3 Ways to Convince Your Parents

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3 Ways to Convince Your Parents
3 Ways to Convince Your Parents

Want an ice cream cone? Permission to go to a show alone? Money to take a trip? Consent to marry? Convincing your parents to let you do anything can seem like a daunting task, no matter what your age group - child, teen or adult. If you need their permission or help to get something, you will need to formulate your argument, approach it strategically, and then conduct the discussion persuasively. Prepare in advance and your chances of success will increase dramatically.


Method 1 of 3: Formulating Your Argument

Convince Your Parents Step 1

Step 1. Determine your goal and the reason behind it

Many parents are very patient. Others not at all. When you want to order something, know exactly what it is. If you fumble with words, they can get angry and thus your chances of success can diminish.

Be able to justify your side. Want to borrow your car next weekend? Why do you need it? Why are your interests worthy of attention? Think through all of these points before broaching the subject with your parents, as they are likely to ask questions

Convince Your Parents Step 2

Step 2. Provide evidence to your parents

If possible, do some research to make it easier to convince them. Ask people for advice. Delve into specific online materials that address your argument. For example, if you want a new iPhone, iPad, or other Mac product, you should be able to explain why you want that particular item. Is he faster than the others? Do you have special functions that can help you with your studies, work, personal life or in general?

Convince Your Parents Step 3

Step 3. Fit your audience

If you know your parents like "A" more than "B," anticipate those preferences. If they're picking on you for grades and you want a new notebook, emphasize the fact that this product can improve your school performance. If they want you to get a better job, emphasize the fact that a new car will make it easier.

Remember that your parents want to see you happy, but they also want to see their own ideals represented in your life choices. Find a happy medium between them

Convince Your Parents Step 4

Step 4. Predict the counterarguments

You might even think that no one in their right mind would disagree with your speech. However, every argument has a counterpoint. If you know your audience (or your parents), you can predict the doubts they will have. Think of ways to reduce opposition. In some cases, it may be necessary to break down defenses that people put forward.

Finding a happy medium between what you want and what your parents want is a good strategy to reduce opposition. For example, if they want a new car, offer to help them with the expenses. Complete the entrance fee, take out insurance, buy fuel, etc

Convince Your Parents Step 5

Step 5. Take advantage of your parents' sensitive side

This may sound strange, but all people are susceptible to different types of persuasion. Some parents give in to signs of emotion: if you cry when you make the request, they can be filled with compassion - wanting to give you something to make you feel better, and in the process, giving in to the pressure. Other parents like to feel like heroes: make them think they're "saving their skin" in some way. There are still those who value their own interests above all else. With these people, you will have to find ways to negotiate.

Method 2 of 3: Approaching the Subject

Convince Your Parents Step 6

Step 1. Ask politely

Ask, don't demand. Some subjects are sensitive. If you want to ask for something that requires some kind of sacrifice, don't talk about this topic in a negative way.

For example, if you want to borrow your car over the weekend, say "I know you wanted to use the car over the weekend, but I really wanted to take my friends shopping." In this example, you would start by recognizing the needs of others and then formulate your request against them. Present appropriate and respectful language and be polite

Convince Your Parents Step 7

Step 2. Praise your parents

Say nice things about your appearance and actions. Recognize what they're proud of, and start praising about it. Then, politely place your order. Don't be obvious; don't go up to your mom and say, "I love your hair today. Can I get a new video game?" So your praise will seem insincere. Put your parents in a good mood with your kind words. Then wait a few minutes before ordering anything.

Convince Your Parents Step 8

Step 3. Find the right time

Knowing the right time to act is essential for convincing your parents of anything, just as it is for jokers. Fathers and mothers are human too. Everyone makes decisions based on emotions; there is no getting away from it. Wait until they are in a good mood.

  • Don't ask for anything right after they get home from work. They want to be welcomed when they enter the house, not inconvenienced.
  • Do not order when your parents are in the middle of another activity. It is very common to see movies and commercials in which children annoy their parents while they are talking on the phone, paying bills or watching TV shows. The result is never good for the child. Learn from these situations and wait until the ideal time to speak up.

Method 3 of 3: Leading the Discussion

Convince Your Parents Step 9

Step 1. Make your goal clear

Explain well what you want to get and the reason behind it. Depending on the nature of the matter, you might even ask your parents to listen to you before they respond. If they agree, talk about your goal, present your evidence, anticipate the counterarguments, and then conclude the discussion.

Hopefully, your parents will let you talk uninterrupted. If they don't, be prepared to present your arguments in the form of a conversation. Make them clear. Listen and bounce the counterpoints. Don't lose your cool and don't resort to condescension or screaming

Convince Your Parents Step 10

Step 2. Trade

Don't abuse your parents. Give them something in return. Since you're asking for a favor, it would be nice to offer something back. They want to see you happy, but they also have other concerns.

The best strategy for negotiating with your parents is to offer to do household chores. If you want to take the car over the weekend, suggest cleaning the house or shopping. Expand your order beyond something that makes you happy. If your parents feel they are contributing to your happiness and getting something in the process, they will be more tempted to give in

Convince Your Parents Step 11

Step 3. Ask them to think before answering

"You don't need to answer now. Think about it without haste and only let me know when it's convenient." Nobody likes to be pressured, especially when it comes to a serious request or problem. Your parents' immediate reaction will be to say "no". To avoid rejection, give them time to make up their minds and consult with each other. It will also show them that you are mature and not brash.

This tactic only works with orders that have no time limit. If you need the car over the weekend, don't give your parents so much time to respond - you won't be able to get another means of transport. For example: if you want a new pet, this strategy may work better, as adopting a pet is something so serious that it deserves calm reflections by your family

Convince Your Parents Step 12

Step 4. Understand your parents' side

If you want to challenge their decision or convince them on your side, you'll have to understand their arguments. So even if they say "no", it doesn't mean that this will be their definitive answer. Ask for an explanation. Hopefully, they won't use the classic "why not". They will likely explain your side of the debate. If they do, try to understand their motivations. Then make counterarguments or proposals that reduce their importance while exalting yours.

For example, if your parents say "no" to your request to adopt a dog based on the premise that you are not responsible, find ways to prove them wrong. Start by changing your behavior; when they notice the difference, bring it up again. "See? I'm responsible. Now that you recognize that, can we adopt a dog?" Remember that one of the best ways to counter a parent's argument is to use good attitudes and behaviors

Convince Your Parents Step 13

Step 5. Reassess the situation

There can be a number of other ways to convince your parents. Take a moment to gather your family and think of alternatives. You might even conclude that it's best to let the order go. With luck, you will succeed; if not, your desire to convince your parents may even diminish. All this work may not be worth it. Some parents are adamant in their decisions. If so, consider alternative ways to reach your goal.

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