • Say “I understand that the tattoo will stay on my body forever, and I have no problem with that. Drawing has and will always have a very special meaning for me”.
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Step 3. Explain that tattooing is not a hindrance in your job search

Your parents may be afraid that body design will be a problem for entering the job market. Make it clear that many people who are well employed today have tattoos.

If the concern still remains, explain that the tattoo is in a location that can easily be hidden by clothing (arm, leg, or torso) and that you will have no problem working even in the most conservative of environments

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Step 4. Accept their suggestions

If your parents have included certain conditions, such as location, size or theme of the tattoo, consider it. Listening to their suggestions and committing to the terms imposed is one way to get your tattoo done.

  • During the conversation, say “What do you think of this idea? Your suggestion is very important, I hope you also like what I planned”.
  • If you want a very flashy tattoo, your parents may suggest that you place it in an area that is easy to hide.
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Step 5. Consider the possibility of hearing a “no”

Your arguments may not be enough to persuade your parents. Don't be angry, wait a few months and talk to them again. Legally, teenagers between 16 and 18 years old need a parental consent to get a tattoo. In some Brazilian states, however, children under 18 are not even allowed to get a tattoo with the authorization.

  • With your parents' denial, say "Okay, that's not what I wanted to hear, but I'm glad we talked about it."
  • If you are over 18, you can now make the decision for yourself, regardless of their opinion.

Part 3 of 3: Getting the tattoo

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Step 1. Save

If your parents' concern is with tattoo costs (which can reach really high prices), make it clear that you are the one who will pay for the service. This attitude will also be of great help in making them see that you are mature enough to make the decision and bear the costs.

They'll also realize the importance of tattooing to you once they see you've worked hard and saved enough for it

Get Your Parents to Let You Get a Tattoo Step 9

Step 2. Take them around the studio and talk to the tattoo artist

It is important that they see the sanitary conditions of the place and get to know the artist's work up close. Before taking them to the studio, do some research and choose a tattoo artist with a good professional and artistic reputation.

It's likely that your parents will want to take a closer look at the work done by the professional to make sure the person knows what they're doing

Get Your Parents to Let You Get a Tattoo Step 2

Step 3. Find out about the sanitary conditions of the place

The studio must have a valid business license and be within the conditions established by Anvisa. Visit, call or email to find out about cleaning and sterilization procedures for materials.

Your parents are right to be concerned about these issues. If materials and equipment are not cleaned properly or are reused, you run a serious risk of getting a disease

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Step 4. Invite them to join you for the day

Their presence can serve as moral support, and they will feel more comfortable with the situation being with you.

If you need authorization, the consent must be registered with a notary public


  • Talk to your parents in a civilized way. Arguing and yelling are certainly not going to count in your favor.
  • Before getting a tattoo, research the design or phrase you want to do and wait about a year. After that time, if the desire remains unchanged, it is a sign that you will not change your mind in the future. Avoid violent drawings, profanity or inappropriate things, which will certainly not be approved by your parents. Furthermore, in the future, this type of tattoo will not be interesting to show your children – they may learn to swear, be afraid of the image or say something inappropriate at school. The same goes for your future spouse, who may not like the image or phrase tattooed on your body.


  • Never choose a place that is not authorized by Anvisa. The risks of infection and disease only increase in dirty and precarious places.
  • Even if you are 18 or older, if you are dependent on your parents, it is wise to follow their rules.

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