3 Ways to Tell Your Parents That You Smoke Marijuana

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3 Ways to Tell Your Parents That You Smoke Marijuana
3 Ways to Tell Your Parents That You Smoke Marijuana

Being honest with the family is important. In order to inform your parents that you smoke marijuana, you need to consider several things first, such as why you bring it up with them, why marijuana is important to you, and how they might respond. After some thought and research, you will be able to show that you have the habit under control.


Method 1 of 3: Getting Ready to Discuss It

Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 1

Step 1. Find out your parents' acceptance of marijuana by asking a few questions related to the subject

Whenever something is said about marijuana, do they comment positively or negatively? When talking about a friend who smokes marijuana, what is the reaction of your parents? Find a way to bring up the subject of marijuana in a natural way, allowing them to talk and think about their relationship with the drug before talking about using it. Some ideas are:

  • "How controversial is this business of legalizing marijuana, isn't it?"
  • "Amazing how marijuana has been more accepted these past few years, isn't it?"
  • "When you were my age, did you imagine that one day marijuana would become as 'common' as this?"
Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 2

Step 2. Analyze why you smoke marijuana and what benefits you derive from the habit

The best option is to always tell the truth, even if it is that you like smoking pot. Most people use it for a combination of two things: medicinal treatment or numbness. Find out what are the reasons that lead you to smoke the drug to be able to communicate more easily with your parents instead of simply saying “I like it”. Some of the possible reasons are:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Strengthens the creative side.
  • Reduces chronic pain and discomfort.
Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 3

Step 3. Learn about marijuana legalization

In Brazil, marijuana is not yet legalized, whether for medicinal use or to be consumed recreationally, unlike many countries in the world. This can be a good way to broach the subject with your parents, showing the pros and cons of the drug. Some of the countries where use is legal are:

  • Uruguay.
  • Canada.
  • Jamaica.
  • Australia (some states).
  • United States (some states).
Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 4

Step 4. Find out if the country you live in has decriminalized marijuana

Even if you don't live in a place where marijuana has been cleared for use, explain to your parents whether or not it's legal. This varies by country; in some, the police will be able to confiscate the drugs and arrest the holder, while in others, only a fine is imposed or the arrest is made only when the amount of drugs is too large. If it is decriminalized, the authorities cannot apply any kind of punishment.

Check the list of some countries that have decriminalized drug use

Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 5

Step 5. Ask yourself what you want to get out of this conversation

Knowing what you want to convey to your parents will give you the courage to speak up and get your bearings. Do you just want to vent about it or do you want permission to smoke near them? Do you need an exam but are worried about having a substance detected in your urine or do you want to clarify your preferences before being accidentally “caught”?

What's driving you to tell your parents this? Whatever it is, tell them. Regardless of their response, showing that you think it's important to communicate this to them is courageous and trusting on your part

Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 6

Step 6. Talk only at a calmer, more relaxed time when everyone is in a good mood

It's no use broaching a sensitive subject when everyone is nervous or busy. Be patient and wait until a more favorable time, such as after dinner; everyone will be relaxed, providing a more reasonable conversation with less pressure.

Of course, many will not have the opportunity to wait until the right moment if they are caught smoking “in the act”. That said, you can also wait a few days to talk about it again after your parents have calmed down, especially if you have something else to discuss

Write a Musical Step 2

Step 7. Do some research regarding the acceptance and legality of marijuana

Every week, new studies and research on this drug are released, almost all of them very positive. Many feel that marijuana falls under the same classification as heroin and cocaine, meaning that it is not even researchable and that it is very dangerous. However, studies around the world, with the vanguard of the United States, want to remove marijuana from the same classification, attacking all the myths surrounding the drug. Before talking to your parents, go online and see the latest news about her studies and her legality.

Method 2 of 3: Talking to Your Parents

Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 8

Step 1. Start by saying you smoke marijuana and explaining why the habit is important to you

A good way to approach the subject is to avoid the situation being too traumatic; remember that, even if you don't agree, marijuana is not overdosing, non-addictive, and is being increasingly accepted around the world. It doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience, so take the pressure off the conversation from the first few words, preventing them from getting worried:

  • "I wanted to talk to you guys about something before you find out, and I know you'll hear me out."
  • "It's no big deal, but I wanted to tell you guys that I smoke pot now and then."
  • "I know they trust me to make my own decisions for my life, but I'd like to talk a little bit about my choice to smoke marijuana.
Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 9

Step 2. Point out the proven positive effects of medical marijuana

The National Cancer Society promotes the fact that marijuana attacks cancer cells. Marijuana has been used very effectively in the treatment of insomnia, glaucoma, chronic pain, to reduce the effects of Alzheimer's disease, reduce and control seizures, and increase creativity. Like most of the world's plants, marijuana has very surprising beneficial medical effects that humanity is just now discovering.

As research into the benefits of marijuana is relatively new, studies are being released constantly. Search for "marijuana studies" on a research site to get more concrete evidence to discuss with your parents, if necessary

Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 10

Step 3. Inform them of the absence of long-term consequences

Marijuana has long been frowned upon not because of the danger, but because its effects are misunderstood. However, recent studies show that marijuana has very few negative side effects and there are no long-term health problems due to chronic use and an increased willingness to develop gum problems. Have these facts at hand and the articles ready to reinforce them in case of any health problem. Find the studies on the “Sources and Citations” page below.

There are virtually no cases of death attributed to marijuana in the world, having no effect on death rates

Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 11

Step 4. State that tobacco and alcohol are far more dangerous and more addictive

If you smoke marijuana just for recreation, it will be more difficult to convince them that it doesn't cause problems. However, when compared to other accepted recreational substances, such as tobacco and alcohol, marijuana is much safer, in addition to not causing addiction.

  • There is nothing to suggest that the numbness caused by marijuana leads to inappropriate behavior. However, alcohol is the biggest cause of violent crime worldwide; in the United States they are 40% among them.
  • While tobacco impairs the proper functioning of the lung, marijuana has been shown to actually strengthen it.
Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 12

Step 5. Show that marijuana does not prevent you from having a normal life or being successful at it

Many parents are concerned because they think marijuana will make their child lazy, dependent, and lethargic. However, informal studies and evidence – from Steve Jobs to Willy Nelson – show that this is largely untrue. When doing well in college, maintaining stability in your work, and feeling happy and healthy, it suffices to indicate that the habit has never interfered with your ability. Remind them that, like having a drink at the bar after work, marijuana is just another activity you enjoy.

Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 13

Step 6. With research and facts, show that marijuana is very rarely addictive

According to Scientific American, only 9% of users show signs of cannabis addiction, and very few are actually addicted. Remind your parents that you like smoking because of the plant's pleasurable, relaxing effect, not because you're addicted; it's an important distinction that shows you've thought about possible risks and problems.

Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 14

Step 7. Show that marijuana is not just “smoking a joint”

Many parents are unaware of discoveries and new scientific ways in which marijuana is cultivated and enjoyed. Whichever way you smoke, there are fewer drug addicts with a heavy cough and red eyes. Furthermore, advances in technology make it possible to show the benefits of the plant, not leading to the thought of danger and intimidation that it causes in most parents:

  • Greater control over strains leads to medical and specific uses of marijuana in specific and medicinal ways, managing to treat diseases such as “Charlotte's Web”, a type of cannabis that can attack childhood seizures much more accurately.
  • Vaporizers, edible forms (marijuana prepared with food), and even topical sprays allow people to numb themselves without having to inhale any kind of smoke.
  • The increase in profits caused by the acceptance of marijuana brings in billions of dollars in fees that previously only benefited drug dealers.
Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 15

Step 8. Ask them to ask questions and share their opinions

Don't try to "run over" them and impose your opinions or come up with a rehearsed speech to convince them. Instead, have a pleasant, civilized conversation, listening politely to their side as well. Don't interrupt them, even if you have something valid to say; this conversation will have a lot to do with building trust and honesty with your parents and less with saying the right things.

  • Ask if they've ever smoked marijuana. If yes, why smoke? Why did they stop?
  • If they want to know what, why or how you smoke, be honest. When they feel like you're hiding something, they'll have a sense of distrust that you won't notice.

Method 3 of 3: The post-conversation

Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 16

Step 1. Know that full acceptance by your parents will take a long time

It is necessary, at the very least, to allow time for your parents to see you differently; now that they know you smoke marijuana, they may have a different perspective on you, trying to determine if you are currently numb. However, you must maintain your normal behavior, being calm and kind; after a while, they will notice that nothing has changed except their knowledge of the situation.

Most parents will still find marijuana unacceptable and dangerous, especially in a country where the drug is banned. It will take time for them to realize that this is not the case

Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 17

Step 2. Don't let marijuana “take over” your life, regardless of their response

As it rarely causes addiction, this shouldn't be difficult; that said, she can be used as a “scapegoat” by not working, not studying or spending all her money buying her. Of course, your parents love and care about you, wanting only your success. By believing – whether rightly or wrongly – that marijuana will harm their future, future resistance will be much greater.

  • Even if they don't mind your smoking habit, it's not necessary to “flaunt it” or smoke in front of them. Surely they won't like you snorting weed every day.
  • Show them that they can still be productive even under the influence of marijuana, whether it's having fun, cooking, doing housework, or exercising. Don't lie on the couch all day so they have no reason to be suspicious.
Tell Your Parents You Smoke Marijuana Step 18

Step 3. Respect negative responses instead of fighting

This can only lead to bigger problems; if your parents don't react positively to the conversation, try not to attack them, as this only increases the chance of making them even angrier, causing unintended consequences and increasing tension between you. When you notice that they are not being receptive, remind them that it is not a choice you made without thinking and that you have researched the subject. By constantly presenting facts and data, it is possible to prevent them from arguing with opinions.


If you are very concerned about your parents' reaction, start by asking a question. Instead of saying "I smoke marijuana" directly, ask them first if they've ever used drugs or what they think about marijuana. From there, you will be able to know what to say based on their response


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