How to Make Your Father Happy: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Make Your Father Happy: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Make Your Father Happy: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Who doesn't want to have a good relationship with their father? If your father is happy with you, he will certainly treat you better and be happier too. Sometimes it's hard to please your father, but it's important to make the effort to have a healthy family. It's possible to get there - just pay attention to how you interact with him and his attitudes in life.


Part 1 of 3: Having a good relationship with your father

Make Your Dad Happy Step 1

Step 1. Spend more time with him

It's not easy to spend more time with your family, especially during the week, when school and work take up good hours of the day. Make a little extra effort to find time to chat with him and thus strengthen your bonds. Try to share at least one meal a day with him. This moment can be a good opportunity to talk about the day's events, your concerns and important news. When your dad tells his stuff, show that you're paying attention and ask about the outcome later.

  • Get to know his life better. Ask about your father's childhood and youth, about his dreams, his career, his strongest memories. These conversations will stay with you forever and can help you better understand your old man's values.
  • Listen to him and be genuinely interested, showing that you care and want to be closer to him.
Make Your Dad Happy Step 2

Step 2. Avoid fights

Sometimes it's hard to hold back the urge to snap back, especially if you don't agree with something your dad says or if he won't let you do something you really want. Cultivate self-discipline and wait to have a conversation when you calm down. Are you angry? Take a deep, slow breath to cool your head. If possible, sit down and have a glass of ice water, which helps even more.

  • Always seek to understand your father's point of view. He may have a good reason not to allow you to do something or to think differently. What you see as a limitation may be his way of protecting you.
  • Is your father angry? Try to think about what is behind this irritation. Is he tired from having a long day at work? Is there any situation taking away his peace right now? Sometimes it has nothing to do with you.
Make Your Dad Happy Step 3

Step 3. Ask him for advice

How about asking your dad's opinion about schoolwork, problems with friends, finances, or a job opening you're looking at? So he feels that what he thinks matters. Even if your father doesn't have much experience in a situation, he can still give you good practical advice or direct you to seek help in other ways.

Make Your Dad Happy Step 4

Step 4. Show affection

Show your dad how much you love him. Talk to him lovingly, with a warm tone of voice, or show him affection with hugs and kisses. Some parents don't like physical displays of affection and may even find it awkward to receive kisses, but this is a human need.

Boys, in particular, sometimes avoid showing affection to their parents. Try to find a measurement that you feel comfortable with. You don't have to hug your dad in public if you don't feel good

Make Your Dad Happy Step 5

Step 5. Try to follow your father's principles

Make a list of all the values ​​you feel he has. Think of the phrases he keeps saying, such as: "Always speak the truth" or "Try to do your best." Such sentences show the values ​​he wants to pass on to you (honesty and dedication, in these two examples). Maybe he doesn't talk about it all the time, but he's already had an important conversation about it. Think about the way he conducts his own life: does he make an effort to be on time, or does he like to be well-dressed? Try to follow suit.

You don't have to agree with everything your father says or does. Think about the values ​​that can positively affect your life and try to implement them. Does your father have a way of doing certain things that he doesn't like? Talk it over with him. Maybe you can think together of ways to change this aspect

Part 2 of 3: Having Responsibilities at Home

Make Your Dad Happy Step 6

Step 1. Do your part

Remember the things your father keeps asking you to do and the household chores that are your responsibility. Don't fail to do your part. Don't enjoy doing this type of task because you think it's all too difficult or tedious? Ask your dad for tips - maybe he can teach you some tricks that will make your life easier.

  • Plus, you show that you value his opinion by asking for advice. Follow the recommendations he gives. Nobody likes it when a person comes for help and then ends up doing things their way.
  • Don't wait for your dad to show up asking why you didn't do what had to be done. Get rid of your obligations by following a schedule. You can set an alarm on your cell phone to remind you of certain tasks until you get into the habit of doing everything on time.
Make Your Dad Happy Step 7

Step 2. Take the initiative

Realize what needs to be done around the house and don't wait for anyone to ask you to do it. Do it yourself to surprise your father. Think of something that has been accumulating for months that no one is going to fix and also take into account your father's routine. Let's say he loves to have a cup of coffee before he goes to work. Pass him a fresh coffee every now and then, showing how much you think about your old man's well-being.

Respect everyone who lives with you. When using rooms like the kitchen and living room, don't leave a mess for someone else to clean

Make Your Dad Happy Step 8

Step 3. Keep your room tidy

Is there a parent in the world who doesn't complain about the mess in their child's room? Even if the room is yours, show that you are able to take care of your things, keeping the room always clean and organized.

  • Arrange your closet leaving your clothes folded and hanging in the right place. Put the dirty items in the basket and make the bed in the morning as soon as you get up.
  • Want to decorate the walls with posters and such? Don't choose anything that might embarrass you if your father enters the room.
Make Your Dad Happy Step 9

Step 4. Use the internet and your cell phone responsibly, especially if your father pays your phone bill

Having access to the internet and a cell phone is a privilege, not your right. Show your father that you respect his spending and money, and follow the values ​​he taught you.

  • Talk about limits on using electronics. Respect any rules your father imposes, such as the maximum time you can stay awake at the computer or the kinds of things you can post on social media.
  • Avoid using your cell phone at dinnertime to show respect to your family by showing that you appreciate time together.
Make Your Dad Happy Step 10

Step 5. Take care of your siblings

When your father comes home from work, welcome him to a peaceful home so as not to fill his head with sibling nitpicking. Do your best to have a good relationship with your brothers. Don't tease the younger ones or irritate the older ones. Help them with their homework if they need it or give them strength if they're having trouble. Do cool things together. If you are over 18 and already driving, offer to take your younger siblings to school, courses or parties.

It's okay to fight with siblings from time to time, but try to avoid confrontations as much as possible

Part 3 of 3: Doing well at school

Make Your Dad Happy Step 11

Step 1. Study right

Show your dad that you want to grow in life and do well in school. Strive to do all jobs on time and with quality. If you don't understand something, ask the teacher to explain it again, look for more sources, or ask a friend to ask questions.

  • Create a study schedule. Estimate the time it takes to do homework and plan your afternoon and evening based on this information. Include a review and some breaks.
  • Plan 45-minute study sessions and then a ten-minute break. Turn off your cell phone to fully concentrate and avoid other distractions that arise. Experiment with various study techniques until you find your learning style.
  • Stay in a quiet room in the house to study. Have your own space for this.
  • Organize your folders and materials. Have a folder for each subject and write down the dates of all tests and assignments so you don't forget anything and know how to prioritize.
Make Your Dad Happy Step 12

Step 2. Have a good relationship with your teachers

Have a good reputation: always treat teachers politely and show interest in learning by participating in classes. It's not always easy to be polite when you don't like a teacher or when you have friends who make a mess. Set an example with good behavior. Your father will be very proud to hear a teacher give a compliment.

You don't have to agree with everything a teacher does. If he is rude or exhibits inappropriate behavior toward you or a classmate, talk to the principal. Also tell your parents so they know what's going on in your life

Make Your Dad Happy Step 13

Step 3. Do extracurricular activities and participate in events

Doing well in school goes beyond grades. If your school offers extracurricular activities, participate to develop as a person too, improving other skills such as leadership, teamwork, time control, logical reasoning, discipline, etc. Besides, you can also have a little fun. Such skills are necessary to succeed in life, which is every parent's dream.

Also participate in cultural fairs, book fairs and student union fairs (if any)

Make Your Dad Happy Step 14

Step 4. Make good friends

Show your father that you can select people well for their character. Befriend peers who are also serious about school, have a good reputation, treat everyone well, and perform well in class. With these people, you're unlikely to get into trouble. It is also possible to learn more and be a better person. If you like, suggest study groups with your friends.

Never do something just because your friends are doing it. Think carefully before acting. Are you feeling pressured to behave like them to belong to the group? Talk to your father about it or go to therapy


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