How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Have a Pet

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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Have a Pet
How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Have a Pet

Many dream of having a pet, to play and care for. The following tips will help you convince your parents that you are responsible enough to take care of a pet.


Step 1. Do your research

Get some books, or search the internet, about the animal you want. Ask for care tips for people who have had or have the desired pet. (If the opportunity arises, take care of one while the person is on vacation.)

  • Do your best to know everything about the prospective pet If you discover something you don't like about the pet (eg that it lives 30 years old, eats live food, needs a lot of outdoor space, etc.), don't hesitate to look for other similar animals in order to find the perfect pet for you.
  • Talk about the pet with your parents casually, it will please them. If your family addresses a specific need, such as taking the pet for a walk, make a deal, or commit to accommodating that need.

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  • Be sure to check state laws in case you're thinking about owning an exotic pet. For example, it might be illegal to have a possum in some places, so even if you can buy one, it's probably not a good idea to do so.

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Step 2. Prepare to motivate

Remember, having a pet is a considerable lifestyle change. Your parents will need time to think, and this can take anywhere from a week to a few months, depending on the animal. However, be patient.

  • Remember that you will have this pet (depending on the animal) for at least a few years, and you will need to give it considerable care. If you lose interest in owning a pet for a few pounds, owning one might not be a good idea for you.

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Step 3. Act like a mature adult

Do your chores, complete your homework and be respectful. If you behave maturely, they will consider your request in a different way. In addition to staying in good sheets with your parents, this will help show them that you are responsible and mature enough to have a pet.

If you receive an allowance, save your money and say you are willing to contribute to the purchase of the pet. If you don't get an allowance, do some extra work and chores. If you are a teenager, there are many job options

Step 4. Know how to approach your parents

Calmly and tactfully tell them that you would like to have a pet, and cite some important facts about the matter. When you're done, they'll probably have some questions to ask. Respond honestly, and be sure to suggest solutions to potential problems. Ask your parents to think about it, as buying a pet is a big process.

  • Provide some written information, websites to visit, or give them the phone number of someone who can give you information and tips on caring for your desired pet. Don't bother your parents, or whine; Respect their need to think about it.

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Convince Your Parents to Let You Have a Pet Step 5

Step 5. Give a presentation

Don't forget to emphasize that you are going to take care of the pet, and specify the type of animal you want. Include details on how you will handle the finances, take to the vet, and who will actually be paying for the pet.

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Step 6. Keep searching and sharing information

When you discover new and interesting facts, be sure to tell your parents. This will keep the subject in their minds, without the need to grumble about it. If they seem resistant, leave the subject off the agenda for a few days.

Step 7. Make an up-to-date chart about the care needed for the pet

Create a chart with categories like "Daily needs", "Monthly needs" and "Annual needs". Include statements about estimated expenses for food, vaccinations, veterinarian, and show your parents.

  • This shows that you are willing to get the job done, and that you won't give up on the idea easily. If they seem hesitant, ask them about possible problems they would have in giving you a pet, and show that you are willing to help resolve them.

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  • Parents often don't let their children have pets because they think they will eventually have to take care of them. Be sure to take responsibility for cleaning and feeding the animal.
  • Make sure you choose a pet that you won't lose interest in caring for.
  • Get good grades, do your homework and keep up the good work to impress your parents.
  • Create a binder full of information about costs, toys, the pet's daily needs, and so on.
  • There are always parties and birthdays, and you never know what you can get at them. Ask calmly, and mention that your birthday is coming.
  • If you are really motivated, you can write your request, persuasively expressing your reasoning. This really impresses some parents.
  • Let your parents ask people who own the same pet and ask questions about how to take care of it.
  • Take care of a friend's pet, no matter what type it is. When your parents see that you are responsible, your chances of getting a pet can increase.
  • Get a plant and care for it for a month to show your parents that you are responsible. If this sounds boring, remember, having a pet is sometimes boring (cleaning up poop is not fun) and can take a lot more effort than caring for a plant.


  • Be sure to approach your parents when they are calm and in a good mood.
  • If you get a pet, don't mistreat it, or your parents will take it from you.
  • Don't scream or cry if they refuse your request. This will make you look immature, and reduce your chances of winning one.
  • Don't run out of the house or into your room. It will make you look immature.
  • Offer to help care for your younger siblings, or entertain them, and use this experience to promote your ability to care for a pet.

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