4 Ways to Find Something Your Parents Hidden

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4 Ways to Find Something Your Parents Hidden
4 Ways to Find Something Your Parents Hidden

Do you need to find something your parents hid, like a birthday or Christmas present? Want to prove how much you hope - and that you won't be fooled by cheap gimmicks? Do a strategic search in every room in the house and it's a shoot and a fall: soon the object will be in your hands.


Method 1 of 4: Choosing the Right Room

Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 1

Step 1. Imagine the size of the object

The place your parents chose probably depends on that factor. Think of places where large and small objects would fit.

  • Very small objects, like DVDs, will fit in any tight place. Look between books, inside backpacks and bags, under other lighter items, and so on.
  • If you think the object is bigger, like a bicycle, avoid rooms where it wouldn't fit without attracting attention, like in the bathroom.
Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 2

Step 2. Search your parents' bedroom

Usually, the parent's bedroom is a restricted area - and for that very reason, the most obvious place to hide the object. Think of the most private corners of the house, where you can even get in trouble if you move.

  • Open the sock and underwear drawers, which are very personal and great places to hide gifts.
  • Look in the closet. It has plenty of space and is also ideal for hiding. Look on the shelves, among folded clothes, or at other such points.
  • Look under the bed. It's not known why, but people think this is a good place to hide things. The situation is even more difficult for adults, who have to lie down on the floor.
  • Look behind the television. This spot gathers dust, as the TV is heavy and difficult to move. So it ends up being a good place to hide the object.
  • Look in the bathroom in your parents' suite. There aren't many good places to hide gifts in this area, but you might as well look.
Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 3

Step 3. Search the most crowded rooms

The more crowded the place, the easier it is to camouflage the present. Colors, shapes and prints mix when they are close to each other. Furthermore, the more work it takes to find the object, the less likely you are to be willing to look for it.

  • The pantry is also a good place, as you can hide the item behind cans, bags, boxes and recipe books. Besides, it's harder to find the present in the middle of the mess.
  • Look in the linen closet. If you are not used to changing your own bed linen, this can be a good place to look for small objects such as DVDs, books, games, etc.
  • If your home has an office, you can probably hide the object in it as well. Look in desk drawers, file cabinets, and so on. Don't let anything pass.
Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 4

Step 4. Search your own room

Not even your room is free. Hiding something in the most obvious place-like your sock drawer or another part of the room you don't mess around with so much, for example-is a pretty creative idea. If your parents keep asking you to clean the room, chances are they've put the gift in the middle of the mess.

  • Look in your closet, especially on top of it (if you don't use it).
  • Most people never drag their dressers or shelves to see what's behind them. Try to see if the present is at these points.
Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 5

Step 5. Search the garage and backyard

It is very common to hide gifts and other objects in these places. Look behind trash cans, boxes and other structures. Open toolboxes and other containers that might hold small items.

  • Uncap any closed boxes.
  • Look in large, non-attractive containers such as plastic objects and PET bottles.

Method 2 of 4: Looking in more creative places

Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 6

Step 1. Search every floor in the house

Many houses have more than one floor, which makes the search difficult and delays a little. Turn the place over when you're alone, but put everything back in place so you don't arouse suspicion.

Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 7

Step 2. Search the car

The car is the perfect hiding place, especially if you're not old enough to drive. Pretend you forgot something in it after a walk and do a search. This will not take long, as there is little space in cars.

  • The glove compartment is the most obvious place to hide small objects such as keys or a remote control.
  • The armrests (between the driver and passenger seats) are also obvious. Search for objects like cards, cell phones, games and the like in them.
  • Open the trunk. It's usually just a push of a button. This is the ideal place for larger objects.
Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 8

Step 3. Think about your parents' hobbies

They probably like to do certain things in their free time. Think about these activities and use the opportunity to try to find the object.

  • Gym bags and backpacks are ideal for larger objects such as basketballs and other sports balls.
  • If your father or mother takes care of the plants, look in the toolbox for seeds and other garden products.
  • Book pages and puzzle boxes are also great for hiding gift cards, photos and concert tickets.
Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 9

Step 4. Look up on the air conditioning system

Many of these systems have secret spaces and compartments. If your parents use this location, it's probably to hide the object for a short time - so it doesn't interfere with the ventilation inside the house.

  • You can't hide such large objects in the air conditioning system.
  • If so, also look for the smaller air vents. It could be that your parents put something minor in them.

Method 3 of 4: Identifying Distractions

Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 10

Step 1. Search the freezer

The freezer is also a strange place to hide objects as the temperature is so low. In addition to having limited space, this low temperature spoils a lot of things. Think of small gifts that resist the conditions.

  • Small items that fit in boxes and bags of meat, vegetables and the like. If you don't like broccoli, for example, your parents can hide the present right in the compartment that houses these vegetables.
  • Hiding a gift in a frozen dessert, like a box of ice cream, is also a smart move. Maybe your parents won't let you have these desserts anytime without permission, for example.
  • Look behind the ice shapes. Also, some older freezers create stalagmites and stalactites - which end up camouflaging many small objects.
Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 11

Step 2. Search among the vegetables

It's hard to believe, but there are safe and adequate places to hide objects in the food. Books, packaging and folders are much more obvious than other options.

  • Who would have the idea of ​​hiding something inside a lettuce, for example? Someone very crazy!
  • The bags of frozen vegetables and vegetables are also nice, as few children and teenagers are interested in these objects.
  • Look behind the vegetables in the pantry. If they're all huddled together, your parents may have placed the gift there (especially if you don't like anything that's there).
Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 12

Step 3. Look inside the containers

The fact that your parents may have hidden the gift anywhere makes the search very tedious. They may even have placed the object inside an un-suspicious container!

  • Smell the spices. Empty cans of coffee or spices are also common distractions, although they make it difficult to search.
  • Shake the pill containers. These containers are also great for small gifts or even rolls of cash.
  • Squeeze out the cream bottles. They come in handy for anyone looking to hide keys, remote controls, cell phones and even credit cards.
Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 13

Step 4. Look in household appliances

Your parents already know that you don't use many of the appliances in the house. In that case, look inside, above, behind and below them.

  • Look in the vacuum cleaner bag. It can also house the item.
  • Mixers and mixers come with pots and bowls that serve to hide small and medium-sized objects. Run your hand inside each one.
  • Open the doors of all appliances: microwave, oven, stove, etc. - especially if only your parents cook.

Method 4 of 4: Avoiding Getting Caught

Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 14

Step 1. Don't unwrap anything

Even if you're very careful, you won't be able to make the present look untouched again. Follow the steps below to not spoil your parents' surprise.

  • Do not remove the tape from the paper as it may leave marks.
  • Do not take the wrapping itself off, as it is almost impossible to put it back in the same way and your parents will notice that something is wrong.
  • Stop immediately if the wrapping has a bow. It is impossible to redo this detail exactly as before.
Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 15

Step 2. Cover your tracks

Put everything where you found it. For example, if the gift was under a pile of books, don't put the books back in place; your parents will notice.

  • Memorize the order of things, not just the position. Your parents may have sorted everything alphabetically, for example.
  • Pay attention to folds, especially with garments. Your parents will notice if anything is different.
  • Remove stains from glass objects. Use your T-shirt or a sheet of paper towels to wipe out the evidence that you found and tampered with the item.
Find Something Your Parents Have Hidden Step 16

Step 3. Delete your browsing history.

Your parents cannot see that you have accessed pages like this! Otherwise, everything will fall apart: they will know what happened.

  • If your parents find out what you're still doing, they can hide the gift in an even more difficult place.
  • Log out of your profile on your computer to leave no traces.
  • Turn off the computer, especially if it was turned off before.


  • Delete your browsing history after reading this article.
  • Don't talk to your brothers. They can be tongue-tied!
  • Don't fool around.
  • If someone catches you in the act, be honest and don't make excuses.
  • Walk on tiptoe and barefoot or in socks so you don't make noise!


  • It's difficult to regain the parents' lost trust. Remember to put everything in place as if nothing happened.
  • You can get in trouble if you get caught in the act looking for your gift.

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