4 Ways to Make Money (For Kids)

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4 Ways to Make Money (For Kids)
4 Ways to Make Money (For Kids)

Did you know that you don't have to be an adult to earn money? If you're waiting to be a teenager to earn an allowance or work, know that you don't have to wait that long! It's possible to earn a little extra bucks, no matter how old you are! There are some more traditional jobs like babysitting and doing housework, but there are also more creative options like selling handicrafts or growing vegetables. Below you'll find tips on how to get some cash, but remember not to spend it all! Learn to save now. Come on?


Method 1 of 4: Babysitting

Begin the Babysitting Business Step 5

Step 1. Prepare a scholarship before the first job

Fill it with everything you'll need, like first-aid kits, snacks, cell phone charger, and more. Also bring things for the kids, like coloring books and toys.

  • Take the age of the little ones into consideration when assembling the bag. For example, if you are taking care of a very young child, it is better to bring a stuffed animal than a toy with parts that can be swallowed.
  • The first-aid kit must have adhesive bandages, alcohol gel, micropore, wet wipes and gloves. You don't need to know how to treat a serious injury - in this case, it's best to call the child's parents - but you should be able to deal with minor scrapes and bruises.
Find a Babysitting Job Around My Area Step 1

Step 2. Decide how much to charge

A good average value for sporadic work is R$ 50.00 an hour. Adjust this value, more or less, depending on your experience and the number of children. Talk this over with parents before taking the job.

  • Nowadays, there are apps that allow parents to pay you by cell phone, without having to carry money around.
  • Discussing payment can be a little awkward, but get used to it. Everyone goes through this in time!
Get a Babysitting Job Step 1

Step 3. Arrive 15 minutes early and review house rules with parents

This time is more than enough to understand the dynamics of the house and get the parents' contact information before they leave. Ask about bedtime, allergies and discipline. So you don't forget anything, write everything down in a notebook.

  • This is a good time to discuss payment if you haven't already. Inform them now of the amount charged, but be aware that you will probably only receive it when they return.
  • Do not be late! A minute late is enough for you to appear irresponsible.
Approach to Shy Toddler Step 1

Step 4. Impose yourself if children are disobedient

Be firm, and if the little ones try to convince you to let them do something that goes against their parents' rules (like staying up late), don't fall for their conversation. Adults will be impressed by your maturity and will certainly call you back to work!

  • When in doubt, ask! If you have any questions or children start to misbehave, call them. Better safe than sorry.
  • Obviously, never yell or hit the child. Use an authoritative voice to remind her of the rules and consequences of her behavior.
Begin a Babysitting Business Step 2

Step 5. Research some basic skills if you are at least 11 years old

Read about caring for children, providing first aid, and CPR. Demonstrating that kind of experience will help you get more work as they convey more confidence. The situation is even better if you are old enough to take some kind of certified first-aid course.

  • Course fees vary widely depending on the institution in question. There are some options online too.
  • If you're under 11 or don't feel comfortable taking care of younger children, start babysitting with the parents at home. You can take care of the little ones or play with them while the parents are busy with something.

Method 2 of 4: Selling Stuff

Make Money in Australia Step 2

Step 1. Make a used sale to get rid of the things you no longer want

Take a look around the room and gather toys, decorations and clothes that you no longer use or simply don't want. Ask your parents to help you set up a table in the yard and put all the items there. Place price tags according to a value that you consider fair and that's it.

  • Weekend mornings are the best options for holding a bazaar, as this is a time when people tend to go out and shop a lot.
  • Ask if your parents or siblings don't want to sell anything either. The greater the variety of items for sale, the more people you will attract.
  • Be willing to negotiate prices. Still, you must have a minimum value for each item, and never sell below it.
Draw Candy Step 5

Step 2. Sell candy

Who doesn't like to eat junk food? Go to a wholesale store and buy packages or boxes at a lower price. Then resell to your friends for a higher price and profit!

  • For example, let's say you buy a box of 12 candy bars for $12. You pay $1 on each bar. Sell ​​them for $2.00 each and you will earn $24.
  • If you want to sell candy at school, check the local rules to see if this is allowed.
  • If you want to sell door-to-door, take one of your parents with you.
Make Money to Start a Business When You're a Teenager Step 3

Step 3. Open a lemonade stand in summer

You will need a folding table, a plate, plastic cups, a pitcher, ice and, of course, lemonade. You can set up the tent in the backyard and at home, to facilitate the preparation of juice and its storage. Sell ​​lemonade by the glass.

  • If you are going to set up the tent away from home, prepare the juice in advance and store it in a cooler under the table.
  • Cover more for ice and straw, as these materials increase production cost!
  • You can buy ready-made or powdered lemonade, but you will have to charge less than a homemade one. People typically pay more for natural juices that they cannot buy in stores.
  • One way to get a bigger profit is to sell cookies at the stall as well.
Eat Dessert for Breakfast Step 5

Step 4. Make some roasts

There are classic and very practical recipes that can be made in large quantities for sale, such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cupcakes. After you've baked everything, separate them into individual portions and into cute packages to sell at your doorstep or at a street stand.

  • Hygiene is very important when selling homemade foods. Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling food and use fresh ingredients.
  • Talk to your parents and see if you need any special permissions to sell your baked goods in the area.
  • Buy sachet cake or make the recipe from scratch at home. Another option is to specialize in a specific brand, such as vegan or gluten-free products, to appeal to a certain target audience.
Become an Herbalist Step 2

Step 5. Grow plants, herbs or vegetables to sell

If your parents let you create a small backyard garden, buy vegetables that are easy to grow, such as lettuce, cucumbers, or tomatoes. If you're going to plant in pots, choose species that don't need a lot of space or sunlight. Harvest everything when it is good and sell it in bags.

  • If you're going to grow leaves or herbs, it's best to sell it together with the pot so the buyer can take it home.
  • Basil, oregano and chives are good options for growing indoors. Other excellent choices include succulents, ferns and chlorophytes.
  • Ideally, plant to harvest in summer. Do an internet search on the chosen plant to find the best time to plant it.
Earn Money During Summer Vacation Step 7

Step 6. Sell crafts and homemade items

If you like to produce things at home, whether candles, bracelets or cards, how about selling them at fairs or on the internet? Calculate the price according to the value of the materials and the production time to know how much you will profit.

  • The more time spent and the more expensive the materials, the higher the price should be.
  • If you are a minor, ask your parents to help you register with online stores and sell their products. It's best to open your little shop in their name, just in case.
  • Some shops and boutiques sell handicrafts from local producers. Visit some stores and see if they don't want to sell their pieces.

Method 3 of 4: Working outside the home

Make Money As a Child Step 10

Step 1. Cut grass if you are old enough

If you live in an area with many homes with backyards, this may be a viable option, as long as you know how to safely operate a lawn mower. Before starting, talk with the homeowners about the desired height for the grass, which parts to cut, among other things. Also ask if they have any considerations.

  • Cover the amount that seems fair according to the size of the yard. Also find out how much other people charge for an idea.
  • It is best to work only when the weather is good and the environment safe.
  • Always wear closed shoes and goggles to protect your eyes from grass or debris.
  • If your neighbor has pets or small children, ask them to leave them indoors for safety.
Rake Leaves Step 8

Step 2. Collect leaves in autumn

If you live in an area with lots of trees, offer to pick up leaves that fall from your neighbors' yards. Talk to the homeowners and ask if they need help and where they would like you to put what you collect. Grate everything to a large pile and transfer to a garbage bag.

  • Don't do this right after a rain, as wet leaves are heavier and harder to collect. Wait for the yard to dry first!
  • If you're going to throw the leaves away, use a large, wheeled basket instead of a trash bag, as it's easier to fill and move.
Make Money (for Teenagers) Step 3

Step 3. Clean the sidewalks if you live in an area where it snows

Grab a firm, light shovel and come up with a strategy to clean your neighbors' sidewalks and make it easier for everyone to pass. Ideally, always scrape diagonally, pushing the snow sideways without filling the shovel, or you'll get tired too quickly.

  • Charge a lump sum based on the size of the sidewalk and the amount of snow your neighbors want you to clear.
  • Protect your back by bending your knees but keeping your spine straight.
  • As you will be away from home for a long time, dress according to the weather. Coat, waterproof gloves and snow boots are good options for not getting cold or hurting yourself by slipping.
Take Care of Your Neighbor's Plants While They're Away Step 1Bullet4

Step 4. Take care of neighbors' gardens in spring

Offer to trim weeds, plant flowers, water and fertilize. Many people start gardening a little before spring starts, so advertise your services in the middle of the year to gain some customers. Take the extra time to learn the art of gardening.

  • Cover by the hour to remove weeds, plant and fertilize. For example, let's say you charge $15.00 an hour and spend three hours at work, you'll earn $45.00.
  • As watering is not a time-consuming job, it charges a fixed amount according to the amount of plants and the frequency needed.
Earn Money to Buy an Expensive Bike Step 2

Step 5. Wash cars or bicycles

Grab a bucket, old rags, sponges, a hose, and car cleaning supplies, and open a makeshift car wash outside your front door on weekends. Scrub the cars, focusing on the dirtiest spots, rinse well and polish with a microfiber cloth.

  • Publicize your services throughout the week so neighbors know when to bring their cars to you.
  • Make extra money by offering to clean inside the car too. Vacuum the rugs, wipe the panel with a cloth and clean the cup holders.
  • If the work is enough, hire some friends to help you. Obviously, you will have to split the payment.

Method 4 of 4: Doing sporadic work

Clean Up After a Party Step 1

Step 1. Do household chores like cleaning

If you already receive an allowance, how about trying to increase the amount received by offering to wash clothes, clean the bathroom or vacuum the carpets in the house? Then talk to your neighbors and let them know you're available for them too.

  • Neighbors who are elderly and can't do much on their own will likely want your services.
  • Don't expect to get paid for tasks you already do for free, like keeping your room organized and doing your dishes.
Take Care of Your Neighbor's Plants While They're Away Step 3

Step 2. Take care of neighbors' homes when they travel

Water the plants, take out the trash, check the mail and keep an eye on everything, visiting the house once or twice a day or sleeping in it so it doesn't look empty or abandoned. Follow the rules of the owners of the house and always lock the door when leaving.

  • If you're spending the night at someone's house, ask an older brother or one of your parents to stay with you.
  • Ask the homeowner to leave important written instructions in case you forget something. Also, ask for his contact number in case of any emergency.
  • Respect the person's home. Her owners are trusting you a lot, so don't invite friends to stay with you or use their stuff unless they say it's okay.
Earn Money During Summer Vacation Step 4

Step 3. Go for a walk with dogs

Being a dog walker, or a professional walker, is a good option for those who live in an area with many dogs. Arrive at the agreed time and bring an extra collar, water bottle, water container and bags. Ride for the agreed time and charge according to the duration of the hike and your experience.

  • Make a note of the schedule on your phone to get an idea of ​​which dog you're taking on which day.
  • It's good to spend time with the animals before the first walk, so they can get to know each other. Ask if you can play a little with the dog in the owner's presence so that the walks are smoother.
  • Know your limits. If you don't feel comfortable walking around with aggressive animals, don't take these jobs. Even if the payment is good, don't take risks.
Be a Scientist in Your Own Backyard Step 8

Step 4. Feed and care for your neighbors' pets when they travel

This profession, known as pet sitting, is kind of like an animal babysitter. If you like pets, offer to take care of your neighbors' animals when they go out. Respect house rules and ask for specific instructions ahead of time.

  • Meet with the homeowners before they leave to find out exactly what to do and arrange payment.
  • The charge will depend on the duration of the work, the number of animals and the level of responsibility.
  • For example, you will charge less to feed fish once a day than to walk a dog twice a day, as well as to feed it and collect its waste.
  • Write down all the contact information of the owners of the house so that you can call in an emergency.
Close the Achievement Gap Step 4

Step 5. Give private lessons if you enjoy teaching and know a lot about a subject

Think about the lessons you do best in school and help your classmates or younger children who want to learn earlier. Spread some flyers around your neighborhood or school explaining your service and values.

  • You can charge a closed amount per class or per hour, whatever. The important thing is to be fair with prices.
  • For example, if you are going to help someone memorize multiplication tables, you should probably charge less than teaching someone basic English.
  • Prepare for class by reviewing the material, photocopying books, and asking what kinds of things your student will want to learn or what he or she has the most difficulty with at school.
Make Money to Start a Business When You're a Teenager Step 6

Step 6. Paint your friends' nails if you're good at it

You just need some nail polish and a little creativity for this job. Cover more if you can make drawings, paint with glitter or glue stones to your nails. Offer a discount for hand and foot work. For example, if you're going to charge $5 for the hand and $10.00 for the foot, you can do both for $13. The savings can encourage your customers to spend more.

  • Watch online tutorials to learn how to draw pictures like flowers and stars.
  • Trim your nails, massage the cuticles with cream and remove the old nail polish. Charge a little more for these services!
Make a Newspaper Step 6

Step 7. Deliver newspaper

If you have a local publication in your vicinity, contact the editorial and find out if you can deliver to them in the region. Combine the value of the deliveries and go early to collect the copies to distribute them in the houses. Ask your parents for help, if applicable, and work at the agreed times.

  • Delivery values ​​may vary depending on the quantity and size of the region covered.
  • Find out if the newspaper needs to be delivered daily or if the publication is more sporadic, as this will affect payment.
  • Believe it or not, but famous and successful people went to work delivering newspapers. This was the case with Walt Disney and Tom Cruise.
Recycle Plastic Car Parts Step 6

Step 8. Sell items for recycling

Many recycling centers pay small amounts per kilogram of materials, so go around the neighborhood collecting aluminum cans and cardboard boxes to sell for recycling.Ask your parents for help to take you to the nearest center and exchange the items for money.

  • Some centers require items to be prepared in advance. Call to find out if you need to wash cans or remove bottle caps, for example.
  • To find out if a plastic can be recycled, look for the recycling symbol (a triangle with three arrows) on the bottom or back of the container. If the number inside the triangle is 1 or 2, it can be recycled. Numbers 3, 6 and 7 cannot be recycled. Numbers 4 and 5 can be recycled in some cases, so contact a local recycling center to find out.


  • Avoid dangerous places.
  • Be careful when talking to strangers. Never accept invitations to enter the house of strangers or let them enter yours. When dealing with strangers, always go with your parents.
  • Ask your parents' permission before accepting any work.
  • Don't sell things that don't belong to you. This is a crime and can cause a lot of problems.

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