How to Be a Good Child: 6 Steps

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How to Be a Good Child: 6 Steps
How to Be a Good Child: 6 Steps

In this article, you'll see that it's not too difficult to understand your parents' world in a few steps. Being recognized as a good son, things will become much easier later.


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Step 1. Learn to listen

Be patient to listen to your parents. If they're saying something, they're worried about you! This is the foundation for all good family relationships. In fact, they have already lived much longer than you, and therefore they have much more life experience and know very well what they are saying.

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Step 2. Put it into practice

It may seem boring having to play by the rules every day, but then you can negotiate the rules in a conversation.

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Step 3. Chat

It doesn't have to be very straight. Talk to them as you talk to your teacher, as they both have similar tasks and both are authorities. But don't use slang - they might regard it as a lack of respect.

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Step 4. Be honest

If you have something important to tell your parents, don't stall. Just don't tell them right away; if you're not really prepared or if your parents are nervous about something, it can lead to a fight.

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Step 5. Respect your older siblings and teach your younger siblings

Remember that a lot of times the older brother or sister is jealous of you for getting more parental attention; if this is the case in your home, discuss this with your parents. The younger brothers, on the other hand, always want to be like you, so if you want to have a nice little brother, set an example for him. Never blame your brothers! Admit it was you.

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Step 6. Do family activities

How about a walk through the mall or a picnic? This type of activity encourages family unity. You can also set up a day to do your nails with your mom, help your dad with some chore or a trip to the library!


  • Have goals to achieve, this can help you a lot.
  • Treat yourself to breakfast in bed or a little card with love messages! This goes to show that you care about it.
  • Help! If they ask for help, don't refuse; you can learn a lot from this.
  • Don't just fulfill your basic responsibilities. One day or another, tidy up the room or prepare something to eat when they are sick, remembering that this also counts for a lot of points for you.

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