3 Ways to Make Your Parents Proud of You

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3 Ways to Make Your Parents Proud of You
3 Ways to Make Your Parents Proud of You

It's amazing what it feels like to do something parents are proud of. To have it more often, there are some things that can be exercised, such as always being kind and considerate, and striving to pursue new challenges and activities. Doesn't look difficult, right? Just do your best!


Method 1 of 3: Being Kind

Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 1

Step 1. Be a good listener to those who need one

Friends, family and even strangers sometimes need to vent. If someone starts sharing stories or problems, pay attention; don't interrupt, travel or try to change the focus of the conversation. If someone asks for advice, let them tell you everything they need to before giving an opinion.

  • Even our parents need a friendly ear from time to time.
  • Use body language to show you're present in the conversation: nod your head, nod, and maintain eye contact.
  • Be aware that it is not always necessary to say something or give advice on what to do; it may be that a person only needs a listener.
Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 2

Step 2. Help the needy whenever you can

Look for ways to help the community. Find a special cause or NGO for you and volunteer. Furthermore, help family, friends and strangers with small gestures whenever possible.

  • Look for places to volunteer online. It can be anywhere from an animal shelter to a museum to a nursing home. Who decides is you!
  • If you still live with your parents, spend a little extra time helping around the house (even with things that aren't on your to-do list).
Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 3

Step 3. Do small kindnesses daily

Even in a small way, strive for kindness to be routine: give a sincere compliment, help a friend study for the exam, or buy a stranger a cup of coffee. You will be amazed at the effect of these gestures on someone who is having a bad day!

If you don't live with your parents anymore, doing a few unexpected things for them is a great way to show love. Take them out to dinner and pay the bill, for example

Step 4. Be polite when interacting with others

Manners, good or bad, say a lot about a person. The simple act of saying “please” and “thank you” can make a good impression. Be polite to everyone you interact with, whether it's a teacher, classmate, stranger or family friend.

  • For example: when bumping into someone, apologize and excuse me.
  • Writing a small thank-you note is a great way to express gratitude.
Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 4

Step 5. Put yourself in the other person's shoes to empathize

It's hard to care about unknown people; you may feel sad to hear that a tragedy has happened to others, but not too much, as the tragedy has not affected you. So put yourself in the shoes of others to be more compassionate.

  • For example, the news may report that a hurricane destroyed a distant city, killing hundreds and destroying several homes. When you see this, ask yourself: how would you feel if, all of a sudden, you had no place to live and no material possessions other than what was taken (running) from your home?
  • Another good idea is to make this sympathy an action. Take the initiative: Create a charity event at work or at school to help people in need.
Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 5

Step 6. forgive, even if you are hurt.

Don't look for a way to get revenge. Learning to forgive is something that parents want for their “children”; it is difficult, yes, but important. Let go of anger and frustration, as we all make mistakes, and you are no exception.

It's always better to let problems out than let them corrupt you internally. If a friend has hurt you, talk to him; say, “Emily, I know you didn't mean to hurt me when you said I wouldn't get the promotion, but I still felt you weren't on my side. Can we come up with some way to be honest with each other, but without being cruel?"

Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 6

Step 7. Resist bullies and rude people

Shy and different people can become targets of bullying, either virtually or face-to-face. Don't leave parents in the dark: if it's an everyday occurrence, they need to know. If you see cases like this, do what you can to prevent the event, but safely.

For example, if you notice that another student is being made fun of because of their skin color or accent, say something like, “John, you're saying horrible things that aren't true. Would you like them to do the same to you?”

Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 7

Step 8. Avoid gossip and mean things to others

The family will be very disappointed if they find out that there is a bully in the family tree. There's no need to be cruel to other people. Whenever you are tempted to make a joke, think about how you would feel if it were made to you.

Remember this cliché but very relevant advice: if you don't have anything nice to say, be silent

Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 8

Step 9. Be good to siblings and relatives

As you grow, the responsibility for keeping in touch with siblings and other relatives will fall to you, not your parents. In doing so, you will be showing that you value the family they helped build and of which you are a part.

While at the parents' home, respect the siblings' boundaries and privacy, and help them when necessary. And while there's always an uncle or cousin to call, don't let grandma think you've been forgotten

Step 10. Respect the parents' time, which is likely filled with appointments

Let them know if you're going to be late or missing a family activity, such as visiting another relative. If it's difficult for them to make plans, offer to take care of the planning and schedule everything in advance, as these actions will show that you care about their needs and allow both parties to spend time together.

Method 2 of 3: At Your Best

Step 1. Encourage family activities at home

Spending time talking to parents, siblings, and distant relatives will strengthen the sense of family in everyone involved. Have dinner together, set aside a night to play a game, or go for a walk daily if possible. Such activities will help parents get to know their child.

  • If they are too busy, offer to cook dinner. This will not only strengthen the relationship for both parties, it will also be a chance to impress them with your cooking skills.
  • Try to set aside one night of the week so the whole family can be together, whether it's to watch a movie, go out to dinner or play Monopoly.
Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 9

Step 2. Focus on learning, not being perfect

Sometimes it seems like parents want their kids to only get 10, win every game of their favorite sports, and become doctors and lawyers (even if they're more artistic), but that's not true: what they want is for them to enjoy life to the fullest. Do the best you can and learn from the experiences, and they are sure to be proud.

Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 10

Step 3. Reflect on your mistakes

Once in a lifetime, we'll all fail a test, screw up a relationship, or do something stupid that could have been avoided, and both you and your parents will be disappointed. To reverse the situation, think about where you went wrong and avoid making the same mistake twice, if possible.

If you get a bad grade on your math test, change how you behave in class or create new study habits. Also, talk to the teacher about what can be done to get a better grade on the next test

Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 11

Step 4. Avoid comparing yourself to others

No parent wants an imitation of someone else because it's not that other person he loves, it's you! If you get worried about how amazing someone is, remember that everyone is everyone and no one is perfect.

Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 12

Step 5. Make choices that lead to a wider and better range of options

Everyone wants to be rich, but there's no need to become a doctor or go to a specific college to make parents proud; they want you to do what makes you happy and healthy for the rest of your life. Giving importance to your education and getting a steady job that allows you to pay for college are great ways to earn points with your family.

  • For example, parents are sure to be proud of their first job (even if you hate it), with a good salary and benefits such as health insurance, as they will realize that their “child” understands the importance of these things in adult life..
  • Not that it's necessary to go to college to make them proud, but most parents want to see their kids studying, whether it's an undergraduate or prep course, as these factors will help the “kids” get a better job in the future.
Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 13

Step 6. Understand that it's your life and what matters is how you feel

So try to make them proud, but with choices based on what you want.

Remember the above passage, especially if you feel pressure to be someone you're not

Method 3 of 3: Trying New Things

Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 14

Step 1. Look for challenges that will make you grow

There may be some reluctance, but parents want you to explore new options. They will be proud when the child tries to do something complicated. So look for difficult but worthwhile experiences.

For example, try getting the lead role in the school play, joining the student council, or pursuing a master's degree

Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 15

Step 2. Don't be afraid to fail

Instead of thinking about the bad things that can happen if you fail, think about how much you will learn from the experience. If you find yourself thinking about the negatives of a new activity or hobby, force yourself to think of the positives.

  • For example, when starting an advanced English course at a language school, don't think about the possibility of getting zero on the course exams, but think about how the high school exams will be easier.
  • As it grows, there will be many difficult decisions that will need to be made at your peril. Thinking about possible outcomes in a positive way will help you to pursue your own dreams, which is what parents want.
Make Your Parents Proud of You Step 16

Step 3. More than anything, they want you to be happy

So spend time figuring out what makes you well. Pay attention to what classes you love and what sports and activities you love to do, stop by after college to find out what your next steps will be, or think about work (are you happy with it?). Regardless of age and path chosen, strive to be happy and make sure parents will be proud.


  • Learn to deal with popular pressure. There's no getting away from it: of course the family will be worried about you smoking a joint or drinking at school.
  • If you feel pressure from the mother or father and are stressed, anxious or depressed, talk to another trusted adult, even if it is a school coordinator.
  • Try to be a good listener and show parents that you care about what they have to say.

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