How to Make Your Parents Happy (with Pictures)

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How to Make Your Parents Happy (with Pictures)
How to Make Your Parents Happy (with Pictures)

If anyone cares about you it's your parents and it's expected that you wanted to make them happy. A good start (and often, that's all they want) is to show that you care about them; follow the suggestions below to make your parents happy, according to your age and living condition.


Part 1 of 4: During Adolescence

Make Your Parents Happy Step 1

Step 1. Do your homework

One of the most effective ways to show your parents that you value them is to do your homework. After all, they care about cleaning the house and actively helping them keep it organized will certainly make them happy. In addition to impacting their general well-being, it will contribute to family harmony.

  • Don't expect to be charged. Showing that you are willing to help will be appreciated, and you will gain more than appreciation but trust and admiration from them.
  • Do more than your obligations. If your part includes sweeping the kitchen floor every day, sweep the living room as well. Whenever you see something that needs to be done, get your hands dirty beforehand. Taking the responsibility for doing it and also for asking it of you is a tremendous relief.
  • Help them out when you see them working around the house. If your dad is sweeping the yard, get a rake and join him; if your mother is mopping the floor, take the squeegee and give her a few minutes of rest. Your parents have so many responsibilities, if you help them, even a little, it will show that you are considerate.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 2

Step 2. Be a good student

Go to school every day and do your best in your studies. Your parents will always be proud of your successes, but you should give them something to be proud of. This doesn't mean that you should be the best student in the class, but that you are responsible for your grades.

  • Don't miss classes. Absences result in failure, a problem for those who care about their academic and professional life – in addition, in Brazil, school failure can result in a fine for the teenager's parents. When you need to be absent for any reason, inform your parents so they can inform the school.
  • Talk to them about the subjects you have difficulty with. Being honest and asking for help is much better than hiding the truth or giving up. This is a sign of immaturity, or that you don't care about your academic performance; no one responsible would be happy about it.
  • Be a nice person in class. Even the smartest student with the best grades can be misfit in behavior. The idea is that your teachers have good things to say about you – this will make your parents happy.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 3

Step 3. Choose a cool hobby and master it

Some hobbies, such as chess, music, or martial arts, can be beneficial at school as well. Furthermore, they are excellent for intellectual training and personal development. Your parents will be proud to see you participate in competitions or recitals.

  • Remember you don't have to be the best at everything. Of the your rather, strive to improve at whatever you do, but without crushing yourself. Knowing that you are struggling to develop is what really matters to your parents.
  • Try different things. If you tried playing volleyball in one year and didn't identify, try art the next year; maybe you'll end up discovering a talent in an unusual area, like programming. Keep an open mind when choosing a hobby, until you discover your aptitudes and what pleases you.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 4

Step 4. Be obedient

Do what your parents say when asked. This is a great way to show respect for them and their authority; knowing this will make them calm and, consequently, happy.

  • Do not respond to them with rudeness, nor disrespect them. When you don't like something they did or said, or can't do something they asked, say it calmly.
  • Talk to them when there is a change in plans. If they send you home at a certain time and you can't, or if you want to be gone longer, let them know in advance rather than just ignoring them.
  • Listen to what they say. Your parents, like everyone else, have their reasons for the rules they set. Listening to them will help you understand these reasons, and for those you can't, just ask. Be receptive to their point of view.
  • Don't think your parents are authoritarian simply because they want to.

Part 2 of 4: Living with Parents as an Adult

Make Your Parents Happy Step 5

Step 1. Show respect

Being an adult and living with parents can be challenging when it comes to balancing independence with house rules; it is necessary to remember that you live in their house and, therefore, you must respect the rules imposed by them. Keeping this in mind can greatly simplify the relationship and make them happy.

  • Help them at home. An adult shouldn't give more weight to parents, who are probably elderly. Wash your own clothes, take care of the garden, clean the kitchen and cook the food – share the chores like an adult sharing the house.
  • Respect the house rules. If you know your parents don't like you to do something specific in their house, don't disrespect them. If, even as an adult, they don't feel comfortable with their girlfriend sleeping in your room, don't break this rule; the same goes for alcohol consumption, smoking etc.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 6

Step 2. Avoid getting into arguments

You don't have to agree with the way your parents do things, but you don't have to fight about it. Don't force your own way to solve problems, or it will create unnecessary friction. When you feel yourself getting frustrated, leave the situation before it makes things worse – it's their house, after all.

  • Talk to them when you're calmer. Trying to argue in the heat of emotion doesn't usually work very well. With that in mind, wait until everyone is calm before solving any issues you have with them.
  • Assume your mistakes. It's easy to point the finger at others when something goes wrong, but it's necessary to face the facts and find out how you contributed to the mess. Be mature, embrace when you go wrong and maintain a healthy relationship.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 7

Step 3. Make room for your parents

They've spent a good part of their lives raising you and probably want time for them now that you're an adult – although they continue to raise you, in a way. It's important to make room for them as you can; if they are watching TV in the living room, leave them alone. Go to your room and close the door to give them privacy.

Leave the house to make them comfortable. They certainly don't have the privilege of being relaxed with no one around very often. When you can, sleep outside and let them do what they want, things they probably wouldn't do with you around

Make Your Parents Happy Step 8

Step 4. Be friends with your parents

You, like them, are at a different time in life, one where it is possible to relate to them as adults rather than as a child and those responsible for their well-being. Talk to them, get to know them as other people, and let your guard down; they will be happy to have a friendship with your adult version.

  • Do things you wouldn't do when you were a kid, like watching adult movies that generate deeper conversations, or cooking dinner for them. Since you guys live together, there's plenty of time to spend together and you can still have fun!
  • Learn to trust them. It is difficult and confusing for a teenager to share their thoughts and feelings with their parents, but as an adult they can offer very useful advice. Remember, they've been through the same things and they care about you. Let them help and it will make them very happy.
  • Parents like to be helpful to their children after they grow up.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 9

Step 5. Apologize when you go overboard

Living with parents as an adult can involve a lot of conflict and no one is perfect. You've probably already said or done something you shouldn't and that's fine – just apologize sincerely. They don't expect you to never make a mistake, but what counts is knowing how to recognize that you made a mistake and act with character.

  • Don't get defensive. Even if there are justifications for your actions, that doesn't mean you're right. Don't defend yourself to the point where you can't learn from your own mistakes.
  • Be honest, show that you're really sorry. This will make all the difference to making your parents happy and they will feel that you understand them, contributing to a more open and happy relationship.

Part 3 of 4: Living in another house

Make Your Parents Happy Step 10

Step 1. Call your parents often

They keep wanting to talk to you. Update them on your life, share the news, show them you care and know they care about you too. They will be very happy to hear your voice.

  • If you're really busy, set aside a certain time each week to talk to them; having a specific time for this will help you remember that you need to call.
  • Send text messages too, as they are not unfamiliar with technology. Send something simple like “How are you?” or a funny picture during the day and they'll know you think about them. Just don't send fake news chains.
  • Try talking to both of them at the same time if you are in the habit of talking to one more than the other. This will help you connect at once with both of them and respect everyone's time.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 11

Step 2. Visit your parents

Face-to-face interaction remains the best way to maintain healthy relationships. Go to your parents' house; they will be very happy to have you there, to receive your hug and to be able to see your expressions when you speak. Taking the time to see them will put a beautiful smile on their faces.

  • If you live far away, make a video call. Buy a webcam if your computer doesn't have one attached, or download an app for your phone or tablet. Perhaps your parents need help installing and configuring the app on their devices – in which case, help them.
  • Take them out and pamper them. Visits to their home are important, but taking them to other cool places enriches the relationship. Do something they like, like courses or attend community events.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 12

Step 3. Make time to help them with appointments

It's expected that your parents have some mobility problem, or maybe they don't enjoy driving alone anymore. Pick them up at home and take them to do what they need to do, like going to the market or taking a course. It will make them happy, not just for showing you care, but for the time they'll have together.

  • Turn off the radio when in the car. Use this time to talk and catch up on the gossip, enjoy a good chat and build intimacy between you in a healthy and adult way.
  • Take the day for it. Your mom or dad may have more than one place to go. Take them wherever they need to go, and take the opportunity to pay for lunch or dinner. As stated above, using this moment to have a pleasant coexistence will also make them happy.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 13

Step 4. Send letters to your parents

If you live in different cities and can't see each other all the time, write nice letters and send them by post. Calling works and is fast, but receiving an envelope with your handwriting is an even nicer surprise. If you need help and ideas for writing a letter, read this article.

  • A good way to contact them is with email messages. They're not as personal as a handwritten letter, but they still show you care and they'll know you haven't forgotten them.
  • Send photos with the cards. That way, they can see how you are whenever they want (believe me, they want to see you often). Send pictures of kids and other family members too. Seeing how your family is developing, your health and your appearance changes is one of the best ways to cheer up your parents.
  • Have your children write letters and draw pictures to put in the envelope together. Grandparents love to know the news of their own grandchildren and receiving drawings made by them is something that will bring them a lot of pleasure.

Part 4 of 4: At any age

Make Your Parents Happy Step 14

Step 1. Give party favors

Who doesn't like getting presents? Such gesture demonstrates affection, however small and simple the gift. Your parents will be immensely grateful and happy to know that you enjoy seeing them well and pampered.

  • If you can't afford to give something grand, look for smaller gifts, like buying their favorite chocolate at the market, or a bunch of flowers to decorate the room's coffee table. Seemingly worthless things can be very special.
  • When you come across something simple that your parents would like on the street, buy it if you can. Maybe your mom likes clothes and you've come across a blouse she'd love – if you've got the money and can spend it, buy it, even if it's not a celebration date.
  • Another idea is to make a gift. Handmade treats are always special. You can knit a scarf that matches your dad's coat or, if you can cook, bake a cake and take it to their house. That extra effort will show you love them.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 15

Step 2. Remember their birthday

Call on the day or pay a visit to their home, demonstrate that this date is special for you too.

  • Give something that shows you know them; if your dad likes pool, take him to a professional salon. Does your mother like to go out for lunch? Take her to eat at a restaurant with the type of food she likes the most. These gestures show that you are intimate and that you care.
  • Celebrate beyond the special day. Use an entire weekend to celebrate their birthday with fun activities, giving lots of attention to the birthday person. Do for them what they did for you when you were a child, and they will know that you are grateful and that you love them.
  • Be creative. Getting the same gift every year is a surefire way to show that you're too lazy to work for them. For example, if your mother started having coffee in the morning, instead of giving her a wool sweater like last year, give her a coffee maker this year.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 16

Step 3. Remember Mother's Day and Father's Day

Make your parents feel appreciated on these days. Take them to church if they are religious, go out to lunch together or give them a card with a beautiful message. Make them proud to be your parents, show them that you love them and that they are important in your life. This will make them very happy.

  • If you can't be with them these days, mail them a gift. Order a breakfast basket or flowers and send it to their home. Who doesn't like to be surprised by a basket of treats on their doorstep?
  • Make your kids care about their parents. Commemorative dates are great days for them to mingle and enjoy.
Make Your Parents Happy Step 17

Step 4. Always think about how your parents feel

They are people too, and they deserve to be treated with consideration and care, just like you and your children.

  • If you're an adult, talk to your parents to find out how they've been feeling, offer a friendly shoulder. They shouldn't be the only ones providing emotional support – you should do that for them too. Talk to your mom if she's worried about a health issue, talk to your dad if he's experiencing stress at work. Say nice things and encourage them.
  • Be grateful. Your parents must have worked hard to raise you and showing appreciation for it is one of the most important things to keep them happy. Whenever you have the opportunity, say that you are grateful and that you love them.
  • Don't take advantage of them. Your parents will always forgive you, even if you're ungrateful and act indifferently – but that doesn't mean they're happy. Don't be lazy and don't take advantage of their patience, kindness and generosity for you, at the risk of developing a strained and suspicious relationship.


  • Ask them if they need help when you notice they are going through any kind of difficulty.
  • It's common for children to think that their parents don't care about personal happiness, but nothing is further from the truth – they just have another way to show it. Actively collaborate for their happiness.
  • Say you love them whenever you can. Sometimes that's enough for them to feel happy and special.
  • When they are mad at you, try to understand their reasons. Accept responsibility for your actions, understand why they are upset, and follow your discipline without complaining.
  • If you're happy when they're together, use it to cheer them up when you realize they're sad about something.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated; if you don't like to hear certain things, don't tell your parents, as they certainly don't like to hear them either.
  • Remember that every parent is different.Yours may have different expectations than other parents you know. Find out what would make them proud and try to be the best you can be.
  • Send flowers and buy accessories for your mother. She will love to be surprised by this gesture.
  • Always hug them and tell them you love them.
  • If you feel you could help them more, don't be afraid to admit it; they will feel much better about your candor.

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