3 Ways to Use a Breastfeeding Cushion

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3 Ways to Use a Breastfeeding Cushion
3 Ways to Use a Breastfeeding Cushion

The nursing pillow is primarily designed to provide comfort for the nursing mother. There are pillows in different styles and models and all have the function of supporting the baby in the correct position at the time of breastfeeding. Learn how to use one of these to ensure your child is positioned the right way and to relieve tension in the spine.


Method 1 of 3: Choosing a Breastfeeding Pillow

Use the Breast Feeding Pillow Step 1

Step 1. Take into account how long you will have to breastfeed

The breastfeeding pillow is still a long-term investment. It will be used throughout the lactation period if you like it and if it works for you and the baby. Keep this in mind when choosing yours.

  • Some women only breastfeed for three or four months. In this case, you don't have to worry so much about the length and size of the pillow. At such an age, most pillows should fit the baby without too much trouble.
  • Others prefer to breastfeed longer. Choose a larger model that can support a larger child if you plan to breastfeed your child for longer, more or less until the age of two. However, as the child grows, he can keep his head up and control his motor functions more easily. The cushion may not be as necessary for support after a year.
Use the Breast Feeding Pillow Step 2

Step 2. View the shape and size

The baby is not the only factor when choosing a pillow to breastfeed. You also need to think about your own size and shape to ensure it fits your body.

  • Many pillows can be tied behind the back so that they can accommodate the baby's head and neck when feeding. Try to choose one that fits on your torso right after delivery. It's good to imagine yourself five or six months pregnant, as the size is roughly equivalent to what you'll need.
  • There are different shapes for breastfeeding pillows: "C" shape, "O" shape and crescent shape. The "C" shape is the most universal and usually fits most body shapes and provides adequate support for the arm.
  • The "O" shaped pillows are worn around the entire torso, which can be a good idea if you need more support after pregnancy due to complications or a caesarean section.
  • The crescent shape is designed to wrap around the side of the trunk. This type of pillow may not be the best choice for smaller women, as the side may end up reaching your back, resting on your chair, sofa, or anywhere else you sit. However, some of them can be adjusted to fit different body sizes.
Use the Breast Feeding Pillow Step 3

Step 3. Decide whether you want tying pads or not

Some models have knotted ribbons and back ties. Thus, the pillow can be more adjusted to your body.

  • The biggest advantage of this model is that the cushion is more secure and stable. Thus, breastfeeding can continue uninterrupted. You can also enjoy and bring the baby closer to your body.
  • The biggest disadvantage is the difficulty in putting on and taking off the pillow. Breastfeeding time is unpredictable. The baby may have problems such as reflux. Other children or pets may need attention, which may require you to stop breastfeeding for a while. The presence of the node can delay your reaction to any problems that may occur.
Use the Breast Feeding Pillow Step 4

Step 4. The cushion should be easy to clean

They usually get dirty in a short time. Babies may vomit or there may be other accidents that cause waste to build up. Buy a model that is easy to sanitize.

  • The easiest-to-clean pillows have covers that can be removed so they can be machine washed and dried.
  • Some models come with foam pads that can be hand washed and air dried.
  • The material used in the manufacture is also a factor that determines the ease of cleaning of the cushion. Organic fabrics can sometimes be more difficult to clean. However, if you prefer pesticide-free fabrics, be aware that you will need to take the time to hand wash them.

Method 2 of 3: Using a Breastfeeding Pad

Use the Breast Feeding Pillow Step 5

Step 1. Decide how you are going to sit down to breastfeed the baby

How you use the pillow depends on how you position your body at that moment. Choose a position that is most comfortable for both of you.

  • Some women prefer to breastfeed when lying down. It is possible to accommodate the baby by laying him on your chest or belly and breastfeeding. His body is fully supported by yours and the pillow may not be needed if that is your preferred position.
  • If you breastfeed while sitting on a chair or sofa with the baby lying on your lap, a pillow is very useful. She can support the child's head and neck during the period.
  • Many mothers put the baby's body under the arm for support and position it on its side. In these cases, some type of pillow is often needed. The crescent-shaped one can help in such a position.
Use the Breast Feeding Pillow Step 6

Step 2. Use the pillow to breastfeed

When sitting down to breastfeed, you need to keep your safety and that of the baby in mind, no matter what position and pillow you choose.

  • Place the pillow on the arm, lap or side of the body where the baby will be positioned while breastfeeding.
  • Carefully pick up the child and move her little feet under your arm, toward her back. Let her belly face you.
  • Settle your child on the pillow. She will be a good help in terms of support and support.
  • The baby should be on its side, with its tummy facing your body. The wrong position can cause gastric reflux or difficulty in swallowing.
Use the Breast Feeding Pillow Step 7

Step 3. Try using the bottle pad

If you are weaning the baby, or if your partner also bottle-feeds the baby, you can also use the pillow at this time.

  • Find a comfortable place to sit and place the pillow on your lap or on your side. Rest the arm you are using to support the baby's head on the pillow.
  • When feeding the bottle, it is necessary to place the baby lying down and slightly tilted. His head should be pointed slightly up.
  • You have to use your arm to keep the baby from moving too much, but the pillow still provides some support and takes some of the child's weight off you.

Method 3 of 3: Finding Other Uses for the Cushion

Use the Breast Feeding Pillow Step 8

Step 1. Use the nursing pad during pregnancy

You can use the item to relieve certain pain and discomfort brought on by pregnancy if you buy one of these before your child is born.

  • Placing the pillow between your bent knees at bedtime provides support for your lower back. You can also put it behind your back so you can lie on your side at night.
  • You can use a second pillow to elevate your head at bedtime if you have heartburn from pregnancy.
Use the Breast Feeding Pillow Step 9

Step 2. Use the pillow when placing the baby on his stomach

Put him in this position for a short period of time each day. The goal is to strengthen your neck muscles and teach you to push, roll, crawl, and get up. Nursing pillows can be used to improve the quality of this moment.

  • Most babies sleep on their backs, according to standards established by scientific research. In this way, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is prevented. As babies spend a lot of time on their backs and not on their stomachs, this time can be stressful. They may resist and not want to be on their stomachs as they are placed in position.
  • The pillow can help to calm the baby. By placing him face down on the pillow, he may be able to see things more, having another perspective. Thus, the child is distracted from the discomfort brought by the position and crying and suffering are avoided.
  • Don't do this before your child is three or four months old, as before that age your child's neck muscles may not be as strong and lying on his stomach is dangerous.
Use the Breast Feeding Pillow Step 10

Step 3. Understand that the pillow is not good for everyone

It can be a great tool, but it doesn't work in all cases.

  • Sometimes the pillow can get in the way of the baby and prevent him from reaching for the right breast. Some children cannot do this and prefer to be held, as the pillow makes them restless and makes feeding difficult.
  • The pillows are large and can be difficult to move around. Some mothers also say they need to bend over and that's why they get back pain.
  • Remember that the pillow is made for comfort. Some women find it helpful and helpful, but if it is a source of discomfort, it is not necessary to use it. Old-fashioned breastfeeding is also good if you don't like the pillow.


  • Don't forget to relax your arm muscles when using the cushion to avoid developing carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • You can place a blanket or cloth over the cushion to protect it from damage if the model does not come with a removable cover.


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